Archaeologia Cambrensis: A Record of the Antiquities of Wales and Its Marches and the Journal of the Cambrian Archaeological Association

Assoc., 1851
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Sivu 179 - And a little way from them I saw a man in the prime of life, with his beard newly shorn, clad in a robe and a mantle of yellow satin; and round the top of his mantle was a band of gold lace. On his feet were shoes of variegated leather, fastened by two bosses of gold.
Sivu 130 - Bring him here to visit me to-morrow," said the countess, "and I will cause the town to be assembled by that time." And Luned returned home. And the next day, at noon, Owain arrayed himself in a coat and a surcoat, and a mantle of yellow satin, upon which was a broad band of gold lace; and on his feet were high shoes of variegated leather, which were fastened by golden clasps, in the form of lions. And they proceeded to the chamber of the countess. Right glad was the countess of their coming. And...
Sivu 151 - It is thy scabbard that hath rusted thy sword, give it to me that I may take out the wooden sides of it and put in new ones." And he took the scabbard from him, and the sword in the other hand. And he came and stood over against the Giant, as if he would have put the sword into the scabbard; and with it he struck at the head of the Giant, and cut off his head at one blow. Then they despoiled the castle, and took from...
Sivu 139 - ... piebald horse. And the left shoulder of the horse was of bright red, and its right leg from the chest to the hollow of the hoof was pure white. And the knight and horse were equipped with arms of speckled yellow, variegated with Spanish laton. And there was a robe of...
Sivu 167 - Were it allowable to attribute to the weavers of the middle ages the art, now common amongst us, of making what are usually called shot silks (or silks of two colours predominating interchangeably, as in the neck of the drake or pigeon), the contradictory compounds above given, white crimson, green crimson, &c., would be easily accounted for."- — Note in Way and Ellis's Fabliaux.
Sivu 165 - ... fought thus until their horses were brought down upon their knees ; and at length Geraint threw the knight headlong to the ground; and then they fought on foot, and they gave one another blows so boldly fierce, so frequent, and so severely powerful, that their helmets were pierced, and their skullcaps were broken, and their arms were shattered, and the light of their eyes was darkened by sweat and blood.
Sivu 41 - Glasteing, qui per mediterraneos anglos, secus villam quae dicitur Escebtiorne, scrofam suam usque ad Wellis, et a Wellis per inviam et aquosam viam, quae Sugewege, id est...
Sivu 150 - I approached the castle, and there I beheld two youths with yellow curling hair, each with a frontlet of gold upon his head, and clad in a garment of yellow satin; and they had gold clasps upon their insteps.
Sivu 15 - Mailcunus magnus rex apud Brittones regnabat, id est, in regione Guenedotae, quia atavus illius, id est, Cunedag, cum filiis suis, quorum numerus octo erat, venerat prius de parte sinistrali, id est, de regione quae vocatur Manan Guotodin, centum quadraginta sex annis antequam Mailcun regnaret, et Scottos cum ingentissima clade expulerunt ab istis regionibus, et nusquam reversi sunt iterum ad habitandum.
Sivu 125 - ... something, and gave them to eat, barley bread, and cheese, and milk and water. And there arose a storm of wind and rain, so that it was hardly possible to go forth with safety. And being weary with their journey, they laid themselves down and sought to sleep. And when they looked at the couch, it seemed to be made but of a little coarse straw full of dust and vermin, with the stems of boughs sticking up therethrough, for the cattle had eaten all the straw that was placed at the head and the foot.

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