Cooper's Works, Nide 8

Stringer and Townsend, 1855

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Sivu 401 - Ask me not what the maiden feels, Left in that dreadful hour alone: Perchance her reason stoops or reels; Perchance a courage, not her own, Braces her mind to desperate tone. The scattered van of England wheels; She only said, as loud in air The tumult roared, "Is Wilton there?" They fly! or maddened by despair Fight but to die — "Is Wilton there?
Sivu 409 - Elizabeth witnessed the short struggle, and her blood was warming with the triumph of the dog, when she saw the form of the old panther in the air, springing twenty feet from the branch of the beech to the back of the mastiff. No words of ours can describe the fury of the conflict that followed. It was a confused struggle on the dried leaves, accompanied by loud and terrible cries, barks and growls.
Sivu 409 - But Elizabeth saw, as Brave fastened his teeth in the side of his enemy, that the collar of brass around...
Sivu 406 - Brave had been their companion, from the time the voice of his young mistress lured him from his kennel, to the present moment. His advanced age had long before deprived him of his activity ; and when his companions stopped to view the scenery, or to add to their bouquets, the mastiff would lay his huge frame on the ground, and await their movements, with his eyes closed, and a listlessness in his air that ill accorded with the character of a protector.
Sivu 406 - Urged by this consideration, the females pursued the low, mournful sounds, that proceeded from the forest, with quick and impatient steps. More than once the ardent Elizabeth was on the point of announcing that she saw the sufferer, when Louisa caught her by the arm, and pointing behind them, cried— "Look at the dog!
Sivu 183 - That it may please thee to forgive our enemies, persecutors, and slanderers, and to turn their hearts; We beseech thee to hear us, good Lord.
Sivu 407 - be quiet, Brave! What do you see, fellow?" At the sounds of her voice, the rage of the Mastiff, instead of being at all diminished, was very sensibly increased. He stalked in front of the ladies and seated himself at the feet of his mistress, growling louder than before, and occasionally giving vent to his ire by a short, surly barking. "What does he see?" said Elizabeth; "there must be some animal in sight.
Sivu 389 - ... turn a mill, if so useless a thing was wanted in the wilderness. But the hand that made that ' Leap ' never made a mill. There the water comes crooking and winding among the rocks ; first so slow that a trout...
Sivu 407 - What does he see?" said Elizabeth: "there must be some animal in sight." Hearing no answer from her companion, Miss Temple turned her head, and beheld Louisa standing with her face whitened to the color of death, and her finger pointing upward, with a sort of flickering, convulsed motion.
Sivu 474 - What would ye have with an old and helpless man ?" he said. " You've driven God's creaters from the wilderness, where his providence had put them for his own pleasure, and you've brought in the troubles and divilties of the law, where no man was ever known to disturb another. You have driven me, that have lived forty long years of my appointed time in this very spot, from my home and theshelter of my head, lest you should put your wicked feet and wasty ways in my cabin.

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