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MORNING and EVENING SACRIFICE; or, Prayers for Private Persons and Families. By the Author of "Farewell to Time," and "The Last Supper." FIFTH EDITION. Post Svo. 7s. 6d. boards.

This work is divided into the four following Parts:

1. Prayers for Private Persons, adapted to the different Days of the Week, to Sacramental Sabbaths, and Days of Humiliation.

2. Family Prayers for the Sabbath-day.

3. Prayers for Persons who are in Peculiar Circumstances.

4. A copious Selection of Prayers entirely in the Language of Scripture.

The work is introduced by two Discourses explanatory of the Lord's Prayer.

It has been the object of the Author, by combining simplicity of language with elevation and Christian fervour of sentiment, to render this volume a suitable Manual of Devotion for persons of all ranks.

"The language of these Prayers is pure, and much more simple and becoming than that of any similar work which has yet fallen under our eye.”—Scottish Episcopal Review and Magazine.

"This is a very splendidly-printed edition of a work whose commendation is almost in all the churches. We wish it all possible success. It ranks equally high in its intellectual and spiritual character; but it is eminently fitted to bind up the broken in heart."-Evangélical Magazine.

"As to the volume before us, it is a highly-respectable performance in every point of view. The forms of devotion are preceded by two Discourses on the Lord's Prayer, written with great neatness, and ably illustrating the different petitions in that compendium."-New Evangelical Magazine.

"It is admirable for its plan, and charming for the beauty and simplicity of its style."-New Monthly Magazine.

-"It is in many parts very strongly imbued with the purest and most sublime Christian doctrine."-The Athenæum.

-"We most cordially recommend it to all individuals and to all families, as peculiarly fitted to promote their highest and most lasting interests."-Edinburgh Theological Magazine.


FAREWELL to TIME; or, Last Views of Life, and Prospects of Immortality. By the Author of "The Morning and Evening Sacrifice," and "The Last Supper." SECOND EDITION. 12mo. 7s. 6d. boards.

This work is intended for the use of the sick, or of those who may have occasion to minister to them, and is conducted on the following plan :

I. General Considerations for the Use of the Sick.

II. Devotional Exercises,-a great part of which are in the language of Scripture, and so arranged as at once to exhibit a view of the leading articles of Christian consolation, and to afford a scriptural comment on the considerations contained in the preceding part. Under this general title are also included the following important sections :

1. Prayers to be said for those whose Trouble unfits them for joining in the Devotions.

2. Prayers to be said when Children are suffering.

3. A Private Funeral Service.

III. Things to be done by the Dying,-such as,-Arranging Woridly Affairs-Making a Testament-Reconciliation-Restitution-Giving a Beginning to useful Plans-Parting Advices.

IV. Prospective Views of a Future Life.

The work is so conducted as to be useful not only to the younger members of the Clerical Profession, but to persons of all classes who may at any time witness scenes of distress, or be called to offer consolation or advice to the afflicted.

--"The book is pervaded, indeed, by a spirit of rational and beautiful piety, which we should think it impossible for any heart to resist, and to the influences of which no heart, we are sure, would resign itself, without being made both wiser and better and happier. Of a work which is all so excellent, we scarcely know what portion to point out as deserving of highest praise. But we may mention the concluding section, entitled Prospective Views,' as particularly admirable. We are not sure, indeed, that we have ever read any discourse on the subject to which it refers, of either the talent or the sound philosophy of which we should be disposed to speak with warmer commendation. The short discussions interspersed through the volume, on various other points of Christian feeling and belief, are also, in general, written with admirable good sense, and in the best spirit; and the devotional addresses, especially those in the language of Scripture, are all exceedingly impressive and appropriate. Altogether, the work is indisputably the best of those on the same subject which have yet been given to the public."-Monthly Review.

"This is a book of pure and beautiful Christian devotion, rendered the more effectual from being founded, in all its sentiments, on natural affections and rational piety. There is hardly a trouble or trial in this world which its simplicity, pathos, and consolatory suggestions may not help to sooth; and we sincerely recommend it to every class, but particularly to the afflicted and bereaved."-Literary Gazette.

"This is a book which neither Christian nor infidel can peruse without benefit, and without a feeling of solemn enjoyment."-London Weekly Review.

"An excellent and truly-useful volume, the object of which is to enable Christians in every rank of life to render soothing and enlightening services to the dying. The means by which this end is to be attained are clearly and powerfully stated; and there is an earnest simplicity about the author which cannot fail to produce conviction in the mind of every reader."-Literary Chronicle.

"It is pervaded by a spirit of seriousness which is completely free from morbid gloom and superstitious terror, and by a tenderness which shows itself, not in affected pathos, but in the earnestness of its counsels and the power of its sympathy.-The devotion of this book is mild and solemn, the sentiments are tender and solacing, and the style is characterized in a superior degree by elegance and beauty."-Evangelical Maga


"The work at present before us we consider as one of the very highest merit, and more fitted, we think, than any other which we recollect at this moment, to give a just, and, at the same time, deep character to the religious impressions of its readers." -Caledonian Mercury.


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