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BUTTER AND CHEESE. Butter.--1. Israel Denio, Rome, Oneida county, $15. 2. Noah Hitchcock, jr., Homer, Cortland county, $10. 3. L. L. French, Warren, Herkimer county, $5.


Winter Wheat.-1. Samuel L. Thompson, Setauket, Suffolk county, 6 Golden Australian,” 2 acres, 543 bushels per acre, $20. 2. Elisha M. Bradley, East Bloomfield, Ontario county, “Soules," 54 acres, 41bushels per acre, $15.3. James McCready, 2d, Plattsburgh, Clinton county, “Red Chaff,” 23 acres, 43 bushels per acre, $5.

Spring Wheat.–1. Charles W. Eells, Westmoreland, Oneida county, “Siberian,” 2 acres, 30 bushels, 50 lbs. per acre, $15.

Rye.-1. Elisha W. Bushnell, Hillsdale, Columbia county, 2 acres, 40 bushels, 22 lbs. per acre, $15. S. Foster, Hillsdale, Columbia county, 2 acres, 42 bushels per acre, $15.

Oats.-1. Peter Crispell, jr., Hurley, Ulster county, two 7-100 acres, 81 bushels per acre, $15. 2. H. B. Bartlett, Paris, Oneida county, 2 acres, 74| bush. per acre, $10. 3. Elisha W. Bushnell, Hillsdale, Columbia county, 2 acres, 85 bushels 4 quarts per acre, $5.

Indian Corn.—1. Elisha M. Bradley, East Bloomfield, Ontario county, five 55-100 acres, 93 bushels per acre, $20.

BARLEY, BUCKWHEAT, PEAS, AND BEANS. Barley.-1. Benjamin Enos, De Ruyter, Madison county, 24 acres, 52 bush. 4 quarts per acre, $15. 2. E. R. Dix, Vernon Oneida county, 23 acres, 44 bush. 20 quarts per acre, $10. 3. William Davidson, Hartwick, Otsego county, 2 2-5 acres, 45 bush. 6 quarts per acre, $5.

Peas.-1. E. S. Salisbury, Ellisburgh, Jefferson county, 41 bushels 8 quarts per acre, $10. 2. L. L. French, Warren, Herkimer county, 1 acre and 50 rods, 41 bushels 16 quarts, $8. 3. E. M. Bradley, East Bloomfield, Ontario county, 44 bush. and 40 lbs. per acre, $5.

Beans.-1. E. S. Salisbury, Ellisburgh, Jefferson county, 1 acre 35 bush. 46 lbs., $10.

Buckwheat.-1. L. L. French, Warren, Herkimer county, 3 acres and 75 rods, 107 bushels 16 quarts, $10. 2. David Conradt, Brunswick, Rensselaer county, 1} acres, 28 bushels 7 quarts per

acre, $8.

FLAX, Tobacco, Timothy SEED AND Roots. Flax.-1. Benjamin Aikins, Pittstown, Rensselaer county, $1€.

Tobacco.-1. Thomas A. Smith, Syracuse, very fine samples produced, $5.

Timothy Seed.—1. Dow Van Vechten, Mohawk, Montgomery county, 1 acre 22 rods, 9 bush. 8 quarts, $5. 2. C. W. Eells, Westmoreland, Oneida county, 1 acre, 6} bushels, $3.

Potatoes, as to quality per acre, and Carrots were not of the requisite quantity, to entitle the exhibitors to a premium. In the entry for table potatoes, the quality was inferior, as they were mixed, and only a portion of them suitable for table.

GRAIN AND SEEDS. Spring Wheat.-1. Best 20 bushels, George K. Eells, Kirkland, Oneida county, $8. 2. David Conradt, Brunswick, Rensselaer county, $5.

Burley.-1. Best 20 bushels, William Davison, Hartwick, Otse- . go county, $5.

Timothy Seed.-1. Best 10 bushels, Charles W. Eells, Westmoreand, Oneida county, $5.

