Sivut kuvina

LOCKYER, J., Metal, Steel, Wire, and Tool Warehouse, 23,

St. John's-square, Clerkenwell.

LORD, BROTHERS, General Machine Makers and Cotton Spinners, Canal-street Works, Todmorden. LOUGH, LEWIS & Co., Gum, Drug, Drysaltery, and Colonial Merchants, 20A, Great St. Helen's. MACKIE, J. V., Rusk and Biscuit Manufacturer to the Queen, 108, Princes-street, Edinburgh.

HUNT, G. A., Feather Bed and Mattrass Manufacturer, 1, LOADER, J., Export Upholsterer, 23, Pavement, Finsbury.
Weston-place, King's-cross (Established 1826).
HUNTER, J., Merchant, 110, Fenchurch-street.
HYAM, L., & Co., Merchant Tailors, Clothiers, and Outfitters,
36, Gracechurch-street, and 86, Oxford-street.
COMPANY'S Zephyr, Silk, & Alpaca Ante-Shower Coats,
for Tropical Climates-Manufactory, 18, Houndsditch.
INGRAM, J. Export Upholsterer, 29, City-road.
JACKSON, W. G., Distillery, Dockhead, Bermondsey.
JACOBS & SON, Plain and Cut Glass Manufacturers, Whole-
sale and for Exportation, 64, Crown-street, Fins-
JACOBS & TOWERS, Carvers, Gilders, & Wholesale Looking
Glass Manufacturers, 56, Mansell-st. Goodman's fields.
JAMRACK, J. C., Naturalist, Fixed Agent to the Zoological
Society at Amsterdam, 164, Ratcliff-highway.
JEFFERY, W., Export Boot Maker, 76, Bunhill-row, St. Luke's.
JEFFRY, R., Wine Cooper and Dealer in Bottles, 6, Great
St. Helens.

JENKINS, A., Carver, Gilder, Wholesale and Export Looking Glass and Picture Frame Manufacturer, 46, Goswell-street.

JENKINS & PYKE, Importers and Dealers in Sponge and
Segars, 114, Minories.

JENKINSON, W., Saddler, Home & Export Harness and Sad-
dle Manufacturer, 44, London Wall, City.
JERRAM, G. T., Soap Manufacturer, General Perfumery and
Fancy Brush Warehouse, 69, Hatton-garden.
JOHNSON, H., Builder and Contractor, 46, Hatton-garden.
JONES, H., Gas Meter Manufacturer, 44, Old-street, St.

JONES, G., Diamond Worker and Jeweller, 20, Bakerstreet, Bagnigge Wells-road, Clerkenwell.

KAIN, J. J., Chemist and Druggist, Medicine Chests fitted for all Climates on the most reasonable terms, 9, Parker'srow, Bermondsey, opposite the Catholic Chapel. KAY, J., Broker, 150, Fenchurch-street. KELSEY, J., Builder, Contractor, Bricklayer, & Mason, Paradise-row, Rotherhithe.

KENNARD, A. W., Cork Manufacturer for Exportation, 117, Minories.

KENYON, T., Chemical Works, Newton Bank.
KENYON, T. & Co., Manufacturing Chemists, Newton Bank;

Chemical Works, Miles Platting, near Manchester. KIDSTON, W. & Co., Medical and General Shop Fixture and Glass Manufacturers, 18, Bishopsgate-st. Without. KUMPF & ECKENSTEIN, General Merchants, 12, Mark-lane. LAMB, J., Wholesale Looking-Glass Manufacturer for Home and Exportation, 59, Curtain-road, Shoreditch. LANKSHEAR, T., Pocket Book Manufacturer, 18, Seckfordstreet, Clerkenwell.

LANSDELL, T., Tailor, Clothier, and, Outfitter, 327, High

LATHAM, J., Wholesale and Export Pianoforte Manufac-
turer, 28, Howland-street, Fitzroy-square.
LAUGHTON, J., Wholesale Export Boot and Shoe Manfr. and
Warehouseman, 46, Mansell-street, Goodman's-fields.
LAYTON, E., Patent Pianoforte Manufacturer, 121, St. John-

street, Clerkenwell, and 18, Goulden-terrace, Islington. LEE, T., Merchant and Manufacturer, 5, George-yard, Lombard-street, London, and Birmingham. LEES & BARNES, Brass and Iron Founders, and Manufacturers of all descriptions of Power Looms, and Machinery in general, Soho Iron Works, Greenacres-moor, near Manchester.

