Sivut kuvina


and plunder'd Lydia and Chalcedon, under Alci-
biades's Conduct, who then also took Bizantium:
Or, this may be the Lacedemonian War with the
Persians in Afia minor. When Nile rises under
is cubirs, there is a Dearth. Xerxes went over
the Sea on a Bridge when he invaded Greece, and
return'd after his defeat in a small Ship, without
his Soldiers.

A fiery Torrent shall break forth from Ætna, and burn all miserable Sicily; and a great City shall fall into the deep Sea.

Note, When the Athenians invaded Sicily, there was a great Eruption of Ætna, which burnt the Country of the Catanei near it.

And there will be great Discord in
The Halepoan Greece ; and when they are enrag’d against

one another, they shall destroy many Cities,
and kill many by fighting, but the Victory
shall be doubtful amongst'em.

But when the tenth Age shall come, then
the Persians shall be conquer'd, and much

Note, That fix Ages are allotted to the 4/ rians, (Herodotus says, they possess'd Asia 520 Years) two to the Medes, one to the Persians, in all nine ; and when the tenth began, the Persians were conquer'd. This Sibyl reckons the Ages after a different manner than the former, from the Deluge the begins.

And when the Macedonians Mall glory in their Empires, then the Thebars Thall be


subdu'd, the Carians shall inhabit Tyre, and the Tyrians perish: Then Sand shall cover all Samos, which shall be driven from the Shore, and Delos shall appear no more, but it shall all vanish ; and Babylon, which appears


great a City, shall be despis’d for its small Force, and Mall depend upon its unprofitable Walls.' Then the Macedonians shall inhabit Bactra, (in Persia) and they that inhabit Baltra and Susa shall fly into Greece. These things shall be when Silverstream'd Pyramus, which flows by the Shore, shall come to the Holy Island.

Note, That King Philip conquer'd the Thebans and Athenians at Chæronea, and he demolish'd Thebes for their Rebellion : And Alexander conquerid Tyre, Ægypt, Cilicia, Rhodes; then these things happen'd to Samos and Delos.

Babylon, and Babel its Tower, was built 253 Years after the Flood, in the Plain of Senaar ; this was the seat of the Babylonian Empire after the subversion of the Allyrian: It was taken by Cyrus 3516. The Persians destroy'd part of Babylon, and Time consum'd the rest; the Grecians negleeted it after Seleucus Nicanor built Seleucia on the Tigris, 300 Sradia from Babylon. Seleucia succeeded Babylon, and it was call'd Babylon a Persian City; and Bagdat was built near it, which is now the head City of that Country, and the Sear of the Governour. It was conquer'd by the Tartar Haolan, 1259. The Saracens Temples destroy'd, and Christian Religion restor'd. The Sophi Habas cook it from the Turks, 1625, and Amurath retook it 1638, and now it remains in the hands of the Turks.


Note, Pyramus is a River in Cilicia, in which there are Cataracts; and Cyprus is the Holy Island; and this caus'd fome Inundation in Cyprus.

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Sybaris (a

City in Calabria) and Cyzicus (a City in lesser Mysia) shall fall when the Earth shall abound in Earthquakes : And Rhodes shall suffer the last and utmost Destruction : But the Kingdom of Macedonia thall not always continue ; but in the West a great Italian War shall spring, by which the World shall be brought into Slavery, and wear the hard Yoke of the Italians ; and it shall throw down every Tower of Carthage to the Ground.

o miserable Laodicea! the Earthquake fall overthrow thee, but thou shalt be rebuilt again: And Corinth shall see her own Captivity.

O Lycia! who aboundeft in fragrant Ointments, the trembling Earth shall cast thee down; thou shalt fall with a noise to the Earth, and desire to fly into another Country, as a Stranger; and Armenia Mall be subdued by the Italians, who also shall deftroy the great Temple of God.

Note, That in the 20th of Christ thirteen Cities fell, in Tiberius's time. Ann. 66, three Cities fell in Afia, Laodicea, Hierapolis, Coloffe : 79, three Cities fell in Cyprus : 112, three Cities in Galatia fell by an Earthquake. - The Destruction of the Fews Temple thews when these Earthquakes hap pen'd, about Ann. 70, after Christ.


But when the Romans, thro' a foolish Confidence, shall cast away all Care of Righteousness, and commit horrible Murders, Senhor, (that is, aki vñor, about the Temple, at the beginning of the Fewish War) then a great King, like a close perfidious Fugitive, shall fly from Italy over the River Euphrates; and this will be when he has committed a horrible wicked Murder upon his own Mother. And many other things he shall attempt by his wicked Hands; and many shall be sain about the holy Ground of Rome, [the Martyrs] when he dies beyond the Bounds of hís Empire, [Euphrates].

Note, Thar Nero New his Mother, his Wife, and his Kindred, and many Christians, Peter and Paul; he at last fied from Rome and kill'd himself: And this being done privately, it was vulgarly believ'd that Nero. was fled into Persia, (because the King of Persia would have built him a Monument :) And there arose many counterfeit Nero's afterwards. . Suetonius says of him, Quasi viventis, & brevi magno Inimicorum malo reversuri ; and the Ancient Church believ'd that Nero should come again at the end of the World, to be Antichrift, of whom they believ'd Nero a Type : So Chryfoftom affirms, and St. Auftin mentions the same Opinion, all which this Prediction of the Sibyl might occafion. Nero, in the Sabine old Language, (which: differ'd little from the Greek) signifies Strength; and here the Name of Nero is us'd by the Sibyis for all cruel Men, who say their own Families, as the Turks do their Brothers.


The Terror of the Romans shall come into Syria, who shall burn all the Cities and Temple, and slay multitudes of Men in that War, and destroy the large Country offudea, (which was formerly part of Syria.) And then Salamina and Paphos shah perish by an Earthquake, when Cyprus hall suffer an Inundation by its black Water.

Nore, Paphos and Salamina, Cities in Cyprus, were destroy'd by an Earthquake, in Vefpafian's time.

But when Fire shall rise out of Clefts in the Italian Earth, and shall reach up to Heaven, it shall burn many Cities, and kill many Men: Then the fuliginous Ashes, in great quantity, shall fill the. Air, and red Drops shall fall froni Heaven like Minium; then shall be known the Anger of God, because they have destroy'd the innocent Stock of Righteous Men.

Note, This Eruption of Vesuvius was in 82, in the time of Titus, and it cover'd Rome, Afric, and Syria with its Ashes: And afterwards the following Mischiefs will befal the Romans, for the Martyrdom of the Chriftians, and Destruction of the Jews.

Then shall come into the West great Contention by the Wars, which will be stirred up, and he that fled from Rome Thall raise a great Army, and pass Euphrates with many Myriads of Men. Unhappy


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