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Teokset Teokset 1 - 2 / 2 haulle I mean, as indicating only a state of the reader's mind, according as he elevates....
" I mean, as indicating only a state of the reader's mind, according as he elevates himself or not to the condition of one truly sensible of the inward spirit; or if it is still to be referred to Plato himself, it can only be said that immediate instruction... "
Schleiermacher's Introductions to the Dialogues of Plato - Sivu 8
tekijä(t) Friedrich Schleiermacher - 1836 - 432 sivua
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Alpha [by M.E.M. Jones. In verse].

Margaret Elizabeth M. Jones - 1841
...the mind may be reduced to the necessity of seeking, and put into the way by which it may find it." " After he was first sufficiently assured that his hearers...first grasped in his mind their higher ground and connexion." Schleicrmacher's Introductions to the Dialogues of Plato, General Introduction, p. 17,...

Plato As Author: The Rhetoric of Philosophy

Ann N. Michelini - 2003 - 359 sivua
...his esoteric activity (Handeln), whereas writing was only his exoteric activity. For in the former, certainly, after he was first sufficiently assured...desired, he could express his thoughts purely and completely . . , 23 Thus, for Schleiermacher, "hermeneutic" and "personal" esotericism coexist, as...
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