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their claims before our legislators at its present session. He hoped the resolution would be adopted. The resolution was then put and adopted.


Mr. Bloss offered the following resolution:

Resolved, That the Executive Committee of the New-York State Agricultural Society be, and they are hereby instructed, to present our most cordial and hearty welcome to the illustrious Kossuth, the Hungarian farmer, and to present him with the Honors, Medals and Transactions of our Society, as an humble token of our appreciation of his patriotic aims and republican aspirations and principles, and as the first fruits of that tree of liberty which our fathers planted, and through the efforts of enlightened patriotism we hope and trust that not only Hungary, but the whole world may yet enjoy.

After remarks from Mr. L. F. Allen and Solon Robinson the same was adopted.

Mr. L. F. Allen offered the following resolution, which was adopted :

Resolved, that the best interests of the Society will be promoted, and its influence npon the Agriculture of the State be most beneficial, by expending its entire annual income, and increasing the list of premiums, whenever the sum of $10,000 shall be invested as a permament fund.

AMENDMENT CF CONSTITUTION. On motion of L. F. Allen, the Constitution was amended by substituting the second Wednesday of February, as the day of holding the annual meeting, instead of the 3d Wednesday of January.

A motion was made by Mr. Kelly, that it be recommended to the Executive Committee, to hold open the Fair for one week, instead of three days as heretofore ; which was lost.

Mr. H. C. White proposed that the Executive Board of the Society be so constructed as to consist of the President, Secretary and the latest Ex-President, together with one member from each of the Judicial Districts of the State, such member to be elected by the County Agricultural Societies within such district: laid on the table.

The thanks of the Society were tendered to the Hon. the House of Assembly for the use of their halls for the meeting of the Society.

The Society adjourned, on motion of Hon. J. A. King.

B. P. JOHNSON, Secretary.



The exhibition of fat stock, of dressed meats and poultry, and of samples of grain in quantity, were for the first time had at the annual meeting. The show of stock far exceeded the expectations of the Executive Committee, and the interest which was manifested, as well as the approbation it received from the members of the Society, who were present in larger numbers than on any former occasion, give assurance of its being a very important movement for the Society; and it is believed that its continuance will secure, eventually, a show of as much importance to our State as the great Christmas Fat Cattle Show, held in London, is to England. The number of entries of fat oxen, 9; three year old steers, 9; fat cows, 2; fat heifers, 5; 25 in all. Of the quality of the animals, the judges pronounced them very superior. The prize ox of Mr. L. Turner of Geneseo, could not easily be excelled; he was Durham. The ox and fat steer of Mr. McNeil, of Schoharie, were very superior. The cow of Mr. W. A. Mills, of Geneseo, and the heifers of Mr. D. S. Baker of West Bloomfield, and Mr. Mills, of Geneseo, were of great excellence. Mr. Turner, Mr. McNeil, and Mr. Ledyard, of Cazenovia, each had an ox that was but little below those which received the prizes, and special premiums were awarded them; and the heifers of Mr. Baker and Mr.

Mills, to which special premiums were awarded, were worthy of the premiums they received. Erastus Corning, jun., of Albany, exhibited a two years old Hereford heifer, recently imported by him, which was pronounced very superior by the Judges. Some very good cattle were exhibited by Mr. Hill, of Clinton county, and Mr. Sheldon, of Cayuga.

Fat SHEEP. Two pens of long wooled sheep, 5 each, were exhibited. Those of Mr. McNeil, of Schoharie, were remarkably fine, and showed well the qualities of the long wools for mutton. Of Southdown, Mr. J. McD. McIntyre, of Albany, exhibited 5, which were very much admired, and showed the perfection of that most excellent breed of sheep. A very fine pen of middle wooled sheep was exhibited by Mr. D. S. Baker, West Bloomfield. Two pens, 5 each, of cross breed sheep were exhibited by Mr. McNeil and Mr. Parker, which were very fine animals, a cross between the long wools and the Merinoes.

