Epea Pteroenta., Or, The Diversions of Purley, Nide 27,Osa 1

at J. Johnson's, No. 72, St. Paul's Church-Yard., 1798 - 534 sivua

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Sivu 385 - Heaven doth with us as we with torches do ; Not light them for themselves : for if our virtues Did not go forth of us, 'twere all alike As if we had them not...
Sivu 68 - Men would in vain heap up names of particular things that would not serve them to communicate their thoughts. Men learn names, and use them in talk with others, only that they may be understood: which is then only done when by use or consent the sound I make by the organs of speech, excites in another man's mind who hears it the idea I apply it to...
Sivu 381 - ... or immorality, and retract them. If he be my enemy, let him triumph; if he be my friend, as I have given him no personal occasion to be otherwise, he will be glad of my repentance. It becomes me not to draw my pen in the defence of a bad cause, when I have so often drawn it for a good one.
Sivu 32 - But when, having passed over the original and composition of our ideas, I began to examine the extent and certainty of our knowledge, I found it had so near a connexion with words, that, unless their force and manner of signification were first well observed, there could be very little said clearly and pertinently concerning knowledge...
Sivu 318 - All, and the feweft ideas more than thofe we would communicate : and then by the help of the Prepofition, we either make up the deficiency in the one cafe, or retrench the fuperfluity in the other. For inftance, i. " A Houfe WITH a Party-wall? z. " A Houfe WITHOUT a roof" In the firft inftance, the complex term is deficient : The Prepofition directs to add what is wanting.
Sivu 208 - You pray; but it is not that God would bring you to the true religion.
Sivu 42 - They are all marks of some action, or intimation of the mind; and therefore to understand them rightly, the several views, postures, stands, turns, limitations, and exceptions, and several other thoughts of the mind, for which we have either none, or very deficient names, are diligently to be studied.
Sivu 69 - I alone having the ideas in my mind, the names of them could not be significant or intelligible to another, who was not acquainted with all those very particular things which had fallen under my notice.
Sivu 69 - When therefore we quit particulars, the generals that rest are only creatures of our own making, their general nature being nothing but the capacity they are put into by the understanding of signifying or representing many particulars. For the signification they have is nothing but a relation that by the mind of man is added to them.
Sivu 471 - I cannot tell what you and other men Think of this life, but, for my single self, I had as lief not be as live to be In awe of such a thing as I myself.

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