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CHAPTER VII. – 1848–1850.

The General Conference of 1848, at Pittsburgh, Pa.- The Plan
of Separation reviewed and declared null and void— The General
Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South, at Peters-
burgh, Va., in 1846—Dr. Lovick Pierce, fraternal delegate to the
Pittsburgh General Conference, declines recognition except in his
official capacity-An offer to submit the property question to arbi-
tration-Final settlement by the United States Courts—Sketch of
Bishop Janes in Zion's Herald "-Sessions of the Black River and
Oneida Conferences-Address to candidates for ordination-A touch-
ing incident, showing his kindliness—Mount Vernon Cottage, near
Mendham, N. J.-Letters from the children and Mrs. Janes to the
Bishop-Rock River Conference, Mount Morris, Ill.-Iowa Confer-
ence, Iowa City, Ia.—Madison and Keosauqua, Ia.—Letter from
Churchville, Mo.-From St. Louis, Mo.-From Peoria, Ill.-Sick,
and travels with difficulty-Indiana Conference-Several descrip-
tions of the Bishop's person and work..


CHAPTER IX.-1852, 1853.

The Baltimore Conference, at Cumberland, Md.-Last visit to
Bishop Hedding, and his admiration for him.--The General Confer-


A letter on the beauty of day-break in March—The Baltimore
Conference-Sermon to local preachers—New England Conference
-In Cincinnati, preparing for the approaching General Conference,
and assisting Messrs. Arthur and Scott in collecting funds for Irish

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CHAPTER XIII.—1859–1861.

New York and New York East Conferences-Letter to Mrs.
Janes—Upper Iowa and Peoria Conferences—Cleaving to Christ
-Letter from the Michigan Conference to Miss Elizabeth-Invited
to make his residence in Baltimore-Declines—Meets the Pitts-
burgh, New England, East Maine, and Vermont Conferences-
General Conference at Buffalo, N. Y.- Prosperity in every depart-
ment of Church work—Slavery and Lay Delegation the important
topics-. The people to have lay representation whenever they vote
to have it—The proposal to change the General Rule on Slavery
again fails - The Chapter on Slavery altered—No word from the
Bishop on the subject—Presides in the autumn over the Erie, Iowa,
Central Ohio, and Rock River Conferences—Miss Lizzie accompanies

CHAPTER XV.-1863–1865.

Death of his daughter Tillie-Her fervent piety—The effect of
her death on the Bishop-His hopefulness-A remarkable letter to
his departed daughter-A Lay-delegation Convention in New York
-Engrossed with the work of the Christian Commission-Visits
the Army of the Potomac—General Conference at Philadelphia,
1864–Cheerful review of the Church's work by the Bishops—The
sword cuts the knot of Slavery, and the General Rule is changed to
forbid slave-holding-Lay Representation again referred to the
people-Bishops Clark, Thomson, and Kingsley elected— The Rev.

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CHAPTER XVI.-1865-1868.

Speaks at the Anniversary of the Wesleyan Missionary Society-
Allusion to the sympathy of the English people with the Americans
in the death of President Lincoln-Reference to his address before
the British and Foreign Bible Society-Goes to the Continent-
Through France to Basle, Switzerland-Dr. Merle D'Aubigné at
Geneva, and Fletcher's birthplace at Nyon—Letter to Miss Janes,
from Bremen ; also from Dublin and Belfast--Dr. Robinson Scott-
Omagh-Giant's Causeway-Goes to Scotland and Birmingham,
(England,) and visits the English Conference, Rev. William Arthur,
President-Invited to preach the annual sermon in place of the
ex-president-Congratulated on his return to America on the exe-
cution of his mission--Gov. Wright, Embassador to the Court of
Prussia-Letter to Mrs. Wright about establishing a Methodist
chapel at Berlin-In the autumn of 1865 holds the Genesee, Illinois,
and Iowa Conferences, and in 1866 the Troy, East German, East
Maine, East Genesee, Genesee, Central German, and South-east In-
diana Conferences—Centenary of American Methodism-The Gen-
eral Committee at Cleveland, O.—The great meetings at St. Paul's,
New York—His speeches—New Jersey, New York, ck River,
Erie, Delaware, East Genesee, Detroit, Genesee, Upper Iowa, and
North-west Indiana Conferences-April, 1867, completes his sixtieth
year-Death of Gov. Wright-His preaching at Denville, N. J.,
camp-meeting—A re-union of the Indiana, North-west Indiana,
and South-east Indiana Conferences at Indianapolis-Organizes
new Conferences in the South-Philadelphia and New York East

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