Harvesting the Sea, Farming the Forest: The Emergence of Neolithic Societies in the Baltic Region

Marek Zvelebil, Lucyna Domanska, Robin Dennell
Bloomsbury Academic, 1.5.1998 - 257 sivua
An international conference held in Poland in 1992 investigated the condition of the later Mesolithic communities in the Baltic region and on the genesis of the Neolithic. The Mesolithic-Neolithic transition has traditionally been studied using evidence from western Europe, but this conference focused upon the previously poorly known evidence from the former Eastern Bloc countries of the Baltic and adjacent areas. Because the material is not generally available in English, the publication of papers from the conference makes available the missing evidence for this crucial period of European prehistory.

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Marek Zvelebil is Senior Lecturer in Archaeology at the University of Sheffield. Robin Dennell is Professor of Archaeology at the University of Sheffield. Lucyna Domanska is Lecturer in Archaeology, University of Lodz.

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