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Receipts and Expenditures.
Amount on hand Jan. 1st, 1851, cash,
Cash received for book,...
Cash from members,
Cash from State Treasurer.....

$241 76

6 00 122 00 93 00

Paid premiums,

$162 76 217 64

Balance on hand,..

$245 12

Town Association.

Centreville, Allegany County. B. P. Johnson, Esq., Sec'y, State Agricultural Society:

Sir :-When we wrote to you for information in relation to forming an association for agriculture and mechanical arts, I thought that we as an association should hold a correspondence with the State Society, for by so doing it would be a benefit to both. I prepared a letter last spring to send to you and carried it to my associate in office to review and forward the same to you, and I did not know but it was sent till late in the season, he having gone west. We concluded that we would not write until after the election and fair. The fair was held on the 28th day of October last. Owing to the lateness of the season, the weather was rather unfavorable, but such was the interest manifested on the occasion, that the people collected not only from all parts of the town, but from the adjoining towns, at an early hour. We had the greatest collection of people that was ever together in Centreville on any occasion. The show of horses was very fine; some forty in number were entered, amongst which were some of the best stallions in the county. The matched and draught horses attracted much attention, while the mares and colts on the ground showed an increasing interest in the improvement of that most noble animal the horse. Of neat cattle, the show was large; ten or twelve pair of fine matched oxen were on the ground, mostly of native breed. The number and the quality of the steers, gave evi

dence of quite an interest in the improvement of that branch of husbandry. Of cows, the number was rather limited, enough, however, to show the interest that is felt in the dairy business that is carried on quite extensively in the town. The number of sheep was rather limited, compared with what the town might do. There was five pens on exhibition, wholly of merinoes of excellent quality; they were pronounced by disinterested persons, equal to any in the county. Of swine there was a good show, which speaks well of the improvements which are fast making in this town and adjoining towns. There were but a few coops of fowls. .

The show of grain, which consisted mostly of winter and spring wheat, corn and oats, was small. Some fine speciniens, however, were presented, which shows what our soil would do under suitable cultivation. Of roots and vegetables, there was a full supply of all except the potato, which has nearly failed with us. Of fruit, owing to the lateness of the season, most of the early fruits were gone; of fall and winter fruits there was as good a display as can be produced in the county, and I might say in Western NewYork. The samples of butter and cheese from this town and those adjoining, showed the deep interest that is felt in that staple of Allegany county. Of domestie articles the show was imposing : the rich coverlet, the solid carpet, all of home manufacture; also of various articles of linen and woolen goods on exhibition, together with the knitting and fine needle work, gave evidence of the deep interest which is felt by the mothers for the education of their daughters; and what added still more to the richness and beauty of the show, was the harmony and good feelings which prevailed throughout every part of it. Owing to the lateness of the season and the necessary arrangements not having been made, we had no plowing match. We are in receipt of the Journal, which I think is just the thing that we farmers want. The Journal with the package of pamphlets that you sent us when we first organized, together with four volumes of the Transactions of the State Society, and one volume of the Institute, presented to us by the Treasurer of the County Society in September last-of these few books we have formed a library for the benefit of the members, returnable monthly.


The Association meets, or rather the members, on the first Wednesday of each month, when the various topics pertaining to agriculture and the mechanical arts are freely discussed; as most of the members are patrons of some agricultural paper, the various items of information set forth by each, is more readily disseminated throughout the Society, than otherwise would be done. We have a committee of five persons, called the mechanical committee, whose duty it is, First, when there is any improvement or patentright, with which our country is flooded, is brought within the limits of the association, to examine its construction, and carefully study its operations and bearings upon the wants of the people. Secondly, when a person wants to make a building of any description, with which he is not particularly acquainted, he lays the case before the committee, whose duty it is to consult with him and assist him in drawing his plan, and give him the amount and cost of materials, and the cost of construction, and such other information as he may desire. Then, there is another committee of five, called the examination committee, whose duty it is to pass through the association at least once a year; visit every man's farm, and suggest such improvements as the concurrent opinion of the committee and the owner may dictate, and report to the association the condition which each farm is in, and also the farm which is best cultivated. The benefits arising from this association are incalculable, the impetus given to the farmer by clearing out and bringing into cultivation, lands which were nearly useless, is manifest in every part of the association.

