Sketches of the History of Man ...: In Four Volumes ...

W. Strahan, and T. Cadell, and W. Creech, 1778

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Sivu 346 - ... if any one shall claim a power to lay and levy taxes on the people by his own authority, and without such consent of the people, he thereby invades the fundamental law of property, and subverts the end of government: for what property have I in that which another may by right take, when he pleases, to himself?
Sivu 294 - Rome des divisions; et ces guerriers si fiers, si audacieux, si terribles au dehors, ne pouvaient pas être bien modérés au dedans. Demander dans un État libre des gens hardis dans la guerre et timides dans la paix...
Sivu 89 - Gregarious birds pair, in order probably to prevent difcord, in a fociety confined to a narrow fpace. This is the cafe particularly of pigeons and rooks. The male and female fit on the eggs alternateN 2 ' '" ly, ly, and divide the care of feeding their young.
Sivu 6 - But from the beginning of the creation God made them male and female. For this cause shall a man leave his father and mother, and cleave to his wife ; and they twain shall be one flesh : so then they are no more twain, but one flesh. What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder.
Sivu 81 - ... that of beauty; she is the delight of her friends as formerly of her admirers.
Sivu 28 - ... wife is brought in upon us, who is permitted to abuse us and our children because we are no longer regarded. Can human nature endure such tyranny? What kindness can we show to our female children, equal to that of relieving them from such oppression, more bitter a thousand times than death? I say again, would to God that my mother had put me under ground the moment I was born !" Observe, this was not a peculiar case, but a national custom.
Sivu 23 - Wales, fays, that formerly they hardly ever married without a prior cohabitation ; it having been cuftomary for parents to let out their daughters to young men upon trial, for a fum of money told down, and under a penalty if the girls were returned.
Sivu 285 - I immediately repaired to him; and he had ftill fenfe enough to know me. He then faid, " And is he dead ?" " Who, my dear ? "
Sivu 294 - Demander dans un État libre des gens hardis dans la guerre et timides dans la paix, c'est vouloir des choses impossibles ; et, pour règle générale, toutes les fois qu'on verra tout le monde tranquille dans un État qui se donne le nom de République, on peut être assuré que la liberté n'y est pas.
Sivu 107 - On flesh days, (that is, when meat was not forbidden by the Catholic religion), through the year, breakfast for my lord and lady was a loaf of bread, two manchets, a quart of beer, a quart of wine, half a chine of mutton, or a chine of beef boiled.

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