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Early in June will be published, in 32mo, uniform with the “ Morning Portion ", a new edition, with the Author's last corrections, of Dr. Hawker's Evening Portion.

Nearly ready, in one volume 8vo, Qanoon-e-Islam; or the Customs of the Moosulmans of India ; comprising a full and exact account of their various Rites and Ceremonies, from the moment of Birth till the hour of Death; including their Fasts and Festivals (particularly the Mohurrum)-their Vows and Oblations for every Month in the Year - their different Tribes and Sects, Saints and Devotees—Religious Tenets, Prayers, and Ablutions—the Calculation of Nativities-Necromancy, Exorcism, Casting out Devils, &c.—Magic Squares, Amulets, Charms, Philtres, &c.—Nuptial Festivities and Funeral Obsequies – Costumes, Ornaments, Weights, Measures, Musical Instruments, Games, &c. &c. &c. By Jaffur Shurreef (a native of the Deccan); composed under the direction of, and translated by G. A. Herklots, M.D., Surgeon on the Madras Establishment.

Preparing for publication, Traditions of the County of York; First Series. To be published on the same plan and uniform with the “ Traditions of Lancashire." By J. Roby, M.R.S.L. It is the Author's aim, in these Traditions, to illustrate obscure portions of English history, manners and customs now obsolete, and to portray the very actors and the scenes in which they lived—the costume and character of the age in which they appeared. . He would fain hope they will not be found an unimportant addition to our existing stock of knowledge, as a collection of legends having truth for their basis, however disfigured in their transmission through various modifications of error, the natural obscurity arising from distance, and the distorted media through which they must necessarily be viewed. Every tale will be embellished by an engraving or a wood-cut, illustrating the localities it involves, from drawings by the best painters, and executed in the highest style of the art. The publishers have only to state, that the very great expense which must unavoidably be incurred, renders it necessary that a certain number of subscribers' names should be procured before commencing the work; they solicit aid therefore from all who may have the opportunity and wish to patronize the undertaking, pledging themselves that no time shall be lost in completing the publication.

In the press, an Introduction to the Knowledge of British Birds, for young Persons. By R. A. Slaney, Esq., M.P. Foolscap 8vo.

In the press, The Christian Warfare illustrated ; by the Rev. Robert Vaughan, Author of “ Life and Opinions of Wycliffe ”, &c.: in one volume 8vo. This volume will include preliminary chapters on Human Depravity, Justification, and Spiritual Influence, and a view of the Christian Warfare as connected with Believing, Repentance, Private Devotion, Public Duty, Persecution, Religious Declension, Despondency, Occupation, Retirement, Prosperity, Adversity, the Fear of Death ; Conclusion—the Claims of the Christian Warfare.

Mrs. S. C. Hall, Author of " Chronicles of a School-room," &c., is preparing for publication a Tale, in three volumes, to be entitled The Buccaneer, the scene of which is laid along the coast of Kent, and in the vicinity of London, during the latter years of the Protectorate.

Mr. Thackrah, of Leeds, is preparing a new and enlarged edition of his work on Employments, as affecting Health and Longevity, extend. ing the subject of his enquiry to the General Arts, Trades, and Professions of England. His first Treatise had a particular reference to the Employments of a Clothing District only.



The Present State of the Established Church, an Apology for Secession from its Communion. "By a Seceding Clergyman. 8vo. Is. 6d.

The Missionary Church. By W. H.
Stowell. 12mo. 3s.

The Church of God, in a Series of Sermons. By the Rev. Robert Wilson Evans, Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge. 8vo. 10s. 6d.

An Amicable Controversy with a Jewish Rabbi, on the Messiah's Coming : unfolding New Views of Prophecy, and the Nature of the Millennium: with an entirely

New Exposition of Zechariah on the Messiah's Kingdom. By J. R. Park, M.D. &c. 8vo. 78.

Lectures on the Inspiration of the Scriptures. By Leonard Woods, D.D. AbbotProfessor of Christian Theology in the Theological Seminary, Andover, Massachusetts. 12mo.

Lectures on Infant Baptism. By Leonard Woods, D.D. &c. 12mo.

The Self-Existence of Jehovah pledged for the Ultimate Revelation of his Glory to all Nations. A Sermon preached before the London Missionary Sociсty, at the Tabernacle, Moorfields, on Wednesday F-ening, the 9th of May, 1832. By John Morison, D.D. Minister of Trevor Chapel, Brompton. Is, tid,

[blocks in formation]

At page 445, line 1, for “new system,” read “new Tyrtæus."

line 4, for "failed,” read “ foiled.”
447, last line, for “patricide," read “ fratricide."

. Our readers are requested to make the above corrections. which they occur, did not pass under the Editor's eye.

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