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M. Reed,

H. R. Sherrill, 1817,.. Benj. Enos, ..... Mrs. D. Ladd,

E. Morse,... 1818,.. Benj. Enos, 54 bu , Mrs. U. Coe, 0. F. Ladd,..... 1819,.. D. Hess, 56 bu., .. J. C. Graham, S. B. Burchard, 1850... P.J. Farnham,... C. L. Chappell,... J. B. Morse,.. 1851,..P.J. Farnham,...

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1812,.. D. Baxter, 2 E. Morse, 5 ewes, W. Ward,

C. Foster, C. R. Ackley,.. 1813,.. William Coolidge, C. Fay. A. Morse, A. Morse, 1814,. . I. Smith,

W. L. Smith, .. Z. Douglas,

S.E.Wormer,ews 1815,.. John Patten, ... ? A. Morse, buck,

C. R. Ackley,.... C. C. Payne, s 1846,.. C. Hopping.

E. Morse, 1847,.. C. C. Payne, ... P. C. Blakesley,

W. Burnham, .. ) 1818,.. L. Howe, buck,... Geo. E. Morse,

S.P.Chapman,ew's, 1849,.. E. L. Gage, buck, E. Morse,.

0. A. Benedict,. Bicknel & Root, 1850,.. E. L. Gage, E. R. Robertson,..

C. C. Payne, buck, A.W.Dennison, b’k 1851,.. C. Hoppin, ewes,. John, Muir, Sr.ew's A. White,

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1842,.. Nath'l Tidd, 32 bu. D. Gates, 98 bu.... B. Coman, 117 bu., 1843,.. D. Gates,

U. Leland, D. Gates, W., 431, 1841,.. U. Leland, S., 487, P. Baldwin, 1063,. B. Enos, 147 bu., . 1845,.. T. A. Clark, W.53, ,

R. Jackson, 123 bu.

L.B.& E.A. Powell,

Benj. Enos,.. J. A. Coon, 1848,.. J. A. Coon, 35 bu., Benj. Enos, 86 bu., B. Enos, 92 bu., 1849,.. J. A. Coon, 27 bu.,

A. Murray, 99 bn., 1850,: L. Raynor, ..... ? D. Hess,. 0. A. Benedict,..

B. Enos, 3d., 25, 1851,. . L. Raynor, 38 bu... P. J. Foreman, 61.10. A. Benedict,83

1846,.. 1847,..


The pre

Proceedings of the Society, for the year 1851.–At a meeting of the Executive committee, held at Lewis's hotel, in Morrisville, January 7th, 1851, the president, treasurer, recording secretary, Benjamin Enos, David Hess, H. Hawks, P. J. Farnham, 0. A. Benedict, Lewis Raynor, S. P. Chapman, B. B. Stewart, and William Wells were present. miums on the several grain crops were awarded, after which, the premium list, for the past year, was so amended and altered as to correspond with the financial condition of the society, and adopted in the form given under the award of premiums at the annual fair. The president, treasurer, and recording secretary were appointed a committee to locate and make arrangements necessary for the next fair.

The semi-annual meeting was held pursuant to adjournment, on the 10th day of June, at Lewis's Hotel, in Morrisville. Present, the president, Elijah Morse, Benjamin Enos, David Hess, S. P. Chapman, R. D. Palmer, Lewis Raynor, George B. Rowe, John Potter, C. D. Miller. After reading the ininutes of the last meeting, and the treasurer's report, it was

Resolved, that the next fair be held at Hamilton on the 1st and 2nd of October.

Resolved, That the admission fee be one shilling for each person.

Resolved, That the president and Benjamin Enos, be a committee to secure a speaker for the fair.

The following persons were appointed the judges in the following classes :

Local Committee.-James B. Eldridge, John J. Foote, Lewis Wickwire, E. Pearl, James W. Nye, Adon Smith.

On Farms.-Lewis Raynor, Elijah Morse, Benjamin Enos.

On Horses, Stallions, matched and single.—Halsey Judd, J. Coan, Daniel A. Brainard.

On breeding mares and colts.-Edward W. Taylor, Daniel Scott, William Benjamin.

