The Prater

T. Lownds, 1757 - 289 sivua
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Sivu 150 - Delightful task! to rear the tender thought, To teach the young idea how to shoot...
Sivu 151 - To breathe th' enlivening fpirit, and to fix The generous purpofe in the glowing breaft. Oh fpeak the joy! ye, "whom the fudden tear Surprizes often, while you look around, And nothing ftrikes your eye but fights of blifs, All various Nature preffing on the heart : An elegant fufficiency, content, Retirement, rural quiet, friendfhip, books, Eafe and alternate labour, ufeful life, Progreffive virtue, and approving HEAVEN.
Sivu 150 - Who in each other clafp whatever fair High fancy forms, and lavifh hearts can wifh; Something...
Sivu 151 - Progreffive virtue, and approving HEAVEN. Thefe are the matchlefs joys of virtuous love; And thus their moments fly. The Seafons thus, As ceafelefs round a jarring world they roll, Still find them happy...
Sivu 53 - May catch the fop; for gudgeons strike At the bare hook and bait alike, While salmon play regardless by, Till Art like Nature forms the fly. Beneath a...
Sivu 98 - liften to the voice of inftrudlion, and let not the accents of reproof be difregarded. I am the .genius Abdaric. I behold thy beauties with delight. Be not therefore vain, for know I behold them- with concern. I am come from the bottom of the earth, to teach thee wifdom, and to fnatch thee from deftru&ion. Follow my advice, and be happy. Thou vainly fancieft, unthinking Zulima, that the fame of thy beauty will be wafted to the pinnacles of Agra by the fighs of thy adorers, and that their...
Sivu 98 - Abukazan, and lay ruminating on methods to increafe her charms, and extend her conquefts, fhe faw a thick fmoak rife out of the ground. It curled like a vine, and afcended like a column. While fhe was earneftly watching its progrefs, a little old man, with a beard whiter than fnow, which reached to his feet, appeared before her.
Sivu 151 - To pour the fresh instruction o'er the mind, To breathe th' enlivening spirit, and to fix The generous purpofe in the glowing breast. Oh, speak the joy ! ye, whom the sudden tear Surprizes often, while you look around...
Sivu 78 - replied Tom, I have pieces enough at home, " which would make a pretty figure here, but " then they would be known to be mine, and <( nobody would vouchfafe to look on the pal*
Sivu 97 - She was tall as the towering palm, and ftraight as the lofty pine. Her countenance was animated with the glow of health, and her fmile was as the dawn of the vernal day. Symmetry was difcernible in every limb, in every gefture, grace.

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