A Compilation of the Messages and Papers of the Presidents, Nide 7


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Sivu 5215 - An act to prevent the introduction of contagious or infectious diseases into the United States, ' ' meets cases of this description. In view of the danger to the health and lives of our people and the contagion that may be spread to the live stock of the country by the importation of
Sivu 4986 - reasonable, and shall apply only to Chinese who may go to the United States as laborers, other classes not being included in the limitations. * * * ART. II. Chinese subjects, whether proceeding to the United States as teachers, students, merchants, or from curiosity, together with their
Sivu 4874 - of the canals in the said Dominion on terms of equality with the inhabitants of the Dominion, as provided in Article XXVII. ARTICLE XXXII. It is further agreed that the provisions and stipulations of Articles XVIII to XXV of this treaty, inclusive, shall extend to the colony of Newfoundland, so far as they
Sivu 5344 - by section 11 of the act of Congress entitled "An act to abolish certain fees for official services to American vessels, and to amend the laws relating to shipping commissioners, seamen, and owners of vessels, and for other purposes," approved June 19, 1886, do hereby declare and proclaim that from and after the
Sivu 5086 - or from any other foreign country; such suspension to continue so long as the reciprocal exemption of vessels belonging to citizens of the United States, and their cargoes, shall be continued in the said islands of Cuba and Puerto Rico, and
Sivu 5346 - so long as the reciprocal exemption of vessels belonging to citizens of the United States and their cargoes shall be continued in the said ports of the island of Guadeloupe, and no longer. In witness whereof I have hereunto set
Sivu 5067 - An act granting to railroads the right of way through the Indian reservation in northern Montana. ' ' The reservation referred to stretches across the extreme northern part of Montana Territory, with British America for its northern boundary. It contains an area of over 30,000 square miles. It is dedicated to Indian occupancy by treaty of October 17, 1855,
Sivu 4874 - the Congress of the United States shall not embrace the colony of Newfoundland in their laws enacted for carrying the foregoing articles into effect, then this article shall be of no effect; but the omission to make provision by law to give it effect by
Sivu 5000 - GROVER CLEVELAND. EXECUTIVE MANSION,/«/y 29, 1886. To the House of Representatives: I transmit herewith a report of the Secretary of State, in reply to the resolution of the House of Representatives of the 2yth of May last, in relation to trust funds. GROVER CLEVELAND. EXECUTIVE MANSION,/«/)' 29, 1886. To the Senate of the United States:
Sivu 4756 - and, so far is may be, shall relate to those matters which will fairly test the relative capacity and fitness of the persons examined to discharge the duties

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