Sheep.-Curtis Hoppin, Bradley Merchant, John Potter.

Caitle, Durhams.- Ira S. Hitchcock, George B. Rowe, Asa R. Main.

Devons.-S. H. Church, H. Leland, John B. Coe.

Grades and natives.--Amzi S. Hungerford, William S. Palmer, Rufus S. Ransom.

Working oren, aud fat cattle.-J. D. Ledyard, jr., Cyrus R. Ackley, Sheffield Burdick.

Milch cows Sylvester Burchard, Elijah Morse, Orson T. Ladd. Swine.-Sidney Spring, Stephen Hill, jr., E. Alesworth.

Field and root crops.--Committee of the whole, (at the next annual meeting.)

Dairy products. - John Williams, David Hess, A. Mott.

Dimestic manufactures--Silk and factory goods.-W. Jerome Hough, John Hobbie, Thomas L. Cleveland, Henry Lewis, Mrs. Hough, Mrs. Hobbie, Mrs. Cleveland, Mrs. Lewis.

Discretionary Premiums.--Samuel L. Abbott, Lyman N. Root, Ledyard Lincklaen, Mrs. Gen. Nye, Mrs. Col. Birge, Mrs. Abbott, Mrs. Judge Mason.

Plowing match and farming utensils.--S. P. Chapman, Lewis, Raynor, Orrin B. Lord.

THE FAIR.—The committee having in charge the special arrangement of the grounds, had, previous to the time appointed, enclosed a suitable piece of pasture ground, and provided a tent, under which the fruit, vegetables, dairy products, &c., were to be exhibited. The Methodist church was occupied below with the various articles of factory and domestic produce, works of taste and artistic excellence, and fruits, grapes, &c. The upper part of the church was devoted to the reception of visitors and friends, and all presented a spectacle of taste and refinement never surpassed at any previous fair in the county,

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On the morning of the first of October, the clouds, which for: several days had lowered above us, broke away, and a beautiful autumn day succeeded. The exhibitors of stock and produce, who, had not the day before come into town, were seen passing on their way to the grounds, and at noon, every thing was entered, theu books of entry closed, and delivered to the several committees... Only one farm was entered for a premium, that of Hiram P. Pot ter, East Hamilton, on lots 12 and 29; and the committee, from pre(Ag. Trans. 1852.)


vious examination, regarded it as coming near to a model farm. The report of the committee, and Mr. Potter's statement, are here given.

Pemium FARM OF 1851.--- Report of the committee on farms, Lewis Raynor, Benjamin Enos, Elijah Morse, committee.

The committee on farms report that one farm has been submitted for their examination by Mr. Hiram P. Potter, of East Hamilton. The farm of Mr. Potter is situated in a valley at an elevation of about thirty feet above the stream, on a level terrace or platform of land naturally of excellent quality. It was brought by its former owner, Mr. James H. Dunbar, to a high state of cultivation, and has been still further improved by its present owner and occupant. The buildings are well adapted to their purposes, and in good repair. The fences are in great part cedar post and rail, and in good repair. The fields, seventeen in number, are all surveyed by compass; their areas, character, and relative position, laid down on a map, and a number affixed to each by which it is known, and referred to on Mr Potter's account book. In ese books, accounts are kept, with every field and every crop, in such a manner as to show precisely the profit or loss belonging to each, so that all the operations of the farm are carried on with the regularity' and system of a manufacturing business. The farm is naturally destitute of water except on one side, and there the stream being at the bottom of a high bank, is not conveniently accessible. Advantage has been taken of a spring having a fall of about three feet, in which have been placed two small hydraulic rams, which raise the water thirty feet or more, in quantity sufficient to supply not only the honse and barn, but all the fields, as may be required for the pasturage of stock. Mr. Potter has at present, but few cattle; these are either Durhams or grades, and of excellent quality; one pair of two year old steers, having taken premiums in this society both as calves and yearlings, have now attained the great weight of thirty-three hundred pounds. The statement of Mr. Potter, herewith submitted, is so full that little more need be said with reference to his farm or crops. The committee are of opinion, that they exhibit a degree of excellence in farming, well deserving the first premium, which they award to Mr. Potter accordingly.

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