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Make us more conformable to the pattern and precepts of our blessed Saviour, that we may not dishonour His religion, nor cause the way of truth to be evil spoken of; but that our light may shine before men to the glory of thee, our heavenly Father, and to the edification of those among whom we dwell.

And seeing the time of our abode in this transitory world is so very short and uncertain, and that after our departure hence we have an everlasting state, where we must be happy or miserable for ever, let us not set up our rest as if we were at home upon earth, but may we live in expectation of our great change, and in the daily serious preparation for it; in the exercise of all those graces and good works, that may make it unto us Christ to live, and gain to die; that in life and death we may be alway thine, safe in thy hands, and acceptable in thy sight.

Together with our own wants we commend to thy mercy, O God, the necessities and distresses of all our brethren throughout the world. Bring all to the knowledge of thy truth, and to a cheerful obedience to thy holy will. We pray more particularly for the King, for all our magistrates, and the ministers of thy word; for our friends and relations, and for all that are in affliction; and more especially for those for whose happiness and salvation thou knowest us to be chiefly concerned. Do thou for us and for them as thou knowest best, and most needful and expedient, for thine own mercy's sake in Jesus Christ.

And as we pray to thee for what we want, so we desire to praise thee for all that we have received at thy hands. Blessed be thy name, O Lord, for all thy mercies. Enlarge our hearts, we beseech thee, with more love and greater thankfulness to thee, that we may both give thee thanks, and glorify thy name for ever.

And now that the night is upon us, we humbly commit ourselves to thy gracious care and protection who never slumberest nor sleepest, but art the watchful guardian of them that trust in thee. Watch over us, we pray thee, for good, that none of the evils which our sins have deserved may befall us. Protect us from the works and powers of darkness, and preserve us from all the terrors and dangers of the night. Let all our sins, this day or at any former time committed, be removed out of thy sight; and lift up upon us the light of thy countenance, that we may lie down with a comfortable sense of thy favour, and of thine acceptance of us in the Son of thy love: for whom, and to whom, with thyself, and the Holy Spirit, be all thanks and praise, and honour and glory, ascribed by us and by all thy Church, from this time forth for evermore. Our Father, fyc. The grace of our Lord, fyc.


Let us Pray.

Most blessed Lord God, give us grace, we beseech thee, to approach thy glorious Majesty in such a manner, that thou may est mercifully accept us through Jesus Christ our Saviour.

In His great name we worship at thy footstool: in His name we implore thy pardon, and an increase of thy grace. We are not worthy, indeed, that thou shouldest take notice of us, or be entreated by us: but worthy is the Lamb that was slain to take away the sin of the world, that thou shouldest, for His sake, do more for us than we can ask or think. In Him thou art a God gracious and merciful, slow to anger, and of great kindness; and art reconciled to those who truly turn to thee.

We acknowledge that to us belong shame and confusion of face, because of our manifold sins. But, O gracious Father, look not upon our transgressions, but upon the merits of thy blessed Son. Let His precious blood cleanse us from all our sins; and let the grace of thy Holy Spirit renew and sanctify our souls. Subdue, we pray thee, our iniquities; let there be no sin in us which is not felt and hated, bewailed and resisted by us. Quicken us to all the duties of thy holy service: may our hearts be right with thee, the searcher of them, and let all our ways be pleasing in thy sight.

Teach us to know thee, our God, and enable us to do thy will as we ought to do. Give us hearts to fear and love thee, to trust in thee, and to cleave unto thee with all faithfulness. Let no temptations draw us, nor any tribulations drive us from thee; but let all thy dealings with us bring us nearer to thyself, and make us fitter for thy heavenly kingdom.

Quicken us, O Lord, that we may abound in thy work, and be fervent in spirit serving thee. Make us also faithful in all our intercourse with our neighbour. Make us ready to do good and to bear evil; make us just and meek, sober, temperate, humble, and self-denying, inoffensive, and exemplary in our conduct; that so glorifying thee he*e upon earth, we may, at our departure hence, be received into the joy of our Lord.

Oh! thou that hast kept us alive to this day, and hast refreshed us during the night season, renew thy mercy to us together with this morning light; thou that makest the outgoings of the morning and evening to rejoice, lift up the light of thy countenance upon us, and make us glad with thy presence. And as thou art ever present with us, make us ever sensible of thy presence, that we may duly remember thee in all our ways, and wisely conduct ourselves in all our affairs. Be with us, good Lord, in our going out and coming in; and let thy grace follow us this day, and all the days of our life. Never leave us, nor forsake us; but be our guide unto death, in death our comfort, and after death our everlasting portion.

Hear us, we beseech thee, from heaven, thy dwelling-place, and when thou hearest have mercy: forgive what thou hast seen amiss in our prayers, and do more for us than we are worthy to expect at thy hands, for His sake, who alone is worthy; in whose comprehensive words we sum up all our desires.

Our Father, fyc.

The grace of our Lord, fyc.

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