Corn.-1. Best 20 bushels, McCulloch & Kirtland, Cantonment Farm, Greenbush, Rensselaer county, $5. 2. Adam Laborence, Bethlehem, Albany county, $3.

Rye.-1. Best 20 bushels, David Conradt, Brunswick, Rensselaer county, $5.

Oats.-1. Best 20 bushels, J. McD. McIntyre, Albany, 39 lbs per bushel, $5: Messrs. Rapalje & Co., Rochester, for a very superior assortment of seeds, Silver Medal. Messrs. Emery & Co., Albany, a fine collection of seeds, highly commended.

FRUITS. Apples.-Several Seedlings have been examined by the committee, neither of which are considered as entitled to the premium of the Society. For collections of Fruits, to J. C. Hastings, Clinton, Oneida county; E. C. Goodrich, Burlington, Vt.; H. D. Adams; T. G. Yeomans, Walworth, Wayne county; J. Merritt; Robert Brown; F. W. Lay; David Emory, Ithaca ; Peter Slingerland, Bethlehem ; William Newcomb, Pittstown; B. B. Kirtland, Greenbush ; Samuel Morgan, Albany; P. Barber, Homer; J. H. Watts, Rochester; A. Frost & Co., Rochester; John Donnellan, Greece; D. L. Bailey ; Thomas Johnson ; and J. C. Campbell, Rochester, “Barry's Fruit Garden.” To. R. G. Pardee, Palmyra; J. H. Vandervere, Amsterdam ; Wm. Foster, Palmyra; and Joseph Cary, Albany,“ Downing's Fruits.” To E. B. Lucas, Clinton; Samuel Cary, Albany; D. S. Curtis, Canaan ; Samuel Thompson, Aurora ; Joel Hall, Marion, " Thomas' Fruits."

The committee have critically examined a collection of Models of Fruits, consisting of apples, pears, plums, nectarines, apricots, cherries, gooseberries, strawberries, nuts, &c.; also a collection of

Insects, prepared by Townend Glover, of Fishkill, which are very superior specimens of art, and of great value, to which is awarded the Gold Medal of the Society.

Far Cattle AND SHEEP. Cattle.—Best fat ox, L. Turner, Geneseo, i Durham, descended from Gen. S. Van Rensselaer's first importation, bred by B. Mur. phy, of Genesee county, $15. 2. B. McNeil, Schoharie, $10.

Best fat steer, B. McNeil, Schoharie, $15.' 2. Milton Knickerbocker, Schodack, $10.

Best fat cow, W. A. Mills, Geneseo, $10. 2. W. A. Mills, Geneseo, $5.

Best fat heifer, D. S. Baker, West Bloomfield, Durham, $10. 2. W. A. Mills, Geneseo, Durham and Hereford cross,

Sheep, long wooled.-Best, B. McNeil, Schoharie, $8.

Middle Wooled.-1. J. McD. McIntyre, Albany, South Downs, $8. 2. D. S. Baker, West Bloomfield, $5.

Cross Breed.-1. B. McNeil, Schoharie, $8. 2. D. S. Baker, West Bloomfield, $5.

SPECIAL PREMIUMS. Swine.-Christian Rapp, Albany, two very superior live hogs, $8.

Cattle.-L. Turner, Geneseo, fat ox, $8. B. McNeil, Schoharie, fat ox,$8. J. D. Ledyard, jr., Cazenovia, fat ox, $8. D. S. Baker, West Bloomfield, white heifer, $8. W. A. Mills, Geneseo, spayed heifer, $5.

Commended, as worthy of special notice.-- James M. Hills, Clinton county, a very large ox. Elon Sheldon, Sennett, two oxen. D. S. Baker, West Bloomfield, pair white steers. J. D. Ledyard, jr., Cazenovia, one steer. L. Turner, Geneseo, pair twin steers. Erastus Corning, jr., exhibited a two year old Hereford heifer, a breeding animal, very superior.