LEFEBURE, T. P., Patentee of Boots and Shoes made by Steam, brass screws being used instead of stitches, 27, Cranbourn-street, Corner of St. Martin's-lane. LESSWARE, H., Coppersmith, Brazier, and Worm Maker, 24, Great Alie-street, Whitechapel. LEVESQUE, EDMEADES, & Co., Patent Pianoforte Makers. 40, Cheapside.

LEVICK, (Brothers), Merchants, 9, King's Arms-yard, Cole


LEVY, A., Merchant and Warehouseman, 102, Minories, and George-street, Sydney, New South Wales. LEVY, B., Cosmocapelion Clothing Establishment, Tailor,

Woollendraper, and Outfitter, 324 & 325, High Holborn. LEWIS, D., Grocers' Tea Canister and Fancy Tea Box and

Vase Manufacturer, and General Indian Japanner, 11,
Coppice Row, Clerkenwell.

LINGS, W., Surgeons' Instrument, and Truss Maker to the various Hospitals and Dispensaries, 1, Jewin-street, Aldersgate-street. (Established 1826.)

MACKIE, R., Patent Pianoforte Manufacturer (for extreme Climates), 9, Store-street, Bedford-square; Manufactory, Tottenham-street.

MAGNUS, N., Wholesale and Export Boot, Shoe, and Leather
Manufacturer, 13, Fore-street, Cripplegate.
MANDER, C., Electro-Plater & Gilder, 14, Queen-street, Clerk-

MARR, W., Electro-Plater, 6, Albemarle-street, Clerkenwell.
MARSHALL & EDRIDGE, Ship and Insurance Brokers, 34,

MARSHALL, M., Lighterman, 5, Mill Pond-row, Bermondsey. MARTEN, W., Wholesale Watch Manufacturer (for all Cli

mates), successor to Cragg Smith and Charles Smith, and established upwards of 150 years, 20, Bunhill-row. MARTIN, E., Boot, Shoe, and Golosh Maker, Wholesale,

Retail, and for Exportation, 3, Church-st., Rotherhithe. MAUDSLAY, SONS, & FIELD, Engineers, Lambeth-road. MAUGHFLING, J. S., Shipping Butcher, 14, New-road, St. George's-in-the-East.

MAYES, J., Clock Manufacturer and Dealer in Clock Tools and Materials, 19, St. John's-square, Clerkenwell. MEDHURST, T., Manufacturer of Patent Weighing Machines, Scales and Weights, Ironfounder, and Engineer, 465, New Oxford-street.

MERRICK, R., Dressing and Jewellery Case, Writing and Travelling Desk Manufacturer, 57, Red Lion-street, Clerkenwell.

MIDDLEMASS, J., Home and Foreign Outfitter-sends Lists with Prices, free on application, 18, South Bridge, Edinburgh.

MILLARD, J., & SONS, Spectacle Makers and Opticians, 24, Coppice-row, Clerkenwell.

MILLIKIN, J., Manufacturer of Surgical Instruments to the
Royal Navy and the King's College-every description
of Bandage, Elastic Lacing Stockings, Knee Caps,
Trusses, Crutches, &c., &c.-161A, Strand.
MILLS, J., Grand Pianoforte Manufacturer, 35, Cardington-
street, Hampstead-road.

MITCHELL, J., Steel Pen Manufacturer, 11, Queen-st., City.
MOORE, J., & SONS, Church, Turret, and House Clock
Manufacturers, 38 and 39, Clerkenwell-close.
MORGAN, T., Wholesale Export and Furnishing Ironmonger,
11, Pancras-lane, City.

MOSES, H. E. & M., Wholesale and Export Merchants, and
Clothing Manufacturers, and Agents for the sale of
Colonial Produce, 87, Tower-hill, City.

MOSES, SON, & DAVIS, Merchants, Wholesale Clothiers, General Exporters, & Agents for the Sale of Colonial Produce, 14 & 15, Aldgate High-street.

