The Eve of the Reformation: Studies in the Religious Life and Thought of the English People in the Period Preceding the Rejection of the Roman Jurisdiction by Henry VIII

John C. Nimmo, 1900 - 460 sivua

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Sivu 323 - Although they all attend mass every day, and say many Paternosters in public (the women carrying long rosaries in their hands, and any who can read taking the office of Our Lady with them, and with some companion reciting it in the church verse by verse, in a low voice, after the manner of churchmen...
Sivu 354 - Provided Always, that every Man and Woman, of what Estate or Condition that he be, shall be free to set their Son or Daughter to take Learning at any manner School that pleaseth them within the Realm.
Sivu 323 - Scotch are much handsomer; and that the English are great lovers of themselves, and of everything belonging to them; they think that there are no other men than themselves, and no other world but England; and whenever they see a handsome foreigner, they say that 'he looks like an Englishman...
Sivu 253 - ... many children of iniquity, maintainers of Luther's sect, blinded through extreme wickedness, wandering from the way of truth and the Catholic faith...
Sivu 80 - It was a wonderful system. The whole of western Europe canonical * system. was subject to the jurisdiction of one tribunal of last resort, the Roman curia. Appeals to it were encouraged by all manner of means, appeals at almost every stage of almost every proceeding2.
Sivu 353 - But if the question be asked, How must one's possessions be used ? the Church replies without hesitation in the words of the same holy doctor : Man should not consider his outward possessions as his own, but as common to all, so as to share them without difficulty when others are in need.
Sivu 250 - I am certainly informed as I passed in this country, that an Englishman, your subject, at the solicitation and instance of Luther, with whom he is, hath translated the New Testament into English ; and within few days intendeth to return with the same imprinted into England.
Sivu 249 - It was wonderful to see with what joy this Book of God was received, not only among the learneder sort and those that were noted lovers of the Reformation, but generally all England over among all the vulgar and common people ; and with what greediness God's Word was read, and what resort to places where the reading of it was.
Sivu 353 - Whoever has received from the Divine bounty a large share of blessings, whether they be external and corporeal or gifts of the mind, has received them for the purpose of using them for the perfecting of his own nature, and, at the same time, that he may employ them, as the minister of God's providence, for the benefit of others. He that hath a talent, says St.
Sivu 215 - England, and sown abroad in the same, to the great decay of our faith catholic, and perilous corruption of his people, unless speedy remedy were briefly provided...

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