Sivut kuvina

Model steam engine, E. M. & J. E. Mix, Ithaca, Silver Medal.

Railroad truck box, George Herrick, Susquehanna, N. Y., Tran sactions.

Machine belt clasp, Albert M. Smith, Rochester, Transactions
Lathe machine, T. R. Bailey, Lockport, Diploma.
Calculating machine, Wm. N. Hanes, Rochester, Transactions.

Improved sewing machinc, Akins & Felthousen, Ithaca, Small Silver Medal.

Bolt and screw cutting machine, Van Brocklin & McLean, Royalton, Diploma.

One bird cage, R. H. Barnard, Le Roy, Transactions.
Two safes with Lillie's safe locks, Troy, Silver Medal.
One democrat wagon, Soules & West, Tranz.
One light buggy wagon, C. E. Stauring, Schenectady, Trans.
Chark's patent combined grinding and bolting mill, Edwin Clark,
ancaster city, Pennsylvania, Diploma and Silver Medal.
One-half dozen horse shoes, Wm. Cutting, Rochester, Trans.
Shingle machine, Smith & Harding, Rochester, Transactions.
Barometer and thermometer, D. Kendall, Pittsford, Diploma.
Buggy wagon with 2 seats, Goodrich & Root, Mt. Morris,
Family carriage, John G. King, Romulus, Transactions.
Washing machine, Joseph Hall, Unadilla, Transactions.

Chain punp and fixtures, J. W. Wheeler & Co., Seneca Falls, Silver medal,

Two force pumps, N. F. Marsh, Seneca Falls, Small Silver Med. Morticing machine, E. H. Bennett, Warren, Ohio, Transactions.

Leather splitting gage, sample shoemaker's tools, G. G. Townsend, Mt. Vorris; Diploma and Small Silver Medal.

Lot steel board rules, &c., Francis Dana, Rochester, Diploma. Two ice cream freezers, H. B. Massel, Sunbury, Pa., Trans. Patent tenon bit, E. H. Bennett, Warren, Ohio, Nortons' Essay. Hat and coat stand, Bradley & Romans, East Bloomfield, Trans. Candy machine, B. O'Brien, Rochester, Diploma.

Four pieces patent carriage axels, W. S. Saunders, Hastings, Transactions.

Set patent axles, H. Banker, Rochester, Diploma.
Stave cutting machine, C. B. Hutchinson, Waterloo, Diploma.
Patent cutter, Moses Miller, Fort Aun, Transactions.
One Miller's patent cutter, Taylor & Burt, Wayne co., Trans.

Samples of rotary engine pumps, A. W. Cary, Brockport, Diploma and Transactions.

Two cases saws and trowels, S. Flint, Rochester, Diploma and Silver Medal.

Eighteen sash locks, W. E. Arnold, Rochester, Transactions.

One pair patent railroad wheels, William Kidd, Rochester, Transactions.

Improved shifting buggy top, Hibbard & Green, Henrietta, Dip. Three pair railroad car wheels, E. D. Carpenter & Co., Trans.

One cutter and 3 buggies, Schoonmaker & Smith, Rhinebeck, Small Silver Modal and Transactions.

Sample lightning rods, Johnson & Brothers, Clockville, Trans. One buggy wagon, Loren & Carpenter, Troy, Diploma.

One salamander safe, lock and cover, C. J. Gaylor, New-York, Small Silver Medal and Transactions.

Dempsey's Rotary screening bran duster and smut machine, Balch, Eaton & Co, Baldwinsville, Diploma.

Samples American cast steel, Geo. H. Smith, Rochester, Dip.

Horizontal steam engine, 20 horse power, A. R. Swift, Rochester, Diploma.

Cast iron wagon boxes, James Bailey, North Chili, Diploma. Cast steel horse shoes, Thomas Hall, Detroit, Michigan, Trans. Light buggy waggon, Dusenbury & Arthur, New-York, Silver Medal.

Horse shoe swedge and sample shoes, John Henderson, Ithaca, Transactions.

Dutchess, Temple & Morse's patent grate, J. A. Campbell, Buffalo, Transactions.