MOSELEY, J. & SON, Real Manufacturers of Mechanical Tools and Implements of every description of the best quality, suitable for any of the Colonies, 17 & 18, Newstreet, Covent Garden

Moss, B., & Co., East London Plate and Sheet-Glass Company, Wholesale Manufacturers and Exporters of Looking-Glasses, 45, Leman-street, Goodman's-fields. MURCOTT, Gun, Pistol, Rifle, and Air-gun Manufacturer, 503, New Oxford-street.

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NANNETTI, G., Statuary, and Artificial Stone Manufacturer and Moulder, 6, Great Brunswick-street, Dublin; and 18, York-street, Belfast.

NEAL, T., Steel Corn and Coffee Mill Maker, 45, St. Johnstreet, Smithfield.

NEGRETTI, H. Manufacturer of Glass Chemical Apparatus, 11, Hatton-garden.

NEWTON, J., & SON, Wholesale and Export Cork Manufacturers, 50 and 51, St. John-street, Smithfield. NEWTON, J. & G., Wholesale and Export Manufacturers of Enamelled Moleskin and Waterproof Coating, Grovestreet, Walworth-common.

NORTON, J., Ornamental Tea Canister, Box, Bowl, and Vase Manufacturer, 25, Vine-street, Hatton-wall.

NOSOTTI, C. A., Looking Glass Manufacturer and Interior Decorator, 388, Oxford-street.

NOTLEY, H., Brush Manufacturer, 12, St. John's-lane, Clerkenwell.

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NOWELL, W. H., Wholesale and Export Brush and Painting-Brush Manufacturer, 7, Brick-lane, Whitechapel. NICOLL, G., Court Hair Dresser and Wig Maker, 2, Ryder'scourt, Leicester-square.

OETZMANN & PLUMB, Patent Pianoforte Manufacturers,

with Metallic Wrest Plank, and other improvements, for extreme Climates, 56, Great Russell-street, Bloomsbury, and Chenies-street, Bedford-square. OLIVER, A., Watch Motion Maker, 11, Ironmonger-street, St. Luke's.

OLIVER & EDWARDS, Watch Case Manufacturers, 19, Galway-street, St. Luke's.

ORCHARD & Co., Marquee, Tent, Rick-cloth, and Tarpaulin Manufactrs., &c., 5, West Smithfield, King-st., Snow-hill. OSBORN, Mr., Albion-school, York.

OVERALL, S., Fish Factor, &c., 102, Lower Thames-street. OWEN, J., Wholesale and Export Trunk, Chest, Box, and Packing Case Manufacturer, 38, Minories.

OwST & Co., Wood-hoop Merchants and Coopers, near Mill-stairs, Bermondsey.

PAGET, R. G., Marquee and Tent Manufacturer, 40, West Smithfield.

PARKER, FIELD, & SONS, Gun Makers to the Board of Ordnance, the East India, and Hudson's Bay Companies, 233, High Holborn.

PARKER, R., Railway Contractor, Newchurch.

PARKINSON & FRODSHAM, Chronometer and Watch Makers, Exchange-alley, Cornhill.

PARNELL & BANNER, Ship and Insurance Brokers, 57, Gracechurch-street.

PASMORE, J., Draper, &c., Exeter.

PASTORELLI & Co., Wholesale and Export Opticians, 4, Cross-street, Hatton-garden.

PEARS, A. & F., Soap Refiners, Inventors of the Transparent Soap, Manufacturing and Export Perfumers, 91, Great Russell-street, Bloomsbury.

PEPPER, E., Dining, Luncheon, Supper Rooms, Wine and

Spirit Establishment, &c., 46, Threadneedle-st., opposite
Merchant Tailors' Hall.

PHILLIPS, L., Army and Navy Clothier, Hat, Cap, and

Accoutrement Maker, Sword Cutler, Outfitter, Camp and Cabin Furniture Manufacturer, 28, Strand. PHILLIPS, O., & Co., Colonial Brokers, 91, Great Tower-st. PHILLIPS, W., Electro-Plater and Gilder, 17, Clerkenwellgreen.

PHILLIPPS & GRAVES, Lightermen, Ship Brokers, and Custom House Agents, 11, Rood-lane.

PHIPPS, T., Saddler and Harness Manufacturer, 243, High Holborn.

