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mination, just as the film begins to cover thy eye, thy master will give the victory. And thou shalt find thyself far stronger and sprightlier than when thou commencedest the conflict: a very feeble thing in thine own eyes, but thy master will be glorious in thy eyes. Thou wilt never desire such another conflict: though thou wilt not decline it on receiving thy master's orders. For now experience has assured thee that he will stand thy second, and in all his battles bring thee off more than conqueror.


But, reader, I must now look to myself, for I am not sufficiently philanthropic to love every body but myself. After this long and laborious day's work, in reaping, and threshing, and winnowing, what have I got to myself, as my wages? Why, reader, here it is! just two pickles of chaff! Mr. M'Chord put them together according to the forms and ceremonies of the metaphysical community, and they have begotten a third pickle; and by and by intermarriages will take place, and marriages such as Cæsar describes in a certain island, and the earth will be replenished with them.

I say I have gotten two pickles of chaff for my share of the spoils-two sophistries of false philosophy, which the devil had mixed in the Lord's field of wheat. Here they are-That Adam's sin is imputed to man, BECAUSE they descend from him by ordinary generation -And that Christ's righteousness is imputable to men, BECAUSE he represented them in the covenant of grace.

The gospel of Jesus Christ teaches, that God does impute Adam's sin to his posterity: and that God does impute the righteousness of his Son to believers: and that he offers that righteousness to all men, promising eternal life to every man who receives it by faith, and threatening eternal death to all who reject it.

This is the gospel; I have added nothing to it. I sucked it from the blessed breasts of the Holy Spouse of God when I was a babe. And now that I am a man, shall I permit any one to stain those blessed breasts with bitter poisonous drugs, to cause the babes to turn away with nausea? or if in fainting hunger they must have milk, shall I permit the bitter poison to mingle with that milk, and throw their tender bodies into convulsions? And shall any fear of any thing that man can do, deter me from washing it away in the very best manner and most effectual way that I can devise? Oh, no! mother-such is not thy son; No! babes-such is not thy brother!

Reader, thou and I lie chained in the same dungeon, under sentence of death, to be hanged on the. same tree; there is no appeal, for the sentence is pronounced by the Supreme Judge of the universe. There is no escaping hence, for our keeper is omniscient and there can be no rescue, for the executioner is omnipotent. And is it not very foolish, and very wicked in us to be thus breaking each other's heads with the very chains which we wear, disputing about how that judge can be just in pronouncing that sentence ?

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But, reader, here is a strange thing! The Son of the King himself has just come into our dungeon with a lamp which makes it brighter than day. And he tells us that he has given himself to be hanged on the same

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tree that we were to have been hanged on, in cousequence of an agreement between him and the King his Father, that if he would so die he should have a right to come into our prison, and offer us life; and he promises that if we follow him, he will treat us as his own brothers, and the King his Father will treat us as his own sons; we shall wear the very same robes he wears himself; we shall sit at the same table, and eat the same food with himself; that wherever he goes he will take us with him, that he will give us a share of all his honours, and that when he triumphs, we shall triumph with him; and that this sort of life shall continue through all eternity.

Reader, shall we take him at his word, and go along with him? That open, honest brow bespeaks him no deceiver; that indescribable eye beams only with benevolence; such lips as those never could utter a falsehood; Reader, arise, and let us follow him!

Or say, shall we sit down, and keep him standing, and waiting our leisure, while we cross question him? Let us ask him-What right had you to die for us? Was it just in the King your Father to impute our sins to you, and put you to death for us? How can he impute your righteousness to us, and give us all the fine things you promise, because you died on the tree on which we were condemned to die? Remember, Sir, we are rational creatures, every thing ought to be made visible to rational understandings. And if you can satisfy us on these points, we pledge ourselves to go with you-provided, always, that no new objection should occur. Reader, is this the way to go to work ?

O reader, all that is preached from our pulpits is not the gospel. I wish that one half of it may be

found gospel in the judgment day. I cannot get out of this subject.

My leg is broken, run and call a physician. He seats himself gravely by my agonizing couch, and thus begins. "Before I bind up this broken bone, I must first thoroughly satisfy thee concerning all the possible ways, and means, and manners in which bones can possibly be broken! In the first place, then, some men fall and break their own bones; and, in the second. place, some men fall and break their own bones, and other people's bones too. O reader, it is a tearful jest ; and I laugh, and I weep, alternately, over my paper.

Is not this precisely what we are doing, preaching dissertations how bones can be broken? How it was possible that Adam broke his own bones, and broke our bones. It is not pressing home on sinners their guilt-but explaining how they came to be guilty, that engages us. What matter how they became guilty, since they are so?

Let us dismiss the quack, and call a good physician, if we should not mistake the mere title of a professional man, for real professional talent.

Dear Doctor, my leg is broken; the pain is excruci ating; cure me quickly. Sir, before I proceed to the cure, it is necessary that I inform thee how broken legs are healed. I care nothing about how they are healed. Heal my broken leg. You must know that the human bone is composed-I know nothing about its composition. You ought to know this much, at least, that out of the sides of the fracture of a fractured bone-Begone, I'll be a dead man before this dissertation is ended. Go quickly, and call a physician who actually

has set a broken bone.

Here sir, is a physician, who says he has healed

many broken bones. Dear Doctor, here's my leg. Let me have it. A dreadful compound fracture; but my life for yours not mortal; only trust. There's the remedy that never did fail, and never will fail, so long as there are men on earth. The remedy is applied; the bone is healed.

Reader, is not this the right way of doing business? Convince men that they are (no matter how they are) sinners; and depend upon it, when they are convinced that they are sinners, the thought is so absorbing, that it leaves only one other thought in the whole compass of the human soul-What shall I do to be saved? Answer that question, for pity's sake, as quick

as you can.

I cannot get out of this subject yet. But as I am preaching to clergymen, the public, I hope, will excuse my lengthiness. The clergy will not take it amiss. They know the Jordan sometimes overflows its banks.

Fellow-soldiers, the fiend has out-generaled us. We are entirely in the wrong. He has kept us a great deal of our time preaching for his interest, and not for the interest of Jesus Christ. I mean we have been preaching something which is not the gospel; and which has as effectually served the devil's interests, as preaching the gospel subserves the interest of the Redeemer; and we have been doing the former while we should have been doing the latter.

Tell me how sinners' souls are exercised, all the time a preacher is showing how it could be just in God, to commit the eternal safety of mankind to Adam? How it can be just in God to punish them for the guilt in Adam? By what possible means, and through what possible channels could Adam's transgression reach

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