One water ram, A. D. Smith, Meredith, Delaware co., Dip.

Screw cutting machine, McKnight & Co, Chicago, Diploma and Small Silver Medal.

Samples cast steel hammers and bit stocks, David Maydole & Co., Norwich, Small Silver Medal and Trans.

Paint Mill, Geo. W. Cleveland, Waterville, Trans.
Cast iron proof staffs, John F. Bush, Rochester, Dip.

Stone rubbing and sawing machine, R. D. Turner, Fort Wayne, Indiana, Diploma.

Guns and rifles, William Billinghurst, Rochester, Diploma. Pleasure buggy, Bradley & Noble, Rushford, Small Silver Medal.

Carriage and buggy, Corris & Stewart, Rochester, Small Silver Medal.

Two cast iron lions, two do dogs, 2 do tree guards, one do rustic chair, two do. vases, two set tin machines, six guards, J. E. Cheney, Rochester, Small Silver Medal and Trans.

Scale beams and samples of iron railing, Martin Briggs, Rochester, Diploma.

Machine for cutting screws for bedsteads, J. F. Dresser, Tifllin, Ohio, commended.

Morticing and tenoning machine, Wm. Kegg, Lassellville, Trang.

Samples of furnace registers, rustic chairs, ventilators, vases, hall stands, flower stands, James Cowles & Co., Rochester, Diploma.

Samples of hardware and miscellaneous articles of their manufacture, Rochester Novelty Works, Diploma and commended.

Weeks' Rotary morticing machine, Isaac Butts, Rochester, Dip.

Lot of house carpenter's tools, do ship carpenter's tools-do cooper's and carpenter's tools, and a large variety of other articles, L. & J. White, Buffalo, Diploma and Silver Medal.

Lot of house carpenter's tools, do ship carpenter's tools, do cooper's and carpenter's tools, and a large variety of other articles, W. W. Bryan, Rochester, Diploma and Silver Medal.

Lot of house carpenter's tools, do ship carpenter's tools, do cooper's and carpenter's tools, and a large variety of other articles, D. R. Barton, Rochester, Diploma and Silver Medal.

Case hardened or steel converted axles, Alfred E. Smith Brownville, N. Y., Diploma and Transactions, Silver Medal awarded last year.

On examination of the foregoing three lots of tools, exhibited by Messrs. L. & J. White, W. W. Bryan, and D. R. Barton, the Judges find the display unequalled by any former exhibition, and the three lots, in many respects, are so nearly equal in point of style and finish, that they are unable to discriminate between them.

Awards by Special Committee.—Mrs. Alonzo Havens, Wales, Erie county, for a shawl manufactured by herself, Small Silver Medal.

Marsh & Co., New-York, for trusses, &c., Diploma.
H. C. Wanzer, Rochester, specimens of artificial teeth, Trans.

T. Sellick, New York, for patent zinc paint, manufactured by the New Jersey Mining and Exploring Co., Diploma.

J. Dickerman, Troy, for marble mantlepiece, Diploma.
C. Wilson, Chicago, Illinois, for scales for testing gold, Diplom.
A. W. Cary, Brockport, for hose coupling, Transactions.
.C. W. Sanders, New-York, for specimens of sheet music, Dip.

George Peck, Rochester, for specimens of chandeliers of superior workmanship, Diploma.

Weddle & Son, Rochester, for superior article of paint, Small Silver Medal.

E. Bradfield, Rochester, ornament made of prussiate of potash, Transactions.

E. A. Miller, Rochester, superior paste and water-proof blacking, Small Silver Medal.

George Ware, LeRoy, for superior teazles, Transactions.
A. & J. Allen, Fair Haven, Vermont, roofing tile, Transactions.
W. H. Kemp, New York, superior article of gold leaf, Diploma.

Gardiner & Mix, Schoharie, for an oscillating roller axle wheel for wagon, a certificate; a Diploma and Silver Medal having been awarded last year.

A tile machine, for the manufacture of drain tile, was exhibited by. Alvin Wilcox, of West Bloomfield, which appears to be an excellent machine, and a Diploma is awarded.

