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CHEESE Room--22x36,
Fig. 1. Showing the counters or shelves of the dairy room.

2. Work room—16x20.
8. Car way from store room to work room.
4. Barn- 24x75. Stalls for 50 cows.
5. Elevation of buildings.

F. Furnace.
C. Cisterns,
PP, Presses,
T, Tub of hot water,
W. Spring water.
X. Conductor a.
Y. Reservoir,



Steam cover to kettle and two brass cocks to govern the

Painting cheese house and apparatus and paint,
Board of carpenter 12 weeks,
Team work 25 days at $2.00 per day,
Ten rods of aqueduct from barn yard to cheese house for

the use of cheese house,..
Contingencies, viz., milk pails, dipper, jar for rennet,

cheese cloths, &c.,

$2 50 23 00 15 00 50 00

10 00

10 00

$132 08

Cheese Dairy Buildings, by Paris Barber, Homer. In submitting my plan, I will simply say, that in getting up my cheese dairy buildings and fixtures, the first point aimed at was economy in construction, with the greatest convenience in all its parts for labor saving, which I consider the all important point in dairying. My cheese or store room, is 22 by 36 feet, it stands one foot from the ground, and is thoroughly banked upon the inside of the wall to prevent frost. It is planked and then hoarded up and down, and battened. Inside is finished by a narrow lath over each crack, and lathed and plastered in the usual way; the floor is lined to make it firm and tight, and planed and jointed. The counters or shelves are around the outside and two through the middle of the room, two tier deep; the lower one is six inches from the floor, the space between is two feet three inches; the post or legs are turned to prevent bruising the cheese in turning. The room will hold, with the present shelves, 250 cheese, pressed in an 18 inch hoop, and by the addition of another tier of shelves, the number could be greatly increased. The windows have sliding shutters on the inside, by which I can make it dark, and wire gauze on the outside, to prevent flies; both of which you will readily see is of great importance. There is a large storo room above, with a swing stairway, to rise and fall as needed. The room is so tight and well built, that I have not had any trouble in keeping the cheese from freezing during the coldest weather,

with an ordinary stove. Cost of building, all complete, $282.92, (builder's bill.) My work room is 16 by 20 feet, it is 18 feet from the store room, and is connected with it by a carway, and saves carrying the cheese by hand. The building is finished in a similar manner to the first described. I have a constant supply of soft spring water, running from a spring on the farm. The apparatus for the manufacture of cheese, consists of a furnace or steamer for heating water and scalding whey ; two cisterns, wooden one, and a tin one fit for the manufacture of cheese. Presses; tub for hot water; conductor for conveying the whey to the reservoir. Cost of room $125.50. My milking barn or shed, 24 by 75 feet, with stantials and feeding boxes for 50 cows; the cloor is paved with stone, it has swing gates on the sides, and is six feet in the rear of the two buildings referred to, which makes it very easy of access for the milkers; it also makes a division in my cattle yard, and affords a fine large loft for storing hay or corn fodder. Cost $180.50. The cost of the three buildings is $588.92.

The advantages claimed, are : First, economy of construction; second, facilities for doing work; third, preventives against flies, (by dark shutters and wire gauze for windows ;) fourth, security against freezing in winter; fifth, internal arrangements, (counters, &c.;) sixth, soft spring water, drainage, &c.; seventh, conveniences for milking, feeding, &c.; tighth, general appear


BUTTER AND CHEESE. HENRY WAGER AND Moses Eames, COMMITTEE. The Committee report, that they have examined all the specimens offered for competition, and have awarded the following premiums :

To Israel Denio, of Rome, Oneida county, the first premium of $15.00 is awarded on three tubs of very superior butter, which reflects great credit on the maker, and in the opinion of the Com

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