Sivut kuvina

And now that thou hast renewed thy mercies to us this morning, help us, gracious God, to renew our desires and endeavours to serve and honour thee. Restrain us from the evils and follies into which we are prone to fall; and quicken us to the duties which we are averse to perform. And grant that we may think, and speak, and act, as becometh thy servants; ever remembering that we are bought with the precious blood of Christ, and ever striving to live unto Him who died for us and rose again: to whom with the Father and the Holy Ghost be glory and honour, world without end.

Our Father, Sfc.

Tfte grace of our Lord, Sfc.


Let us Pray.

O Lord, our gracious God, and most merciful Father in Christ Jesus, we do not presume to appear in the presence of thy glorious Majesty in our own name, or trusting in any righteousness of our own; but we come in the name and mediation of thy dear Son, who has fully satisfied thy justice for our sins, and continually intercedes for us at thy right hand.

Oh! deliver us, most gracious Lord, for His sake, from all the transgressions for which our hearts condemn us, and from all of which thou, who art greater than our hearts, knowest us to be guilty: and let His most precious blood atone for all our sins.

May the time past of our lives suffice us to have lived to ourselves, and to have served our own lusts and pleasures: and grant us new and contrite hearts, that we may tremble at thy presence, and hate and abandon every evil way. Engage to thyself, O blessed Lord, the deepest thoughts of our minds, the choicest affections of our hearts, and the main tendency and activity of our souls; nor let the vanities of this world ever divert us from thy service, or interrupt our enjoyment of thee.

Let our supplications, O Lord, ascend before thee in behalf of all men. Send thy word and the means of grace to such as are yet without them, and make them effectual to those who now enjoy them. Give a check to all profaneness and ungodliness. Make thy Church to increase and flourish, and thy servants to prevail and rejoice. Be gracious to this our native land, to the head and governors of it, and to every member of the same; and order all the public affairs to the glory of thy name, and to the welfare of our Church and State. Turn from us, good Lord, the judgments which we feel or fear; and continue to us the many temporal and spiritual advantages which through thy favour we enjoy. Be thou our reconciled God, and may we be thy peculiar people.

Look down, O gracious Father, on all that are in affliction; mercifully regard them under their sufferings; sanctify thy fatherly corrections to them; and in thy good time deliver them from all their troubles. Be gracious to all our friends and neighbours; reward our benefactors; and bless our relations with the choicest of thy blessings. Bless, also; our enemies, and reconcile them both to us and to thyself.

Let thy heavenly blessings and thy saving grace descend and rest upon this family. Guide us, and help us; make us wise and faithful in our duty, and prosperous in all our lawful undertakings. Bless all our present circumstances to us, and fit us for whatever changes we may be called to experience.

And now, O Lord, be pleased to accept our evening sacrifice of praise and thanksgiving. We would glorify thee, the Father of mercies, and the fountain of all goodness, for the mercies of the day past, and for the goodness that hath followed us all the days of our life. Imprint, we beseech thee, and preserve upon our hearts a lively and grateful sense of all thy kindness to us: let our souls bless thee; let all that is within us praise thy holy name.

Thy patience with us, thy care over us, and thy continual mercy, demand our unceasing praises: to thee, therefore, O heavenly Father, let all thanks, and praise, and love, and obedience, be rendered by us, and by all thy servants, henceforth and for ever, through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Our Father, fyc.

The grace of our Lord, Src.


Let us Pray.

O Lord God, that hearest prayer, and art nigh to all that call upon thee in truth, pour upon us, we beseech thee, the spirit of grace and supplication; let thy good Spirit help our infirmities; and teach us to ask such things, and in such a way, as shall be most agreeable to thy will, and most advantageous to our souls.

We have too just cause to fear lest our great and manifold sins should have provoked thee to hide thy face from us, and to shut up thy loving-kindness in displeasure. We have not duly hearkened to thy word, or yielded to the motions of thy Spirit. And if thou, Lord, shouldest enter into judgment with us for our actions, we could not answer thee for one of a thousand: we must plead guilty before thee, and place our whole dependence upon thy mercy.

O God, be merciful to us miserable sinners: for the sake of Him whom thou hast exalted to be a prince and a Saviour, to give repentance to thy people, and forgiveness of sins, be merciful to us, we pray thee, and heal our souls, that have greatly sinned against thee. Renew us to repentance, and

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