PIGGOTT, W., Army Clothier and Marquee Manufacturer, &c., 115, Fore-street.

PIPER, JNO., Wholesale Ironmonger, 47, Beech-st., Barbican. PITMAN, W., Wine Merchant, 150, Fenchurch-street. POCOCK, T., Leather Warehouses and Export Boot and

Shoe Manufactrs., 20, 21, 22, 23, Southwark-bridge-rd. POOLE, Dr., Middlefield House, Aberdeen, Private Asylum for Ladies and Gentlemen requiring the aid of a Medical Psychologist.

PORTER, JAMES, Sail Maker and Ship Chandler, Fountain
Stairs, Bermondsey.

PORTER, T., Merchant, 22, East India Chambers.
POULTON, T. A., (late Webb) Wholesale China and Glass

Warehouse, 1, Freeschool-street, Horselydown.
POWER, D. E., Merchant, 110, Fenchurch-street.
POWIS, JAMES & Co., Wholesale and Export Ironmongers,
Lock Manufacturers, and General Factors, 26, Wat-
ling-street, City.

PREWS, B., Great Metropolitan Wardrobe, 295, High Holborn, and 36 and 37, High-street, Aldgate. PRICE, C. W., Glass Bender, by appointment, to H.R.H. Prince Albert, Glass Stainer and Embosser, Manufacturer of Shades, Convex Glasses for Clocks, Figures, Barometers, &c., Railway Signal Glasses, Watch, Coloured Sheet, Ground, Dome, and Lotus Glasses, Lamp and Gas Chimneys of all kinds, wholesale, retail, and for exportation, 19 and 20, Clerkenwell-green. PRYOR, S. & T., Umbrella Manufacturers, 43, Holborn-hill. RAND & Co., Patent Collapsible Tube Manufacturers for

Artists' Colours, 24A, Cardington-street, Hampstead-rd. READ, R., Instrument Maker, (by special appointments), to Her Majesty and the Hon. East India Company, Patentee of the Stomach Pump, Enema Fountain, &c., &c., 35, Regent-circus, Piccadilly. RICHARDSON & Co., Patentees of Lochhead's Perforated

Glass Scuttle for Ship Ventilation, and Perforated Glass for Houses and other Buildings, 35, Royal Exchange, and 373, New Oxford-street.

RICHARDSON, E., Ship and Insurance Agent, East India Chambers.

RICHARDSON, R., Portable House, Marquee, Rick Cloth,

and Wire Fence Maker, 21, Tonbridge-place, New-road. RILEY, W. C., & Co., Provision Merchants and Dealers in Bonded Stores, 189, St. George's-st., St. George's, East. RING & CONQUEST, Tin, Iron, and Japan Ware Manufacturers, 22, Banner-street, St. Luke's. RITCHIE & BOND, Warehousemen, 61, St. Paul's Church-yard. ROBERTS, J., Importer of Colonial Produce, 31, Barbican. ROBERTS's Fashionable Tailoring, Clothing, and General Outfitting Mart, 65, Shoreditch, corner of Church-st. ROBINSON, J., & Co., Outfitters, 3 and 6, Nassau-place, Commercial-road, East.

RODDY, R., Linen Manufacturer, Donegal-street, Belfast. ROGERS, D., Pianoforte Maker, Tuner, and Selecter, St. James's-place, Hampstead-road.

ROGERS, H., Pianoforte Manufacturer, 63, Warren-street, Fitzroy-square. ROGERS, J. & SON, Patent Pianoforte Makers, with Metallic Plate, and all the Modern Improvements for extreme climates-Merchants and Shippers supplied-27, Southampton-mews, and 67, George-street, Euston-square. Ross & SONS, Hair-cutters, Dyers, and Peruke Makers to the Royal Family-Inventors of the Invisible Ventilating Peruque for Ladies and Gentlemen-Importers of all Foreign, and Manufacturers of English Perfumery, Wholesale, Retail, and for Exportation-Sole Manufacturers of the Union and Triple Hair Brushes, Tooth, Picktooth Brushes, the Double Anti-pressure Nail Brushes, Medium Shaving and Renovator Clothes Brushes, &c., &c.-Inventors of the Botanic Water for cleansing and stimulating the Growth of Hair, and of the Atrapilatory or Liquid Hair Dye, for producing all Shades, from the deepest Black to the lightest Brown. The only parties who really fatten and kill Bears for their grease.-119 & 120, Bishopsgate-street Within.

