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establish our goings in thy holy ways. And let us not return to folly after thou hast spoken peace to us; but enable us to withstand all the enemies of our souls, till every hinderance to our salvation be overcome, and Satan himself be bruised under our feet.

O thou God of all grace, bring such thoughts to our minds, and impress such considerations upon our hearts, as thou knowest will effectually keep us from our iniquity, and prevail with us to do thy will. Let us not any more depart from thee; but preserve us holy and unblameable unto the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

In the mean time, sanctify to us all the dispensations of thy providence, and bless us in every condition and relation of life. Make us humble in a high estate, or contented in a low one; nor let us ever forget that the care of our souls is the one thing needful: make us alway mindful of this, that we may follow constantly those things which shall bring us peace at the last.

Dispose of us, we beseech thee, and of all that concerns us, to the glory of thy name. Keep us, at all times, and in all places and companies, from the evil of sin, and from all other evils to which our sins have made us liable. And take thou, O heavenly Father, the gracious charge and government of us this day; and so guide us by thy counsel, that hereafter thou mayest receive us to thy glory.

All this we ask through thy tender mercies, and our Saviour's abundant merits: in whose name and words we beg all things needful for ourselves and others.

Our Father, 6fe.

The grace of our Lord, $c.


Let us Pray.

0 Lord, the infinite, incomprehensible God, who art here and everywhere present; thou compassest our path and our lying down; thou searchest our hearts, and art thoroughly acquainted with all our ways.

O Lord, we acknowledge that we were bom in sin, and that we have daily added to our sins; neither have we been thankful for thy mercies and thy goodness. Oh! thou whom we have so greatly provoked, how justly mightest thou leave us to feel what an evil and bitter thing it is to trespass against thee!

But, O God, who art of wonderful patience to bear with sinners, and of infinite goodness and mercy to forgive them when they are truly penitent, pardon us, we humbly beseech thee; and deliver us from every weight of sin, that our souls may be fitted to serve thee with that sincerity, and readiness, and gladness, which thou requirest. Help us so to see and feel our sins, to hate and bewail, to confess and forsake them, that we may have a well-grounded hope of thy forgiveness, and of thine acceptance of us in the Son of thy love.

And for His sake, O Lord, grant us such an increase of thy grace, and such aid of thy Holy Spirit, as may enable us to mortify our sins, and to serve thee sincerely, cheerfully, and constantly. Supply what is wanting, and reform whatever is amiss in us; and make us such in our hearts and in our lives, that we may obtain peace in our souls, and be made partakers of thy heavenly glory, through our Lord Jesus Christ.

In His great name and prevailing mediation we pray in behalf of the whole race of mankind. Oh! that all the ends of the world may remember themselves, and turn unto the Lord, and see the salvation of our God! Bless thy holy. Church; heal her divisions, and establish her in truth, and righteousness, and charity. Continue thy mercies to this guilty land, and help us to improve by all thy dealings with us. Bless abundantly the King's majesty; prolong his days, and prosper his government; make him a zealous defender of the faith, and a promoter of thy fear; that under him we may be in peace and safety, enjoying the free profession of thy holy religion. And grant unto thy ministers, and to all magistrates, continual supplies of thy Holy Spirit, for the conscientious and faithful discharge of their several duties. Bring all our neighbours near to thyself; be a friend to all our friends; a father to the fatherless, a husband to the widow, and a God of consolation to all that are in affliction and trouble. Oh! bless to us all whatever thou art pleased to allot us; and make all events work together for our present and eternal good.

And as thou hast been good and kind to us this day, and all our lives, for which we desire, O Lord, humbly and thankfully to adore thy name, so we beg the continuance of thy goodness, and of thy fatherly care over us this night. Preserve and defend, bless and keep us, that no evil may befall us or our dwelling. Give us sleep and rest to refresh and strengthen us for thy service, and for the performance of all our duties: and prepare us, O Lord, for our last sleep in death, and for that great account that we must give at the judgment-seat of Christ. Instruct and assist us, that we may finish the work which thou hast given us to do, before the night of death overtake lis, wherein we cannot work: that whenever thou shalt be pleased to give us the summons of death, we may cheerfully resign our spirits into thy gracious hands.

Hear us, we entreat thee, through the riches of thy grace, and the worthiness of thy dear Son; in \vhose merits alone we trust, and to whom with

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