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antiquities and artistic copies thereof in metal or other material,

imported in good faith for exhibition at a fixed place by any State

or by any society or institution established for the encouragement of the arts, science, or education,

or for a municipal corporation, and

all like articles imported in good faith by any society or association,

or for a municipal corporation for the purpose of erecting a public monument, and

not intended for sale, nor for any other purpose taan herein expressed;

but bonds shall be given

under such rules and regulations as the Secretary of the Treasury may prescribe,

for the payment of lawful duties which may accrue

should any of the articles aforesaid be sold, transferred, or used contrary to this provision, and

such articles shall be subject, at any time, to

examination and inspection by the proper officers of the


Provided, That the privileges of this and the preceding section shall not be allowed to

associations or corporations engaged in or connected with business of a private or commercial character.

716. Works of art,

productions of American artists residing temporarily abroad, or other works of art,

including pictorial paintings on glass,

imported expressly for presentation to a national institution, or to any state or municipal corporation or

incorporated religious society, college, or other public institution,

except stained or painted window glass

or stained or painted glass windows, and

except any article, in whole or in part, molded, cast, or me chanically wrought from metal

within twenty years prior to importation;

but such exemption shall be subject to such regulations as the Secretary of the Treasury may prescribe.

717. Works of art,

including paintings in oil, mineral, water, or other colors, pastels, original drawings and sketches, etchings and engravings, and sculptures,

which are proved to the satisfaction of the Secretary of the Treasury under rules prescribed by him to have been

in existence more than twenty years prior to the date of their importation,

but the term "sculptures" as herein used shall be understood to include

professional productions of sculptors only,

whether round or in relief,

in bronze, marble, stone, terra cotta, ivory, wood, or metal;
and the word "painting," as used in this Act,

shall not be understood to include any article of utility
nor such as are made wholly or in part by stenciling
or any other mechanical process;

and the words 66

etchings" and "engravings," as used in this


shall be understood to include only such as are printed by hand

from plates or blocks etched or engraved with hand tools, and not such as are printed from plates or blocks etched or engraved by photo-chemical processes.

Other works of art

(except rugs and carpets),

collections in illustration of the progress of the arts,

works in bronze, marble, terra cotta, parian, pottery, or porcelain,

artistic antiquities, and

objects of art of ornamental character or educational value which shall have been produced more than one hundred years prior to the date of importation,

but the free importation of such objects shall be subject to such regulations as to proof of antiquity as the Secretary of the Treasury may prescribe.

718. Zaffer.

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The provisions of the dutiable list and the free list of this section shall constitute the minimum tariff of the United States.

SEC. 2. That from and after the thirty-first day of March, nineteen hundred and ten,

except as otherwise specially provided for in this section, there shall be levied, collected, and paid on all articles when imported from any foreign country into the United States, or into any of its possessions

(except the Philippine Islands and the islands of Guam and Tutuila),

the rates of duty prescribed by the schedules and paragraphs of the dutiable list of section one of this Act, and

in addition thereto. twenty-five per centum ad valorem; which rates shall constitute the maximum tariff of the United States:

Provided, That whenever, after the thirty-first day of March, nineteen hundred and ten, and

so long thereafter as the President shall be satisfied,

in view of the character of the concessions granted by the minimum tariff of the United States,

that the government of any foreign country imposes no terms or restrictions,

either in the way of tariff rates or provisions, trade or other regulations, charges, exactions,

or in any other manner, directly or indirectly,

upon the importation into or the sale in such foreign country of any agricultural, manufactured, or other product of the United States,

which unduly discriminate against the United States or the products thereof, and

that such foreign country pays no export bounty

or imposes no export duty or prohibition upon the exportation of any article to the United States

which unduly discriminates against the United States or the products thereof, and

that such foreign country accords to the agricultural, manufactured, or other products of the United States

treatment which is reciprocal and equivalent, thereupon and thereafter,

upon proclamation to this effect by the President of the United States,

all articles when imported into the United States, or any of its possessions

(except the Philippine Islands and the islands of Guam and Tutuila),

from such foreign country shall,

except as otherwise herein provided,

be admitted under the terms of the minimum tariff of the United States as prescribed by section one of this Act.

The proclamation issued by the President under the authority hereby conferred and

the application of the minimum tariff thereupon may,

in accordance with the facts as found by the President,

extend to the whole of any foreign country,

or may be confined to or exclude from its effect

any dependency, colony, or other political subdivision having authority

to adopt and enforce tariff legislation,

or to impose restrictions or regulations,

or to grant concessions upon the exportation or importation of articles which are, or may be, imported into the United States.

Whenever the President shall be satisfied that the conditions which led to the issuance of the proclamation herein before authorized no longer exist,

he shall issue a proclamation to this effect, and

ninety days thereafter the provisions of the maximum tariff shall be applied to the importation of articles from such country.

Whenever the provisions of the maximum tariff of the United States shall be applicable to articles imported from any foreign country

they shall be applicable to the products of such country, whether imported directly from the country of production or otherwise.

To secure information to assist the President in the discharge of the duties imposed upon him by this section,

and the officers of the Government in the administration of the customs laws,

the President is hereby authorized to employ such persons as may be required.

SEC. 3. That nothing in this Act contained shall be so construed as to abrogate

or in any manner impair or affect the provisions of

the treaty of commercial reciprocity concluded

between the United States and the Republic of Cuba

on the eleventh day of December, nineteen hundred and two, or the provisions of the Act of Congress heretofore passed for the execution of the same.

SEC. 4. That the President shall have power and

it shall be his duty to give notice,

within ten days after the passage of this Act,

to all foreign countries with which commercial agreements in conformity with the authority granted by section three of the Act entitled, "An Act to provide revenue for the Government and to encourage the industries of the United States," approved July twenty-fourth, eighteen hundred and ninety


have been or shall have been entered into,

of the intention of the United States to terminate such agreement at a time specified in such notice,

which time shall in no case, except as hereinafter provided, be longer than

the period of time specified in such agreements respectively for notice for their termination; and

upon the expiration of the periods when such notice of termination shall become effective

the suspension of duties provided for in such agreements shall be revoked, and

thereafter importations from said countries shall be subject to no other conditions or rates of duty than those prescribed by this Act and such other Acts of Congress as may be continued in force:

Provided, That until the expiration of the period when the notice of intention to terminate herein before provided for shall have become effective,

or until such date prior thereto as the high contracting parties may by mutual consent select,

the terms of said commercial agreements shall remain in force:

And provided further, That in the case of those commercial

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