ROWED, R., Pianoforte Manufacturer, 40, William-street, Hampstead-road.

RUMNEY, R., Manufacturing Chemist, Ardwick, Manchester. SANDERS, C., Gold Refiner, St. John's-square, Clerkenwell. SAMSON, E., Wholesale Fancy and General Cabinet Manu

facturer. Merchants and Shippers supplied-57, Oldstreet, St. Luke's.

SAMUEL, H. S., Colonial Broker, 133, Fenchurch-street. SCOTT, J., Mathematical and Nautical Instrument Maker, 17, Bermondsey-wall, opposite Fountain Dock. SCOTT, P., Outfitter of every description of Dress suitable for India, China, Australia, Port Natal, New Zealand, &c., ready made or to order, 9, South Bridge, Edinburgh. SCOTT, W., Gun & Pistol Maker, 33, Leman-st. Whitechapel. ScOVELL, G., Gold and Silver Thread Manufacturer, 29, Clerkenwell-close.

SCROXTON, J. H., Tin-Plate Worker and Ornamental Ja-
panner, Manufacturer of Tea Canisters, Tobacco and
Snuff Jars, Fancy Tea Bowls and Boxes, 137, Bishops-
gate-street Without, near Sun-street.
SCRUTTON, G. C., Custom House Agent, 93, Gt. Tower-street.
SENIOR, J., Importer of Colonial Produce, 44, King's-road,
East, Chelsea.

SERCOMBE, T., Merchant, Exeter.
SERCOMBE, J. C., Merchant, Exeter.
SHAW, L., Collar Manufacturer, 8, Ropemaker-st., Finsbury.
SHAW, JOSEPH, Piano Manufacturer, 87, Hatton-garden.
SHEPPARD, J., Draper, &c., Exeter.

SHERWIN, J., Ironfounder, Smith, & Range Maker, Steam

and Hot-water Apparatus, Manufacturer of the Improved Patent Economic Range, 21, Norton Folgate. SHOVE, G., Patentee and Manufacturer of Silicated Marble, Textural Glass, &c., Wholesale, Retail, and for Exportation, 488, New Oxford-street.

SHUTER, L., Wood-Hoop Merchant and Cooper, Shad Thames, Southwark.

SIMPSON, W. & Co., British Gum Manufacturers, Manchester. SINCLAIR, C., Glass Chandelier and Lustre Manufacturer, 69, Old-street, St. Luke's. SIRR, W., Miils, Kirby, Moorside. SKENE, J., Wine Merchant, North-street, Belfast. SKINNER, JAMES & JOHN, Whip Manufacturers, 11, Finsbury-place, North.

SKINNER, S., Clothier and Outfitter, 18, Aldgate High- |
street; and 13, Queen's-buildings, Knightsbridge.
SMART Jun., W., Composition Ornament Manufacturer, 18,
Crown-street, Finsbury.

SMITH, J., Gas Fitter and Brass Finisher, 8, Charterhouse-ln.
SMITH & SONS, Manufacturers of every description of
Church and House Clocks, Office Dials and Time
Pieces, Watch and Clock Glasses, Cases, Materials, &c.,
and General Brass Founders, St. John's-square, Clerken-
well (next the Church), and at Birmingham.
SMITH, W., Gas Meter Manufacturer, 66, Snow-hill.
SOMERVELL & BURR, Leather Merchants, 34, Noble-st., City.
SOMALVICO, J., & Co., Opticians and Nautical Instrument
Makers, 2, Hatton-garden.

SPALDING & HODGE, Wholesale Stationers, 145, 146, and 147, Drury-lane.

SPARKS, G., Colonial Sack and Bag Maker, Russia Mat Warehouse, and Importer of Scotch Sheetings, Hessians, &c., 21, Swan-street, Minories.

SPARKS, W. J., Pianoforte Maker and Tuner-Instruments repaired, exchanged, and lent on hire-44, Georgestreet, Euston-square.

