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One boy's sled, A. Douglass Miller, Rochester, Small Silver Medal.

Samples of Jamaica ginger, and perfumery, S. L. King, NewYork, Diploma.

Gilt frame looking glasses, Lawson Annesley, Albany, Silver Medal.

Specimens of door plates and window signs, Benjamin W. Franklin, Rockton, Diploma.

SPECIAL REPORT. The committee, to which were referred sundry articles for examination in the class of miscellaneous articles, respectfully report, that they have bestowed such attention on the subject as their time and opportunity would permit.

One of the first articles examined was samples of Oil of Peppermint, manufactured by H. G. & L. B. Hotchkiss, of Lyons, Wayne co., N. Y. From certificates and other evidence furnished by the proprieters, this Oil appears to be unusually pure and valuable, and meets with a ready sale in London, at a price considerably above other American Oils extracted from the same plant. The committee recommend that a small Silver Medal be awarded to Messrs. H. G. & L. B. Hotchkiss, for their skill in this branch of industry.

A Mineral Paint found on the farm of the Hon. Thomas Hawks, of Columbia, Herkimer co., N. Y., is said, by those who have used it mixed with oil, to form a valuable pigment. The committee regard it as worthy of further trial. Mr. C. P. Hunt, of Rockton, N. Y., presented several kinds of Ink, the principal merit of which, is its non-corroding character, it being free from acids; such an ink, if durable, must be valuable. Mr. Elisha Waters, of Troy, N. Y., also exhibited several specimens of black, blue, carmine and indelible inks, to which the committee could bestow but a passing notice.

Messrs. Taylor & Co. of Syracuse, deserve particuiar commendation, for the purity and excellence of their double refined Saleratus. They exhibited both the super-carbonate of Soda and

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Potash. These articles being of every day consumption in food, it is important that they be free from all impurities, and to encourage the manufacture of such, the committee recommend that a premium of three dollars be awarded to these Pearl and Soda ashes.

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Mr. Geo. H. Botsford, of Waterloo, N. Y., exhibited specimens of beautiful soap, with evidence of its excellence. A diploma is recommended to be awarded to Mr. B. Mr. Finkle, of Utica, had on exhibition improved Wire Heddles, used in weaving. From appearances, the committee are favorably impressed with this article; but the committee are not sufficiently informed to speak confidently of its merits.

DANIEL LEE, Chairman.



Judges.-L. A. Spalding, Chairman, Lockport; R. S. Stevens.

Smut machine, L. W. Smith, Troy, having heretofore received the highest premium, is awarded the certificate of the Society.

Best smut machine, L. Durkee, Alden, Diploma.

Horse-power churning machine, Wheeler, Mellick & Co., Albany, Silver Medal.

One canal wheelbarrow, J. Rapalje & Co., Rochester, Transactions.

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MACHINERY, OF METAL COMPOSITION, FOR GENERAL USES. Judges. -John Mallory, Chairman, Penn Yan; Myron Adams, East Bloomfield ; Nelson Nobles.

H. H. Grannis & Co., Rochester, 1 set tinman's machines, Dip.

Sangster & Co., Buffalo, patent spring lanterns and lamps, Silver Medal.

Groves & Mountenay, Buffalo, experimental gas meter, Silver Medal.

Allcott & Bros., Rochester, locomotive lamp and patent burner, Diploma.

Henry Wray, Rochester, locomotive lamp, Silver Medal.

A. Meneely and Son, West Troy, 1 chime bells, certificate ; 1st premium awarded heretofore. A. Meneely & Son, West Troy, ship bell, Silver Medal. do.

do. one case surveyor's instruments, Dip. James Barnes, Franklin, Delaware county, stop coupling, for attaching whiffletrees to carriages, Diploma.

Chas. W. Russell, Washington, D. C., improved chimney cap ventilator, and centripetal fire place, Diploma.

John H. Jones, Rochester, card of re-cut files, and rasps, $3.

Robert Simpson, New York, exhibited Singer's patent sewing machine, Silver Medal and Diploma.

J. D. White, Hartford, Ct., 1 engine lathe, Diploma.
C. W. Coe, Buffalo, 1 hand drill, Diploma.
S. Farnham & Son, Rochester, 1 universal chuck, Dip.
Duryee, Forsyth & Co., Railroad truck scale, $10 and Diploma.

Do. do. improved road scraper, $2.

Do. do. warehouse truck, Silver Medal. Hitchcock & McMasters, Rochester, copying press, Silver Medal. H. E. Smith, Fowlerville, 1 fan blower and bellows, Dip. J. M. French, 1 miniature copper tea kettle and stand, $1. Wm. Porter & Co., New-York, hand car and signal lamp, $3.

The judges would state that they were called to view 50 scales, of assorted sizes, made in the city of Rochester, by Duryee, Forsyth & Co., and Hitchcock & McMasters. Both of these companies have often exhibited their scales at previous Fairs, and received numerous diplomas. It can not be expected that the judges could assign a reason for a preference of the scales of one company over those of another, where the scales of both were so nicely adjusted that a five cent piece would turn a scale of 600 or 800 lbs. Their merits are too well established in public estimation to need our commendation. A railroad track scale, by Duryee, Forsyth & Co., we particularly examined and highly approved. Although weighing 30 tons, they weigh accurately small articles.

ARTICLES CONSTRUCTED OF Wood. Judges.-Andrew Dunlap, jr., Ch'n, Ovid; Wm. Fuller, Skaneateles.

Ornamental gilt artists' frame, Adam Elder, Roch., Silver Medal.

