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Let us Pray.

O Most gracious'God, who daily multipliest upon us thy meroies, notwithstanding we every day renew our provocations, accept, we beseech thee, our most humble and hearty thanks for thine unspeakable kindness to us thine unworthy servants.

Blessed be thy goodness, O Lord, which hath this day preserved us, and supplied us with food and things convenient for us, and multiplied to us the comforts of this life. Adored be thy love and patience for the assistance of thy Spirit in the duties of this day, and for not cutting us off in any of those sins which we have committed. Grant us, we pray thee, a due sense of these endearing benefits, and earnest and hearty sorrow for having offended so gracious a God, to whose free mercy and bounty we are indebted for all we have, or hope to enjoy. Remember not against us, O Lord, our past iniquities, by which we have dishonoured our Christian profession; but mercifully forgive and heal us: let the precious blood of thy dear Son atone for all our sins, and let thy grace, and the blessed influences of thy Holy Spirit, defend us against all temptations for the time to come. May our full purpose and endeavour be thoroughly to amend our ways, and strengthen us with thy promised help, that we may daily increase in righteousness and true holiness.

Keep us, we beseech thee, under the defence and care of thy good providence this night; make our sleep safe and refreshing; fit us for our great change, that it may not surprise us unawares; but that, having led a holy life, we may be happy in our death, and have comfort and a well-grounded hope in thee, through the merits of thy beloved Son our Saviour.

Give, 0 good Lord, to all men grace to repent of all their sins, and to become thy faithful servants. May all Christians live up to the laws of that religion which they profess. Bless these kingdoms wherein we live; save and defend thy Church, and preserve the King from all dangers ghostly and bodily: give to the rich and prosperous, temperance and charity; to the poor and needy, give patience and content. Preserve our friends and relations in their souls and bodies; forgive our enemies, and make them kindly affected toward us.

Hear these our prayers, 0 merciful Father, for the sake of thy Son our Advocate and only Saviour Jesus Christ our Lord. Our Father, fyc. The grace of our Lord, fyc.



Let us Pray. O Eternal God, and merciful Father, we give thee humble and hearty thanks for all the benefits and blessings, both spiritual and temporal, which, in the riches of thy great mercy, thou hast liberally poured down upon us, especially thy spiritual blessings in Christ Jesus our Saviour. Lord, give us grace continually to praise and magnify thy glorious name.

Particularly we give thee unfeigned thanks for our preservation all our lives, and for bringing us safe to the beginning of this day, in which, and all our days, we beseech thee to preserve us from sin and danger in soul and body; that all our thoughts, words, and works, may tend to the honour and glory of thy name, the discharge of our duty, and the salvation of our souls.

Pardon, O Father of mercies, for the sake of thy beloved Son, all our sins, whatever we have neglected to do, or done amiss, in thought, word, and deed: let them not cry oftener and louder in thine ears for vengeance, than our prayers for mercy and forgiveness.

O Lord, against thee have we sinned; but, we beseech thee, blot all our sins out of thy remembrance with the precious blood of Jesus Christ, and give us, from henceforth, wise, sober, and religious hearts; chaste and temperate affections; souls full of devotion to do thee service, and strength against all temptations.

O blessed Lord, enable us to fulfil all thy commands: prepare our souls against thy coming, 0 thou Saviour of all who hope in thee: grant us patient and penitent spirits: make our services acceptable to thee while we live, and our souls ready for thee when we die: give us grace in this life, and glory in the life to come, through Jesus Christ our Lord and only Saviour.

Bless, O gracious Father, thy holy Catholic Church; fill it with truth and grace; purify, direct, strengthen, and confirm it, and heal the breaches of it, O thou holy One of Israel. Bless all those who are called to any office or administration in thy Church: replenish them with the truth of thy doctrine and innocence of life, and let their prayers be acceptable in thy sight.

Let thy name, O God of Jacob, defend our King; send him help from thy sanctuary, and strengthen him out of Zion: may his heart be firmly fixed on thee, and on other things only as they are in and from thee. Have mercy upon these kingdoms, and forgive the sins of this people: turn thee unto us, and bless us, and cause thy face to shine upon us.

Comfort all that are in affliction, especially those who suffer for thy truth and righteousness' sake. Bless all our friends and relations: forgive our enemies, and give us grace to forgive them, as we desire to be forgiven of thee.

Hear us, O heavenly Father, through the merits and intercession of the ever blessed Jesus, who liveth and reigneth with thee, O Father, and the Holy Spirit, one God, blessed for ever.

Our Father, $c.

The grace of our Lord, 8fC.

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