FAT MUTTON. . Some very superior mutton was exhibited. Mr. Charles Snowden exhibited 6 carcasses Southdown, that were very fine. Three carcasses of cross breed sheep, two years old, and one yearling, raised and fattened by Richard Peck, Lima, Livingston county, weighing 123, 112, 108, 111-fed on corn and shorts for about ten weeks, attracted much attention; as did a four years old long wooled sheep, also fattened by Mr. Peck, weighing 137 pounds.

Some fat pigs, 18 months old, Cheshire breed, weighing 575 pounds, of E. Gove & Sons, Watervliet; and two by Mr. O'Hara, of Scipio, Cayuga county, weighing 569 and 558 pounds; and several very fine hogs, under 300 pounds, were exhibited. Turkies, geese and ducks were exhibited, which showed that due attention had been given their feeding.

The show of grain was very good, and many very choice sam ples of spring wheat, Indian corn, oats, barley, rye, buckwheat

&c. were on exhibition. The spring wheat, two samples, was extraordinary heavy and plump, weighing 61 pounds to the bushel. Oats exhibited by J. McD. McIntyre, raised on his farm near the city, very clean, weighing 39 lbs. per bushel; multicole rye, David Conradt, Rensselaer county, 55 lbs. per bushel.

An exchange of grain among the exhibitors, as well as purchases by farmers in attendance, were made to a considerable extent, and it is believed that this may hereafter prove of great advantage to the farmer.


Present-Mr. Wager, President in the chair ; Mr. Delafield, Mr. King ; Messrs. Vail, Prentice, Allen, Morris, Chamberlain, Tucker, Lee, Corning, Blanchard, Johnson.

Col. Sherwood, ex-President, was invited to sit as consulting member. Mr. Johnson, the Corresponding Secretary, was designated as the acting Secretary, to take charge of the rooms and the general business of the Society.

TOWNEND GLOVER-MODELS OF FRUIT. Pursuant to the resolution of the Society, the Executive Committee took up, for consideration the subject of Mr. Glovers models; and on motion of L. F. Allen, it was

Resolved, That the sum of one hundred and seventy eight dol lars be appropriated to purchase of Townend Glover, a collection of the fruits, which have been recommended by the Pomological committees of this Society, and published in the Transactions of the Society up to the year 1851, inclusive; the apples being in duplicate, and at the prices named in a memorandum furnished by Mr. Glover, (on file ;) this proposition including also a case of insects on exhibition.

(Under this resolution 78 varieties of apples, 27 of pears, 17 of plums, 14 of peaches, 9 of cherries, 3 of apricots, 2 of nectarines, 2 of grapes, 4 of strawberries, 4 of raspberries, 4 of currants, 4 of gooseberries, with the valuable preparation of insects at the rooms, will be secured to the Museum of the Society.)

It is intended to increase this list, and add vegetables that are approved, in their season. A. J. Downing, E. P. Prentice and L. G. Morris, were re-appointed as the committee to superintend and direct the preparation of the fruits ordered, that have not been already modelled.

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The next Fair, on motion of Mr. Allen, was appointed to ho held at Utica, on the 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th of September, provi. ded the citizens of Utica, on or before the 5th of February next, present the requisite security for the defrayment of such expenses and erections as shall be designated by the Executive Committee.

On motion of J. A. King, it was

Resolveu, That the sum of $100 be appropriated, to be awarded for the best experiment made in this State, in the preparation of flax, with a view to its substitution and use in the place of cotton.

The premium list was then taken up: previous to the consideration of premiums, letters were read by the Secretary, from L. B. Langworthy, Col. Sherwood, A. B. Allen, E. N. Thomas, Jonathan Edgecomb, L. F. Allen, W. H. Sotham, Francis Rotch, Mrs. Sarah Nash and others, containing suggestions for improving the list of premiums.

After completing the stock list, the list of farm implements, &c., was taken up and agreed to be increased at least 50 per cent, with the addition of such implements and articles as are not in the list; and that an increase of the premiums in the domestic department, fruits, &c., of at least 25 per cent, be also made, with such additions as shall be necessary.

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