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Psyché tormented by Cupid is one of the most ingenious and interesting fables of antiquity; it is also one of those which have furnished subjects for the greatest number of works of art; and although Apuleus is the most ancient writer that has transmitted to us the details of this charming allegory, we cannot doubt that it was known long before his time, as there are several works of art in existence, the style of which indicates a period far more remote than that in which the poet Apuleus lived.

The group hefore us is enchantingły conceived; the style of the forms is of the best choice and the folds of the drapery are of the rarest elegance; the movement of Psyché's body fills the spectator with admiration, as it displays one of the most voluptuous and natural attitudes that the productions of antiquity present; but the execution is not answerable to the rest. The softness of the touch and the want of finish in the work shew that this group, which is of pentelic marble, is a copy from the production of some great master.

Two similar groups are possessed by the Museums of Florence and Berlin; but in each of them the figures are represented with wings. Some antiquaries have imagined from the absence of this characteristic attribute that the group of the Capitol should be considered as the representation of some voluptuous and drunken subject, but it would nevertheless be difficult to coincide with their opinion.

The right hand and the left foot of Cupid are modern repairs, as are the nose and the chin.

Height, 3 feet 10 inches.

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