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SERMON IV. On the Duties arising from the

Relation of Servants which we bear unto God.

MATT. XXV. 21.

His Lord said unto him, Well done,

thou good and faithfull servant ; " thou haft been faithfull over a few

things, I will make thee ruler over

many things : enter thou into the joy of thy Lord.

p. 77

SERMON V. On the Call to Repentance form

ed on the Inhabitants of Britain by the Miseries which have overtaken the French Nation.

JOB xix. 29. " Be ye afraid of the sword: for wrath

bringeth the punishments of the fword; that ye may know there is judgement.

p. 107

On the judicial Consequences of

disobeying the Divine Laws
which enjoin Submission to
human Government.

PROVERBS xxiv, 21.
My Son, fear thou the Lord, and the

King: and meddle not with them " that are given to change." - p. 137

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I SAM. XV. 29. And also, the Strength of Israel will

not lie, nor repent : for He is not a " mon that He should repent."


S true and stedfast Faith in God is the only sure foundation of practice truely righteous, so every onillion of such practice might perhaps be traced to a correspondent deficiency in faith; even when men appear to dare the effects of transgression, and to act under the knowledge of the punishments which await



the guilty, they have some confused hope, that the penalties of the law may in their case be evaded, and they so far disbelieve those menaces which declare that the wicked shall not go unpunished. To manifest to you the justice of this observation, I need only recall to your remembrance what passes in your own minds when ye yield to temptation: that the law forbids the transgression ye are about to commit, ye do not deny ; nor do ye in general doubt the divine origin of that law.-Yet is there not in your hearts a lurking hope, that God will in your case repent of the threatenings He has denounced against finners ? and, however inconsistent such a hope may be with the belief of the unchangeable perfection of your great Creatour, does not it in fact serve as an encouragement to you to proceed in transgression ? To obviate such fallacious hope, and prevent Christians from deceiving them

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