Ornamental gilt portrait frame, J. H. Thompson, Rochester, Small Silver Medal.

Miner's crossbar bee hive, T. B. Miner, Clinton, Diploma.
Spledid show case, E. P. Earle, Geneva, Small Silver Medal.
Beautiful show case, Silsbee, Buckley & Bennett, Geneva, Trans.
2 Water kegs, L. D. Heaton, Potsdam, Diploma.
Fancy milk pail, Jacob Galentine, Rush, Small Silver Medal.
Flour barrel and half barrel, Wm. F. Sterritt, Rochester, Trans.
Well wrought corn basket, James Stocum, Penfield, Trans.
Dozen fancy hrooms, I. S. Chamberlain, Fort Plain, Trans.
Box fancy brooms, Joseph Wyckoff, Varick, Norton's Essay.
Cane, board, and log rules, Francis Dana, Rochester, Trans.

1 ox yoke, E. Sheldon. Sennett. Trans.

Two water filters and fountains, A. M. Badger, Rochester, Silver Medal.

Patent boot tree, Wm. Upfield, Lancaster, Ohio, Small S. Medal.

Right and left depressed iron screw bedstead, John D. Sanborn, Cowlesville, Small Silver Medal.

Varieties lasts for boots and shoes, and Payenized do. for Inclia Rubbers, H. N. Curtis, Rochester, Diploma.

Camera obscura, E. Forbes, Albany, Silver Medal.

Improved writing desk, Norris & Flanders, Canton, St. Lawrence Co., Diploma.

Cook's patent flour cooling and bolting machine, Samuel Cook, Adams Basin, Diploma.

Apple paring and quartering machine, from Ohio, Diploma.

Commended. -Wm. Osgood, Rochester, improved Flutter wheel, for water powers.


Judges. -Peter Patterson, chairman, Livingston.
A. R. Prichard, Rochester, for trunks, Diploma.
N. G. Hawley, Rochester, book binding, Silver Medal.
A. M. Cross, Albany, best tanned leather, Silver Medal.
W. H. Harrington, Moravia, calf skins, Trans.
J J. Holsley, Churchville, calf skins, Trans.

0. M. Seeley, Rochester, improved method of tanning sheep skins, Transactions.

J. F. Rothgangle, Rochester, specimen of glue, American Institute, Transactions.

F. Stetzenmager & Co., sample stone ware, American Institute.
J. W. Briggs, Cleveland, Ohio, improved horse collar, Trans.
Palmer & Co., Springfield, Mass., artificial leg, Diploma.
Peter Nessell, fine carriage top, Trans. American Institute.

G. E. Starkweather, Ohio, for his exhibition of curled hair and hair mattrasses, Silver Medal.

Dr. J. Peer, Rochester, dental preparations, Trans.
Charles A. Mott, Lansingburgh, mineral paint, Silver Medal.
J. W. Hatch & Co., Rochester, case boots and shoes, Silver Med.
Myron Strong & Co., Rochester, whip, Diploma.

G. V. Stevens, Rochester, 7 rolls oak-tanned leather, for machine belting, Trans.


UMBRELLAS, &c., NOT BEFORE MENTIONED. Judges.-Wm. H. Watson, Chairman, Potsdam ; Archibald Mc Lean, Caledonia, Theodore B. Hamilton.

Clark & Gilman, Rochester, 1st premium on hats, Diploma and $5.
G. Phillips, do. 2d do., Silver Medal and Trans.
Haywood & Son, do 3d do Small Silver Medal.

Clark & Gilman, Rochester, ladies' and children's fancy riding hats, 1st. premium, Silver Medal.

Haywood & Son, do 2d do, Small Silver Medal.
Clark & Gilman, Rochester, furs, 1st premium, $5.

G. Phillips, do., for a beautiful specimen of ladies' swans down caps, Silver Medal.

Altman & Stettheimer, Rochester, clothing, Diploma and Small Silver Medal.

Lovecraft and Cornwall, do do., Dip. and $5.
A. Mallory, Rochester, pasteboard boxes, Diploma.
F. W. Farnham & Co., Cohoes, fancy linen thread, Diploma.

Jesse K. Park, Albany, tracing linen and tracing paper, Small Silver Medal.

Commended.-G. Philips, for superior moleskin hats, for good workmanship, strength and durability.

A moleskin hat, exhibited by J. H. Tobin, of Rochester.

The Judges have to remark, that although the specimens submitted by competitors for their consideration were very numerous, yet all of them were found of such superior merit, that it was extremely difficult to determine the award of premiums.

TRON AND STEEL. uages.- John Vernam, Chairman, Mount Morris ; S. Richardson, Rochester; Alexander Williams, Henrietta.

Two coaches and buggy wagon, James Cunningham, Rochester, Diploma and Silver Medal.

Four cast-steel horse shoes and two springs, W. A. Sweet, Pompey, Transactions.

Two buggy wagons, John McMahon, Rochester, Silver Medal.

One top buggy wagon, James M. Southwick, Rochester, Small Medal.

Machine for cutting bolts and nuts, Z. W. Smith & Co., Honeoye, Small Silver Medal.

Lot of cast-steel augers, one pump auger, fence cap boring machine, Bernard Hewes, Rochester, Silver Medal.

Cask of smoothing irons, Brown & Mills, Mount Morris, Trans.

Dogs for planing machine, Joseph Adams & Son, Hadley, Mass., Transactions.

Model window fasteners and blinds, W. Race & Co., Seneca Falls, Transactions.

One model hubb and set of Phillip's patent boxes, &c., Downs, Silsby & Gould, Seneca Falls, Diploma.

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