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Let us Pray.

O Lord our God, who, in kindness and love to our souls, hast commanded us to wait upon thee in the duties of thine immediate service, thou humblest thyself even when thou beholdest the things that are in heaven; how wonderful, then, is thy condescension in looking down upon us, thy sinful creatures, whose habitation is in the dust!

Lord, what is man that thou takest knowledge of him, and the son of man that thou makest account of him? Thou canst not at all need us, or any of our services; but we all stand in continual need of thee, our God, in need of thy mercy and forgiveness, thy grace and guidance, without which we can never hope to escape the misery due to our sins, or to attain that glory which is thy free gift in Christ Jesus.

Oh! remember not against us our iniquities; but according to thy mercy remember thou us, for thy goodness' sake, O Lord. Blot out our transgressions, and justify us freely by thy grace, through the redemption which is in Christ Jesus. And bless us, O God of our salvation, in turning us from all our iniquities, and in giving us grace that we may repent, and amend our lives according to thy word.

To this end be pleased to enlighten our minds with thy saving truth. Keform our depraved wills, regulate our unruly passions, purify our corrupt affections, convert all the faculties of our souls, that they may be instruments of thy glory. Yea, sanctify us wholly in body, soul, and spirit, that we may adorn thy Gospel in all holy conversation and godliness. Quicken us, O Lord, to hear thy voice while it is called to-day, that we may make haste, and not delay to keep thy commandments. Keep us alway mindful of the shortness of our time, and the uncertainty of our continuance in this world: and let the remembrance of this have a prevailing influence upon us, to wean us from the world, and to make us more deeply concerned for our everlasting welfare, and more careful to improve every present opportunity to our souls' eternal advantage. Let the work of thy grace be daily advancing in our hearts, that we may grow in grace as we grow in years, and be continually ripening for the full enjoyment of thy glory.

These things we also beg in behalf of all whom we ought to remember in our prayers. Forgive the sins, and relieve the miseries of thy sinful creatures throughout the world. Add to thy Church daily such as shall be saved. May all Christians walk as becometh the Gospel of Christ. Let the Church, •which thou hast planted among us be thy continual care. Give thy judgments, O God, unto the King. Make all magistrates to be men fearing thee, and eschewing evil. And, oh! that all who are called to serve at thine altar may be in a more especial manner blessed with compassionate hearts and exemplary lives. Look in mercy upon all who are in affliction and trouble. Bless all orders and ranks of men among us; may all know thee, from the least to the greatest.

We are unworthy, O Lord, to obtain all these great and good things: but thy tender mercy in Jesus Christ, and thy continual bounty, give us hope and encouragement to our prayers. Blessed be thy name for all thy goodness, especially in Jesus Christ our Saviour.

Continue, we beseech thee, thy gracious favour to us, and thy fatherly care over us this night. As we go to rest after the labours of the day, so help us daily to do thy work, that we may enter into that rest which remains for thy people at the close of life. Renew to us, day by day, thy pardoning mercy, and supply us daily with thy grace; that we may finish our course with joy, and at the end of this life be received into thy glory.

These things we beg in the name and for the sake of our only Redeemer: for whom we thank thee; and to whom, with thyself, O Father, and the Holy Ghost the Comforter, in the unity of the everblessed Trinity, be all praise, and honour, and glory, ascribed by us and by all thy servants, now and for evermore.

Our Father, fyc.

The grace of our Lord, fyc.


Let us Pray.

O Lord God Almighty, the sovereign Majesty of heaven and earth, against whom all our sins have been committed, and by whom alone they can be pardoned, there is none but thee by whom they can be subdued, our souls sanctified, or our necessities supplied. But thou delightest to show mercy; and thou art able and also ready to hear and to help all that call upon thee in truth. We therefore come unto thee, 0 Lord, begging that mercy which thou knowest we greatly want, and grace to help us in the time of need. We beg the same for the sake of thy beloved Son, who alone is worthy, and in whose precious blood is all our trust.

O Lord, we are unclean, and thou mayest well abhor our guilty souls: but look upon us, we beseech thee, in the Son of thy love, and according to thy mercies in Him. Make us to feel the burden of our sins; nor let us ever attempt to conceal them, lest they find us out at the last, and overwhelm us with shame and misery.

Holy Father, increase our faith, and let thy Holy

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