Long wooled Sheep.-1. Patrick Downey, Albany, $5.
Cross breed Sheep.--1. Patrick Downey, Albany, $3.

South Down.-1. Charles Snowden, Albany, $5. 2. Charles Snowden, Albany, $3.

Swine, over 300 lbs.-1. E. R. Gove & Son, Watervliet, $5. 2. Herman O'Hara, Scipio, Cayuga county, $3.

Under 300 lbs.-1. Richard Gregory, Fleming, $5. 2. Wm. Davison, Hartwick, $3.

Turkirs.-1. B. B. Kirtland, Greenbush, $2. 2. Wm. H. Richardson, Albany, $1.

Geese.-1. Samuel R. Mott, Mechanicsville, Saratoga, $2.
Ducks.-1. Wm. H. Richardson, Albany, $2.

Dressed Beef.—Chas. Snowden, Albany, 4 quarters, Diploma. 2. James Battersby, Albany, Small Silver Medal.

A very superior piece of beef, taken from an ox that weighed before being slaughtered, 2,910 lbs., and the dressed meat 1,946 lbs., was received from Mr. Thos. E. Broadway, Clinton market, New-York. It was a conspicuous mark in the exhibition, and elicited very general attention.

LIVE Fowls. The committee highly commend some English Dorkings, exhibited by Master Benj. W. Johnson, as also a fine pair of Shanghae Chickens.

Ogden Osborn, of Watervliet, exhibited a very extraordinary pair of Shanghae fowls, that would do credit to any show. Fine Black Polands, by Wm. Richardson. Albany; two fine Shaughaes by Mr. Younghans, Rensselaer county.

Messrs. Blanchard & Co., of Kinderhook Wool Depot, exhibited some very choice fleeces of fine wool, which attracted much attention.

THURSDAY EVENING. The Society met in the Assembly Chamber. The premiums were announced by the Secretary.

Mr. E. S. Hayward, of Monroe county, one of the firm of N. & E. S. Hayward, being present, to whom the first premium on Farm Management was awarded, the President, on presenting him with the Silver Pitcher which had been awarded, made some very appropriate remarks, which were responded to by Mr. Hayward, who returned his thanks to the Society for the honor which had been conferred in the award for best farm, which had been presented before the Society at this Annual Meeting.

M. Delafield then delivered the following address.


The agricultural year of the State Society has reached its latest hour, and within that hour the period of my probation closes-with that hour will terminate the duties which, with temerity, I undertook to fulfill. Conscious of love for the cause, and devotion to its objects, a hope is indulged that your interests have not been neglected, and that all power is restored to you unimpaired.

Permit me to ask your attentiorf, for a portion of this hour, while we glance at the past and attempt to penetrate the future; to ascertain the value of the labors you have caused to be liberally expended; the results derived from them; and the encouragement presented for continued and greater efforts. If, in any of my remarks, there appears a freedom bordering on personality, let it be excused for the benefits which are concomitants to strong lights and shades; if any allegations startle the imagination of those who have viewed agriculture as the dull, unintellectual lot of the ignorant, let investigation be roused to test the truth or discard the fallacy of each proposition.

Three score years and ten have only now been numbered with the past since the site of this edifice, of this Capitol of the State, was covered with wild, entangled woods, giving shelter and concealment to a foe whose knife and hatchet caused wide-spread terror and dismay; these seats, occupied from year to year by patriots and statesmen, whose wisdom and able counsels guided us to national pre-eminence, now cover the ground where the wild notes of roving red men made the blood to course faster through the arteries of our fathers, and caused the timid mother to strain her infant closer to her bosom; all beyond the confines of this now populous, busy, and enterprising city was a wilderness. How few can, at this day, credit the dangerous and perilous situation of the families who then clustered in Albany, forming a city with only three thousand five hundred inhabitants! How few can call to

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