Crooked: A History of Cheating in Sports

Taylor Trade Publications, 16.4.2009 - 240 sivua
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As long as people have played games, there has been a temptation to win (or intentionally lose) by cheating. Infamous cases throughout the history of sport abound, from the "thrown" 1919 World Series to the recent doping confessions of track star Marion Jones. In this entertaining and informative book, sports historian Fran Zimniuch recalls the notorious scandals that have tainted our most popular sports, concluding that such incidents are often a reflection of the times. Benefiting from personal interviews with many figures either involved in or on the periphery of recent scandals, including BALCO's Victor Conte, Crooked presents a pageant of infamy as rich as the history of modern sports itself.

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Crooked: A History of Cheating in Sports

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Cheating in sports is, unfortunately, a timely topic. In this book, the author provides an anecdotal survey of various types of dishonesty that have gone on since the time of the Olympics in ancient ... Lue koko arvostelu

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Maury Allen began his career writing for "Sports Illustrated "and then moved to the "New York Post, "where he covered the Yankees for twenty-seven years. He has written more than thirty books on baseball and his work has appeared extensively in television documentaries.

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