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Let us Pray.

O Most blessed and gracious Lord God, whose almighty hand has brought us out of nothing to enjoy the comforts of life, and whose free grace has called us from our state of ruin, to the hope of thy heavenly glory, we bless thy holy name for having conducted us safe through every condition of our lives to this day, and that we have yet a day of grace, wherein to seek the things belonging to our eternal peace. We adore thee for having so consulted the good of our souls, as to set apart this day for holy uses, that we might engage in a solemn attendance upon thee, in whose service consists all our honour and happiness.

Oh! how much higher might we have been in thy favour, how much nearer to thee, our God, and fitter for thy heavenly kingdom, had we rightly used and improved the means of grace which thou hast been pleased to afford us! But we have been cruel to our own souls, as well as disobedient to thee, our Lord; we have not improved the opportunities of appearing before thee as we ought, and have too lightly valued our highest privilege. And when we have come before thee in thy house, it has been with such coldness of heart, such dulness and wandering of mind, that thou mightest justly turn away from us, and despise our services.

But be pleased, O heavenly Father, to look upon us in the Son of thy love, the Lord, our peace and our righteousness; and forgive us all that is past, wherein we have neglected thy work, or performed it amiss, or done what was inconsistent with it. Help us, O God of our salvation; deliver us from the power of sin, and blot out all our transgressions in the blood of thy dear Son.

O gracious God, be with us, and with all the ministers and stewards of thy mysteries this day: enable them devoutly to minister in holy things, and faithfully to set forth thy true and lively word: and grant unto us, and to all who wait upon thee in the courts of thy house, humble and teachable spirits; that we may worship thee in spirit and in truth, and receive thy word with obedient hearts. Remove, we l>eseech thee, all the hinderances of our spiritual improvement, that thy word may have free course, and be glorified among us. Let us not rest in any forms of godliness, denying the power thereof; let us not rest satisfied with the name and profession of Christianity; but may we be animated and influenced by its life and power. And let the Gospel of our Lord, and the graces of thy good Spirit, shine forth in our lives to the glory of thee our heavenly Father.

May we this day go forth in thy strength; and let thy grace and blessing accompany all our endeavours: that, having served thee, though imperfectly, here upon earth, we may attain to the full enjoyment of thee in heaven, and glorify thee in the perfection of holiness for ever and ever, through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Our Father, Spc.

The grace of our Lord, §c.


Let us Pray.

O Most merciful God, who hast showed us what is good, and what thou requirest of us, that it may be well with us both now and for ever; who sendest out thy light and thy truth, making the way of life and salvation plain before us; we humbly praise thee for the many opportunities which thou affordest us of improvement in that knowledge which leads to the kingdom of thy glory.

Thou hast not been wanting to us, O Lord, but we have been exceedingly wanting to ourselves: so little have we improved the precious talents which thou hast put into our hands, that thou mightest justly deprive us of them, and leave us to our own carelessness and impenitence till our iniquities become our ruin. But, O Lord our God, merciful and gracious, we humbly beseech thee that thou wilt not so enter into judgment with thy servants; but in mercy pardon our contempt of thy word, our neglect of the means of grace, all which thy pure and holy eyes have seen amiss this day in any of our thoughts, desires, words, and actions: forgive ,the iniquities of our holy things. And help us for the time to come to use and improve such gracious opportunities to the glory of thy name, and the benefit of our own souls.

And though we must acknowledge that we have not kept this day holy to the Lord as we ought, yet let it not be a lost day to us: let thy good Spirit bring thy word to our remembrance, that it may increase in us the true knowledge and fear and love of thee, our God, and faith in our Lord Jesus Christ, that it may be effectual to the saving of our souls. And help us for the time to come to live more as becometh thy servants, and to be ready to every good work which may be pleasing in thy sight, through Jesus Christ our Saviour.

At his hands, O merciful God, we beg thy gracious acceptance of our praise and thanksgiving for all the blessings which thou hast so freely bestowed, and so long continued to us. Thou hast dealt graciously with us, O Lord, and been exceedingly kind to us, above all that we are able to express. We bless thy name, O heavenly Father, for all the comforts of this life, and for the hopes of a better, which through thy favour we enjoy. Particularly would we now bless thee for the mercies of this day: for thy house open to us, for the word of salvation sounding in our ears, and for thy blessed Spirit striving with our hearts. Let us not receive

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