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"Why art there cast down, & my soul! and why not there disquent ad wettion me ? hope than in God, for I shall yet praise kiem who is the hearth of my countenance, and my God. P. 43.5

But I would not have you to be ignorant Brethren,

scrow not even as others.


ing them which are asluck, that ye How have no hope. For if we believe that Jesus dud and rose again, even to them also which slup in Jeous, will God bring with him, 1 Thes. IV. 13,14. And 50 Shull we ever be with the Lord. Wherefore confort one

sthere another with these words!


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Funeral Hymn.

"Then shall the dust return to the earth us it was; and the spirit shall retum to God who gave it." Eccles. XI. 7.


Beloved and honored, fore thee well!
Go in thy last long hame to dwell;
Softly our Caring hands prepare,
Thy narrow Ved - sleep softly there!

Love looks below with weeping eyes,
Where her long cherished treasine lies,
Our sweet companumship is der,
Our pilgrim friend returns no more!
Earth takes Iur own - this mortal frame,
Elemily her part shall claim;
And so we say, in humble trust,
The soul to God - the dust to dust.
Then, looking up through sorrow's right,
We trace the spirit's homeward fright;
The Prince of Life has marked the road,
Through the dark valley, home to God.
Where once the Master lowly lay,
Let the tired servant rest to day,
And in the Father's house above,
Forever share her Master's love.


Thanks for thy joy, all dangers past?
Thanks for our own good hope at last!
Weeping endurette for a night,
Joy cometh with the morning light.



Lord, will that morning
May our own sumous now be near?
Shall sorrow soon be past and;
Thy will be done! Thy will be done!

Only prepare us, all Thy will
Gladly to suffer, or fulfill,
Then call us to Thy heavenly rest
With thee, and with our sister blest.

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