Artificial Intelligence Simplified: Understanding Basic Concepts

CSTrends LLP, 8.1.2016 - 138 sivua

 The book introduces key Artificial Intelligence (AI) concepts in an easy-to-read format with examples and illustrations. A complex, long, overly mathematical textbook does not always serve the purpose of conveying the basic AI concepts to most people. Someone with basic knowledge in Computer Science can have a quick overview of AI (heuristic searches, genetic algorithms, expert systems, game trees, fuzzy expert systems, natural language processing, super intelligence, etc.) with everyday examples. If you are taking a basic AI course and find the traditional AI textbooks intimidating, you may choose this as a “bridge” book, or as an introductory textbook.

For students, there is a lower priced edition (ISBN 978-1944708016) of the same book. Published by CSTrends LLP.


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Binto George is a professor in School of Computer Sciences at Western Illinois University, Macomb, IL, USA. He joined WIU after working at Rutgers University, Newark, NJ. Dr George received his Ph.D. from Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. Dr George has several publications in Computer Science and has been the principal investigator of National Science Foundation funded curriculum research. He loves teaching and developing new courses. He is committed to making Computer Science accessible to all. Dr. George is a member of the IEEE Computer Science Society and the Association for Computing Machinery.

Gail Carmichael is currently a software developer at Shopify, where she is about to embark on a new and exciting education project. She previously worked as a full-time instructor at Carleton University, where she taught both majors and non-majors a variety of computer science courses. She is particularly passionate about teaching beginners and enticing them to fall in love with computer science, whether as a major or as a tool to help them in their own fields. She co-founded Carleton University's Women in Science and Engineering, helped launch the now Ontario-wide Go Code Girl high school outreach program, and has developed and taught many computing workshops and courses for folks of all ages.

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