SPEARMAN, J., Gun Maker and Gun Stock Manufacturer, 25 and 26, Chambers-street, Goodmans-fields. SPENCER, E., & Co., Waterproof Clothiers for all Climates,

and suited for all occupations by sea and land, 116, Fenchurch-street, opposite Mark-lane. SPRINGWEILER, A., Medicine Chest and Portable Desk and Dressing Case Manufacturer, 2, Duke-st, West Smithfield. STACEY & Co., Hair Cutters, and Sole Inventors of Peruvian Wash for removing scurf and preventing the hair falling off, indispensable in warm climates, 45, Cranbourn-street, Leicester-square.

STEVENS, J. R., Exchange Broker, 65, Old Broad-street. STEWART, J., & Co., Foreign Warehousemen, 11,Old Broad-st. STEWART, C., & Co., Patentees of the Plantagenet Guard

Razor, by which shaving can be performed with perfect security against cutting, without the need of lookingglass, or on board ship, in the most tempestous weather, 22, Charing Cross.

STOCKER'S Patent Knife Cleaner, and Substitute for Hooks and Eyes for Ladies' Dresses, 503, New Oxford-street. STODDART, J., Wholesale Watch Manufacturer, 61, Red Lion-street, Clerkenwell.

STODDART, R., Wholesale Watch Manufacturer, 13, RedLion-street, Clerkenwell.

STOPP, M. H., Chronometer, Watch, and Clock Maker, 7, Oxford-street.

STORY, G., Scale, Weight, Weighing Machine, and Steel Mill Manufacturer-Coffee, Pepper, Sugar Mills, &c., on the most Improved Principles, 2 & 3, Church-lane, Whitechapel.

STUART, G., Fancy & General Brush Manufacturer, Whole

sale & for Exportation, 12, Primrose-street, Bishopsgate. SURGEY, W. P., Custom House, Shipping, Insurance, and Commission Agent, 2, Langbourn Chambers, Fenchurch-st. SWIFT, R., Wholesale and Export Leather and Shoe Warehouse, and Consignee of French and other Foreign goods, 98, Hatton-garden.

TALMADGE, J. T., & Co., Wholesale Tea Dealers, 61, King William-street, City.

TAPPOLET, D. L., & Co., Military and Naval Accoutrement Makers, Gold and Silver Lacemen and Embroiderers, 44, Lombard-street, and Little Britain. TAYLOR, S. C., Pianoforte and Musical Instrument Maker, and Music Warehouse, 512, Oxford-street. THWAITES and REED, (established 1740,) Manufacturers of Church and House Clocks, Counting Machines, Watchman's Clocks, Wind Dials, Weathercocks, and all kinds of Machinery (original Inventors of the Spiral Door Springs) for Exportation, 4, Rosoman St., Clerkenwell. THOMPSON, C. R., & Co., Colonial Agents, Winchester House, Old Broad-street.

THOMPSON, W., & SON, Wholesale Brush Manufacturers, 15, Upper North-place, Gray's Inn-lane.

THOMAS, W. F., Tailor and Habit Maker, 4, Argyle-street, Regent-street.

TILLEY, W. J., Engine and Pump Manufacturer, 245, Blackfriar's-road.

TIMOTHY, D., Bed Feather Merchant, 31, Barbican.
TIPPLER, R., Colonial Broker, 89, Great Tower-street.
TIZARD, Mr., Brewer, Morrice-square, Devonport,
TOMS, J., Carpet Bag, &c., Manufacturer, 17, Milton-street,

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TONKIN, J. W., and Co., Custom House and Overland
Agents, 44, Regent-circus.
TOREY, J. L. & S. L., Curriers, Leathersellers, Cap Peak,
Leather Leggins, and Gaiter Manufacturers, 8, White's-
row, Spitalfields.

TOULMIN, J., Manufacturer of Bankers' Bill Cases, Pocket Books, and every description of Leather Goods-Superior Metallic Memorandum Books-18, Sise-lane, City. TOWNSEND, PARKER, & Co., Paper Stainers, 132, Goswell st. TREGGON, H., & Co., Zinc and Galvanized Iron Merchants, and Perforators of all kinds of Metal, 22, Jewin-street, and 57, Gracechurch-street.

