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thou shouldest hear us, unworthy sinners, we humbly plead the merits of thy only Son, who is the propitiation for our sins: for His righteousness' sake pardon the offences of thy servants, and for thy mercies' sake in Him grant us those good things of which we are most justly undeserving. Defend us, 0 Lord, in this our pilgrimage against the enemies of our souls: arm us with the armour of light against the world, the flesh, and the devil; that, having fought a good fight, we may finish our course with joy, and be received into thy heavenly kingdom.

In the mean time, O thou who fillest all things living with plenteousness, be merciful unto us in the supply of those necessaries which we daily want: keep us in health and strength, give us food and raiment, and a competence sufficient to maintain us in that state of life to which it hath pleased thee to call us: and grant that we may lead a quiet life in all godly conversation, that, using thy blessings worthily, we may pass this life with thankfulness and comfort, till it please thee to call us to a better.

Bless, O Lord, those whom thou hast set over us both in Church and State; govern their hearts in thy fear, and guide their understandings to do those things which will be acceptable to thee, and beneficial to this Church and kingdom. C&mfort the comfortless and helpless; show the light of th" truth to those who wander out of the right way; give to all sinners true repentance; strengthen and assist with thy grace those who have begun well, that they may persevere in goodness; to all our friends, kindred, and enemies, give all thy good blessings; keep us from evil, and make us to continue in thy service to our lives' end; and, after the course of this painful life is ended, bring us to thine everlasting kingdom, through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Our Father, Sfe.

The grace of our Lord, fyc.


Let us Pray.

O Lord God, Father everlasting, to whose neverfailing bounty we owe all honour and praise, we humbly thank thee for thy preservation of us during this day, and for all the benefits which, of thine unspeakable mercy, thou hast bestowed upon us, notwithstanding our great and manifold sins committed against thee.

O Lord, we confess that we have wasted the time which thou hast given us, not considering that this day might have been the last of our life; and that we have added to our sins as if we had stood in no fear of thee. O Lord, we acknowledge that it is of thy goodness alone that we are not consumed in our iniquities; and to thy mercy be all the praise and glory.

O thou Father of mercies, who desirest not the death of a sinner, we most humbly crave thy pardon for our sins, in the name and through the mediation of our blessed Saviour Jesus Christ. Lord, give us true repentance, and grant us the help of thy Holy Spirit, that for the time to come we may more effectually resist temptation, and serve thee truly in newness of life. Turn us, O Lord, and so shall we be turned; enlighten our minds, direct our hearts, and so draw us after thee, that we may no more return to our sins, but serve thee in righteousness and holiness all our days.

Lighten, O Saviour, our darkness, and mercifully keep us from all the dangers of this night. O Lord, into thy hands we commend our spirits; save us waking, and defend us sleeping; that we may watch in thee, and rest in peace. Keep us from all evil thoughts; that, being preserved by thy protection, and refreshed with comfortable rest, we may rise to offer thee our daily bounden duty and service; and at the end of our pilgrimage may receive the crown which thou hast promised to those that love thee, in that day which no night shall follow.

Have mercy, 0 Father of the spirits of all flesh, on all mankind: convert all nations to thy-truth, strengthen and confirm therein all Christians. Bless the universal Church; heal its divisions, reform whatever is amiss in it, and establish it in truth and peace. Preserve and defend all Christian princes, especially our Sovereign; direct and prosper all his undertakings. Bless the Clergy with soundness of doctrine and purity of life, the council of the King with wisdom, the magistrates with integrity and discretion, and the people with the grace of obedience and loyalty. Comfort and relieve those who labour under any affliction of body or mind. Those that love and do good to us, reward thou seven-fold into their bosom; those who hate us without a cause, convert and forgive: and grant us all so to pass through things temporal, that we finally lose not the things eternal, through Jesus Christ our most blessed Lord and Saviour.

Our Father, fyc.

The grace of our Lord, fyc.

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