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Let us Pray.

O Lord, we beseech thee mercifully to hear us, and accept our prayers, through Jesus Christ our Lord.

We confess, O Lord, that it has been of thy mercy alone that we are not consumed, because thy compassions failed not. Thou hast not dealt with us after our sins, nor rewarded us after our iniquities. Pardon our offences, we humbly beseech thee, and work in us true repentance, that iniquity may not be our ruin. O Lord, show thy mercy upon us, and grant us thy salvation. We believe that thou, O Christ, who art the everlasting Son of the Father, shalt come to be our Judge; we therefore pray thee help thy servants, whom thou hast redeemed with thy most precious blood.

O heavenly Father, who hast safely brought us to the beginning of this day, (for which we give thee our humble and hearty thanks,) defend us in the same with thy mighty power; and grant that this day we fall into no sin, neither run into any kind of danger; but that all our doings may be ordered by thy governance, to do alway that is righteous in thy sight. Make clean our hearts within us, and take not thy Holy Spirit from us; but let thy grace alway prevent and follow us, and make us continually to be given to all good works. Thou hast given thine only Son to be unto us both a sacrifice for sin, and also an ensample of godly life; give us grace that we may alway most thankfully receive that, His inestimable benefit, and also daily endeavour ourselves to follow the blessed steps of His most holy life. Give unto us the increase of faith, hope, and charity; and that we may obtain that which thou dost promise, make us to love that which thou dost command. And grant that by thy holy inspiration we may think those things that be good, and by thy merciful guiding may perform the same.

Have mercy, O Lord, upon the whole Church; and so rule the heart of thy chosen servant William, our King and Governor, that he (knowing whose minister he is) may above all things seek thy honour and glory; and that we, and all his subjects, (duly considering whose authority he hath,) may faithfully serve, honour, and humbly obey him, in thee, and for thee, according to thy blessed word and ordinance.

O God, the Creator and Preserver of all mankind, we humbly beseech thee for all sorts and conditions of men; that thou wouldest be pleased to make thy ways known unto them, thy saving health unto all nations. More especially we pray for the good estate of the Catholic Church, that it may be so guided and governed by thy good Spirit, that all who profess and call themselves Christians may be led into the way of truth, and hold the faith in unity of Spirit, in the bond of peace, and in righteousness of life. Finally, we commend to thy Fatherly goodness, all those who arp any ways afflicted or distressed, in mind, body, or estate; that it may please thee to comfort and relieve them according to their several necessities, giving them patience under their sufferings, and a happy issue out of all their afflictions.

We humbly praise and magnify thy most glorious name, O heavenly Father, who, of thy gracious providence and tender mercy, hast hitherto preserved us; but more especially that thou hast given thine only begotten Son, to the end that all that believe in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life. Let the consideration of thy great goodness, O Lord, work in us true repentance. And increase in us more and more a lively faith and love, fruitful in all holy obedience, that thou mayest still continue thy favour, with the light of thy Gospel, to us and our posterity for evermore.

These things, for ourselves and all for whom we would pray, we humbly beg for thy dear Son's sake, Jesus Christ, our only Mediator and Advocate.

Our Father, Sfc.

The grace of our Lord, Sfc.


Let us Pray.

O Most mighty God and merciful Father, who hast compassion upon all men, and hatest nothing that thou hast made; who wouldest not the death of a sinner, but that he should rather turn from his sin and be saved, mercifully forgive us our trespasses; receive and comfort us who are grieved and wearied with the burden of our sins. Thy property is always to have mercy; to thee only it appertaineth tp forgive sins. Spare us, therefore, good Lord, spare thy people whom thou hast redeemed; enter not into judgment with thy servants, who are vile earth, and miserable sinners, but so turn thine anger from us, who meekly acknowledge our vileness, and truly repent us of our faults, and so make haste to help us in this world, that we may ever live with thee in the world to come, through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Grant us perfectly to know thy Son Jesus Christ to be the way, the truth, and the life, that we may steadfastly walk in the way that leadeth to eternal life; and forsaking all worldly and carnal affections, may be evermore ready to follow thy holy com

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