TROUP, JOHN, Watch Manufacturer and Wholesale Jeweller, 36, Hatton-garden. TRUEFITT, H. P., Hair Dresser and Dyer, Perfumer, &c.-In Court Head Dressing and Wig Making, H. P. Truefitt still stands unrivalled.-114, Piccadilly. TUCKER, E., Starch Manufacturer, Waring-street, Belfast. TUCKETT, G. C., Merchant, Exeter.

TURNBULL & Co., Clothiers, Outfitters, & Men's Mercers, 50, New-buildings, North Bridge, Edinburgh. TYLER, Merchant, Worcester. UDALL, E., Manufacturer of Planes, Saws, Lathes, Tool Chests and Mechanical Tools, Cutlery, &c.-Emigrants supplied with the Best Articles-27, Sloane-square. VENABLES, WILSON, & TYLER, Wholesale Stationers and Paper Manufacturers, 17, Queenhithe. VINER, C. E., Watch and Chronometer Maker, 235, Regentstreet, and 82, Old Broad-street.

WALKER, E., & SON, Watchmakers and Jewellers, File, Tool, & Material Manufacturers, 55, Red Lion-st. Clerkenwell. WALKER, E., Brass, Copper, and Iron Wire Weaver,

Worker, and Sieve Manufacturer; also, Machine Wire
for Flour Mills, &c., 6, Cardington-st., Hampstead-rd.
WALKER, J. & A., Brass Founders, Engineers, Machinists,
Gas Fitters, &c., 76, Goswell-street.
WALKER, J., Manufacturer of Improved Corrugated Iron
Buildings, Roofs, &c., 63, Gracechurch-street.
WARD, T., Manufacturer of every description of Garden-
Chair, Patent Exercising, Self-propelling, and Self-
adjusting Chairs and Beds, 5 and 6, Leicester-square.
WATSON, E. G., Sail Maker, Rochester.
WELLS, T., Wholesale Tallowchandler, 16, Lucas-street,

WELLS, W., Coachmaker, Lee, near Lewisham.
WEST, Mr., Veterinary Surgeon, Newgent.
WEST, W., Brassfounder, 58, Back Church-la., Whitechapel.
WESTLEY, W., Agent for Northamptonshire Boot and Shoe

Manufacturers; Merchants, Captains, and others supplied at first Prices, 23, Bartlett's-bldngs, Holborn-hill. WHEELER, W. S., Woollen Factor, 4, Ludgate-street. WHITMEE & CHAPMAN, Manufacturers of Steel, Coffee, and Flour Mills, and Flour Dressing Machines, 18, Fenchurch-buildings, and 70, St. John-street, Clerkenwell. WHYTOCK, A., Galvanized Iron Works, and Manufacturers of Portable Iron Houses for Emigrants, Garden Engines, &c., 494, New Oxford-street.

WILCOCKS, J. C., Draper, &c., Exeter.
WILLIAMS, H., Mineral and Civil Engineer, 61, Moorgate-st.
WILLIAMS, W., Pipe Maker, Wholesale, Retail, and for
Exportation, 295, Kent-street, Southwark.
WILSON, J., Floor Cloth Manufacturer, 253, Strand, near

WILSON, G., Glass Works, York.
WILSON, Mr., Chemist, York.
WILSON, R., Fish Factor, &c., 103, Lower Thames-street.
WOOD, P. H., Spirit Colouring and Refining Powder Manu-
facturer, 20, Redman's Row, Mile End.
WOOLF, H., Cap, Cap-peak, and Trimming, Carpet Bag,
Ladies' Boot and Shoe, and Slipper Manufacturer, 103,
Houndsditch; Enameller and Japanner of Leather, 5,
Montague-street, Spitalfields.

WOOLLEY, THOMAS, Ship and Insurance Agent, 2, Cullem


WOOSTER, J., Manufacturer of Portable Desks, Dressing Cases, Work Boxes, Tea Caddies, &c., Wholesale and for Exportation, 9, Long-lane, West Smithfield. WRIGHT, A., Wrought and Cast Iron Forge and Bellows Manufacturer, on the most Improved Principle, 16, Little Alie-street, Whitechapel.

WYATT, F., & Co., Tailors and Drapers, 20, St. Martins-leGrand.

YEATMAN, J. W., Shirt Maker and Outfitter for India and the Colonies, 146, Leadenhall-street.

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