F. M. Mathie, Buffalo, three hand railroad cars, Diploma.

A. S. Babcock & Co., Albany, for a superior article of drain tile and pipe, Diploma.

John H. Whitlock, Troy, cast and turned Brittania ware, very superior, Silver Medal.

One hundred and seventy-nine agricultural publications, exhibited by D. M. Dewey, of Rochester, very tastefully arranged. The effort made by Mr. Dewey to bring these publications before the farmers of New-York, is praiseworthy, and a Diploma is awarded.

Miss E. Paxton, (blind,) Westmoreland, for flower vases, card basket, reticule, made of beads, and child's knit garment and tidy, $3.

C. S. Brewster, Geddes, exhibited a barrel of solar salt, of the first quality, and, in the opinion of the committee, equal if not superior to any made in this country, or in Europe, Silver Medal.

Lambert's i ictorial Anatomy, Transactions.

A specimen of Compound Rail for Railroads, offered by John F. Winslow, Troy, from the Mount Savage Works, Maryland, Silver Medal. This rail, by being compounded of two parts divided vertically, allows the joining to break joints, whereby it becomes a continuous rail, doing away with the plating and battering of the joint on the old rail, and admits a great saying in castings and fastenings at the joints, spiking down being entirely sufficient; and is found in use to cause a great saving in the wear and tear in machinery and the repairs of the track.

Specimens of American Blister and Cast Steel, exhibited by Dr. George H. Smith, manufactured by Dr. Smith and Dr. A. K. Eaton, Rochester, by their newly discovered process by which the time, and consequently the expense required, is very greatly reduced. The quality, particularly of the cast steel, after subjection to the most severe tests both as to strength and hardness, (as in turning chilled iron) and in the finest cutting edge, has been found to be unsurpassed. Whenever tried it has been admitted to be equal or superior to any hitherto used.

Mr. E. Phiney presented a large cube of Anthracite Coal weighing 2,200 lbs., from the Diamond Mine, Lackawana, Penn., owned by the Lackawana & Western Railroad Company. It is a beautiful specimen of that article, and it is thought, will compare with

the Lehigh varieties. It is situated on a direct railroad route from Rochester to the Mines, and can be afforded there for a trifle less than $5.00, or at Ithaca for $3.95 per ton, Silver Medal.

FINE ARTS. Judges.-Lyman Clary and E. W. Leavenworth. E. T. Whitney, Rochester, for daguerreotypes, first premium, Diploma.

M. F. Reynolds, Rochester, stained glass, Transactions.

Mrs. Ann Maria Treadwell Redfield, Rochester, chart of animal kingdom, Silver Medal.

Rich & Leslie, Rochester, samples of graining, Transaction.
F. Vandorn, Rochester, samples of graining, Diploma.
R. B. Appleby, Rochester, daguerreotypes, Transactions.

J. F. Thomas, Syracuse, specimen of die sinking and seal engraving, Silver Medal.

0. B. Evans, Buffalo, daguerreotypes, Silver Medal.
D. P. Newell, Rochester, window shades, Silver Medal.

PAYENIZING TIMBER. Committee-Hon. Daniel Lee, Ch'n, C.Dewey, E.W. Leavenworth.

Wood is exposed to two natural forms of decay, called the dry rot and the wet. To counteract the operation of the causes tending to eitheror to both of these, has long been a great desideratum ; scientific men have labored on this object, and various methods have been proposed. The introduction of some of the salts which were designed to have a specific action on the ligneous tissue, has been the prominent plan, but as this must be done by the use of aqueous solutions, an exposure to water and the action even of moist air, would slowly and surely remove the salt from the wood. To the use of common salt, acetate of iron, and even of corrosive sublimate, as in the Kyanizing process, this difficulty proved insuperable.

The Payenizing process is a vast improvement upon all the past, and may ultimately realize all the advantages to be expected from such appliances. This process is purely chemical and involves a principle not before introduced. It is this, one salt, as copperas, is introduced into the pores of the wood, as before; then another salt as muriate of lime (chloride of calcium) is injected in the

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