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R. and J. Dodsley, 1753
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Sivu 176 - Many totally neglect, and many mistake it. The ancients began the education of their children, by forming their hearts and their manners. They taught them the duty of men and of citizens ; we teach them the languages of the ancients, and leave their morals and manners to shift for themselves.
Sivu 586 - My friends know what I am, and what I have been, but they reject and hate me : and I have not the...
Sivu 448 - When he affumes the critic's chair, Or from the STAGYRITE or PLATo draws The arts of civil life, the fpirit of the laws. O let me often thus employ The hour of mirth and focial joy ! And glean from GRANVILLE'S learned ftore Fair fcience and true wifdom's lore. Then will I ftill implore thy longer ftay, Nor change thy feftive hours for funfhine and the day.
Sivu 457 - In vain do you pull out your watch ; in vain remonstrate to him how late it is, or how rude it will be to make the ladies wait dinner : in vain...
Sivu 586 - I can therefore have but one inducement to defire your publication of this letter, which is, that my friends may know that I have gained that credit with a ftranger which they have refufed to give me, and that I am really and truly an -objecT: of companion.
Sivu 78 - The old man, hearing this, set his boy upon the ass, and went whistling by the side of him. Why, sirrah ! (cries a second man to the boy) is it fit for you to be riding, while your poor old father is walking on foot ? The father, upon this rebuke, took down his boy from the ass, and mounted himself. Do you see...
Sivu 589 - The whole skill and judgment of the poet now consists in selecting about a hundred words (for the opera vocabulary does not exceed that number) that terminate in liquids and vowels, and rhyme to each other.
Sivu 107 - He gracioufly brought me five thoufand livres, which he affured me was not more than what would be neceflary for our firft fetting out, as he called it ; while his wife was pointing out to mine the moft compendious method of fpending three times as much. I told him that I hoped that fum would be very near fufficient for the whole time ; to which he anfwered coolly...
Sivu 69 - ... so universally has it spread, that every gate to a cow-yard is in T's and Z's, and every hovel for the cows has bells hanging at the corners.
Sivu 625 - ... wickedness. But in the misapprehension of this figure, it is not always that the reader is to blame. A great deal of irony may seem very clear to the writer, which may not be so properly managed as to be safely trusted to the various capacities and apprehensions of all sorts of readers.

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