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thy grace in vain; let not thy mercies be lost upon us: but may we act more answerably to that care and kindness which we have so long and largely experienced. May we thankfully receive, and carefully improve, all thy favours.

Hear us, O heavenly Father, we most humbly beseech thee, for the sake of our great Mediator and Redeemer, who ever lives at thy right hand to make intercession for us. To Him, as the blessed author of our hopes and happiness, and to thee who didst vouchsafe to give him up for us, and to that blessed Spirit who has revealed him to us, be all praise, and honour, and glory, humbly and heartily ascribed, by us and by all thy Church, now and for evermore.

Our Father, $c.

The grace of our Lord, Sfc.


Let us Pray.

O Lord God of our salvation, who art the hope of all the ends of the earth, upon whom the eyes of all do wait, for thou givest unto all life, and breath, and all things, in thee we live, and upon thee we continually depend for all the good that we either have or hope for. Thou watchest over us for good; and takest care of us in our sleep, when we are inT capable of caring for ourselves: daily thou renewest to us thy tender mercies, giving us every morning fresh occasion for praise and thanksgiving. And thou hast assured us by thy word, that, if we commit Our affairs to thee, and acknowledge thee in all our ways, thou wilt establish our thoughts, and direct our paths. We desire, therefore, O Lord, still to put ourselves under thy gracious conduct and fatherly protection: and we beg the guidance and blessing of thy good Spirit, to direct our way8, and all that concerns us, to the glory of thy name.

O Lord, withdraw not thy tender mercies from us; take not away the comforts of thy presence, or the assistance of thy Spirit, on account of our manifold abuses of thy grace and goodness. Punish not our past sins by giving us over to the love and power of our sins; but give us truly penitent hearts, and thy gracious pardon, through Jesus Christ our Saviour. And grant us, O good Lord, the comfortable sense of thine acceptance of us in thy beloved Son, that our souls may bless thee, and that all that is within us may praise thy holy name.

And may we find the joy of the Lord to be our strength; may we be strengthened by it against all our sins, especially the sins to which we are most addicted, and whereof we are most in danger. Make us, also, more ready to every good work, and better disposed for all the duties which we owe to, thee, our neighbour, and ourselves; that herein we may exercise ourselves to have always a conscience void of offence toward thee and toward men. Help us to walk circumspectly, not as fools, but as wise, carefully redeeming the time that we have lost, and conscientiously improving all the means of grace which thou hast given us.

And while we are upon earth, give us, we pray thee, all things needful and convenient for our present pilgrimage: sanctify to us all our enjoyments and all our occupations in the world: and let all events that now befall us be improved to thy glory, till, through the merits of thy Son, and the multitude of thy mercies, we are conducted safe to be ever with the Lord. Amidst all our other affairs in this world, let us never forget or neglect the one thing needful; but may it be our principal care so to conduct ourselves every day, that we may give up our account with joy in the great day of thine appearing.

O gracious Father, keep us, we beseech thee, this day in thy fear and favour, and help us to live to thy honour and glory. If thou guide us not, we shall run into errors; if thou preserve us not, we shall fall into dangers. Let thy good providence be our defence and security; and let thy Holy Spirit be our guide and counsellor in all our ways. And grant that we may do those things which are agreeable to thy will, and acceptable in thy sight, through Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour; in whose sacred name and words we further pray.

Our Father, Sfc.

The grace of our Lord, Sfc.


Let us Pray.

O Lord our God, whose glory is above all our thoughts, and whose mercies are more than can be numbered, what cause have we to bless and praise thee for thy love and for all thy goodness to us sinners! especially for thy mercies in Jesus Christ thy Son our Saviour, through whom we are encouraged to come unto thee as our heavenly Father. And though we have great and many sins to confess, yet do we look up with humble confidence, trusting that thou wilt pardon them, and give us power from on high to mortify and subdue them, for Jesus Christ's sake.

Thou didst create us, O Lord, after thine own blessed image, in a holy and happy estate: but we have made ourselves vile and miserable; we are no longer upright, we are averse to good and prone to evil, and provoke thee daily by our transgressions. But thou hast declared thy willingness to be reconciled to us; yea, thou hast sent thine holy Son into the world to suffer for us, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life. O Lord, help our unbelief; and give us true repent

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