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whole race of mankind; enlighten the gentile world with the knowledge of thy truth; bring into the flock of Christ thine ancient people; and may all who name the name of Christ depart from iniquity. Be gracious to thy holy Catholic Church, and grant that she may alway preserve that doctrine and discipline which thou hast delivered to her. Grant that all our governors, in Church and State, may be serviceable to thy glory and the public good. Be merciful to all that are in any affliction or distress of mind or body; support and comfort them, and in thy good time deliver them according to thy mercy.. Bless all our friends, relations, and acquaintance: convert those that are in sin, and those that are in grace confirm and strengthen. Unite us all, O God, to one another by mutual love, and to thyself by the constant practice of piety and holiness, through the merits of thy blessed Son our Saviour.

O gracious Lord, pardon, we beseech thee, the imperfection of these petitions, and answer us according to our necessities, and thine own rich mercies, in Jesus Christ our Lord.

Our Father, fyc.

The grace of our Lord, Sfc.


Let us Pray.

Most great and glorious Lord God, we humbly bow down ourselves before thy divine Majesty, acknowledging our unworthiness and our manifold transgressions, whereby we have deserved thy wrathful indignation.

Heavenly Father, we have sinned against thee, and are not worthy to be called thy children. But, oh ! let thy fatherly compassion be toward us, and for Jesus Christ's sake pardon us, and graciously receive us to thy favour. Make us truly penitent; and send thy Spirit of adoption into our hearts, that we may love thee, and be owned by thee as thy children, share in their blessings, and at last become inheritors of the kingdom of heaven.

Give us grace to know thee aright, that we may love thee as we ought to do. Create in us a sincere obedience to all thy commands, a submissive patience under all thy chastisements, and an entire resignation to all thy disposals. May we ever have awful thoughts of thee; and may it be the great business of our life to glorify thy name by our walk and conduct, and by engaging all men, as far as lies in our power, to glorify and love thee also. Let thy unwearied and tender love to us make our love unwearied and tender toward our neighbour; zealous to promote his present and eternal welfare, and ready to succour all that may need our help. Make us peaceful and reconcileable, meek, gentle, forbearing, and long-suffering; alway ready to return good for evil, and easy to forgive.

Be pleased, O Lord, to take us into thy protection this night, and defend us from all dangers. Refresh our bodies with such comfortable rest and sleep, that we may rise in the morning with renewed vigour, and better disposed to do thee all faithful service. Let no evil approach to hurt us: may we lie down with holy thoughts of thee, and when we awake may we be still with thee.

Show mercy to the whole world, O Father of all; let the Gospel of thy Son run and be glorified; let it be made known to the heathen, and obeyed by all that are Christians. Be merciful to this nation wherein we live; grant that we may be so humble and reformed, that we may be pardoned and spared. Multiply thy blessings upon our Sovereign, and all the Royal Family, and make them signal instruments of thy glory and the public good. Be gracious to all those that minister in holy things, that they may diligently watch over the souls committed to their care. Visit in mercy all that are in affliction, relieve all their necessities, and lighten all their burdens: give them patience and submission to thy blessed will, and in thy due time deliver them from all their trcrables.

We adore thy goodness, O Lord, for all the mercies, both temporal and spiritual, which thou, from time to time, hast bestowed upon us; for the good things of this life, and the hopes of eternal happiness in the next, through our Lord Jesus Christ. Particularly we offer to thee our humble thanks and praise for thy preservation of us from the perils of the day past, and for all the blessings we have enjoyed. To thy holy name be ascribed all honour and glory. Oh! let the sense of all thy blessings have this effect upon us, to make us better, to lead us to repentance, and to work in us a more entire and humble dependence upon thee.

All which we beg for the sake of Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour.

Our Father, fyc.

The grace of our Lord, fyc.


Let Pray.

Almighty and everlasting God, we humbly praise and bless thy holy name, for that, of thine infinite goodness, thou hast preserved us during the night past by thy providence, and hast raised us from sleep, giving us a. longer space for repentance, and for the perfecting of holiness in thy fear.

"Withdraw not, we humbly entreat thee, thy protection from us, but take us under thy care and governance this day: watch over us with the eyes of thy mercy, and direct us in the way of thy commandments. Endue us with those graces of thy Holy Spirit, whereby we may pass this day, and the rest of our life, to the praise and glory of thy holy name, the benefit of our neighbour, and the salvation of our own souls. Keep us, O Lord, from all sin and transgression, that we provoke not thy wrath against us. Direct our souls and bodies, our words and actions, according to the rule of thy word: divert our hearts from the love of this world, and turn them to those eternal joys which thou hast prepared for them that love thee.

And because we are not worthy, O Lord, that

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