Respectfully yours,

Corresponding Com.

CAYUGA. REPORT. LYMAN SHERWOOD, PRES'T. The Annual Fair of the Cayuga County Agricultural Society, war held at Auburn on the 1st and 2d days of October, 1851. The days were favorable, and the exhibition of the various animals and articles usually exhibited on such occasions were more numerous

than ever before. The show of cattle was fine, of all descriptions ; the show of fat oxen exceeded the show at Rochester, as well in numbers as in quality.

The display of matched horses were also very fine, and more by half than at any preceding show as regards numbers. The show of sheep was very good-some very choice ones in all the classes. There were some French Merinoes on the ground which attracted some attention, as there is quite an excitement in this county as regards that class of sheep. Some very excellent and improved varieties of fowls, and extra selection of fruit were shown, as also many new and improved implements of husbandry.

The farmers of the county are seeing the necessity of draining, and are using a great many tile. There is a great deal of clay land in this vicinity that needs draining, and drains made of tile are more durable than those made of stone. The land that five years ago would not raise wheat, last year bore as fine wheat as ever was seen, and all owing to the drains. They are also using the drilling machines to put in their spring and winter grains; they find a saving of seed as well as much uniformity of crops, especially the wheat. The wheat crop was very much destroyed by the "midge" here this last harvest, and has discouraged quite a number of farmers.

This society has for the last three years adopted the plan of the State Society in putting up a fence and charging an admittance fee, by which they have been able to pay their premiums. They have received from all subscriptions and memberships, $681 ; have paid in premiums $280, and have to pay in winter about $50, and leaving a balance of over $100. Our expenses at Fair were quite large.

We are to have a meeting in January, to determine whether we have permanent grounds, by making a stock company, every $15 entitling a person to membership, and any surplus fund, after

paying premiums and expenses are to be refunded to the stockholders. It appears to me, it is the only way in which the Society can pay such premiums as it should.

Officers-Lyman Sherwood, President; C. A. Parsons, Treasurer; II. H. Bostwick, Secretary; and a Vice President for each town in the county. Receipts from all sources,

$681 06 Paid prem., $271.00, expenses $247.11, bal. $162.98, 681.06

Products, Cuyuga County, sent to market by railroad, from Norem

ber, 1851, to March, 1852. There has been bought in this city, from the 20th November, 1851, up to March 1, 1852, the following property, and shipped by railroad to New-York and Boston market, all the products of Cayuga county, to wit: 6,826 dressed hogs, weighing 1,382,039 lbs., at $5.50 per cwt. is $76,012.14; this is an increase over former years. Whole weight about 691 tons of pork. 1,600 head of fat cattle have already been shipped, and 500 head more ready to go; and here follows another feature in our market, it being the first time it has ever been done; Mr. Benjamin Ashby, has bought and shipped to New-York, 130,000 lbs. beef in the quarters, dressed, (the quarters only,) at $3.50 per cwt., is $4,550.00; live sheep, 995; butter 151,200 lbs. ; wool 350,000 lbs.; besides some 300,100 lbs. wool bought by our woolen company of this city, for their own use. The whole amount paid to our farmers of this county, for various products, which has gone to the eastern markets by railroad the past winter, cannot be less than $200,000.



PRES'T. The Fair and cattle show of the Chautauque County Society for the promotion of Agriculture, was held in the village of Panama, in the town of Harmony, Sept. 10th and 11th, 1851, and was attended by a large concourse of people, and the greatest number of

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