The Lord and the Vassal: A Familiar Exposition of the Feudal System in the Middle Ages, with Its Causes and Consequences

John W. Parker, 1844 - 139 sivua

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Sivu 79 - These privileges were called charters of community, by which he enfranchised the inhabitants, abolished all marks of servitude, and formed them into corporations or bodies politic, to be governed by a council and magistrates of their own nomination.
Sivu 69 - Alfred the Great complained, that from the Humber to the Thames there was not a priest who understood the liturgy in his mother-tongue, or who could translate the easiest piece of Latin ; and that from the Thames to the sea, the ecclesiastics were still more ignorant.
Sivu 66 - It was a very powerful feeling which could make the bravest men put up with slights and ill treatment at the hands of their sovereign ; or call forth all the energies of disinterested exertion for one whom they never saw, and in whose character there was nothing to esteem. In ages when the rights of the community were unfelt this sentiment was one great preservative of society; and, though collateral or even subservient...
Sivu 143 - READINGS in ENGLISH PROSE LITERATURE Containing choice Specimens of the Works of the best English Writers, From LORD BACON to the Present Time. With ESSAYS on the PROGRESS of ENGLISH LITERATURE.
Sivu 19 - It was a breach of faith to divulge the lord's counsel, to conceal from him the machinations of others, to injure his person or fortune, or to violate the sanctity of his roof, and the honour of his family.
Sivu 52 - ... hear this, ye justices, that I have this day neither eat, drank, nor have upon me, neither bone, stone, ne grass; nor any enchantment, sorcery, or witchcraft, whereby the law of God may be abased, or the law of the devil exalted. So help me God and his saints'.
Sivu 65 - In slowly purging off the lees of this extreme corruption, the feudal spirit exerted its ameliorating influence. Violation of faith stood first in the catalogue of crimes, most repugnant to the very essence of a feudal tenure, most severely and promptly avenged, most branded by general infamy. The feudal lawbooks breathe throughout a spirit of honourable obligation. The feudal course of jurisdiction promoted, what trial by peers is peculiarly calculated to promote, a keener feeling and readier perception...
Sivu 141 - CV. *HISTORY OF THE CHRISTIAN CHURCH ; from the Ascension of Jesus Christ to the Conversion of Constantine. By the late EDWARD BURTON, DD, Regius Professor of Divinity at Oxford.
Sivu 66 - ... of the community were unfelt, this sentiment was one great preservative of society; and, though collateral or even subservient to more enlarged principles, it is still indispensable to the tranquillity and permanence of every monarchy. In a moral view, loyalty has scarcely • perhaps less tendency to refine and elevate the heart than patriotism itself; and holds a middle place in the scale of human motives, as they ascend from the grosser inducements of self-interest, to the furtherance of general...
Sivu 65 - ... supporter, or the defence of a beneficent suzerain, against such powerful aggression, as left little prospect except of sharing in his ruin. ' From these feelings, engendered by the feudal relation, has sprung up the peculiar sentiment of personal reverence and attachment towards a sovereign, which we denominate loyalty; alike distinguishable from the stupid devotion of eastern slaves, and from the abstract respect with which free citizens regard their chief magistrate.

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