Cursory Remarks Made in a Tour Through Some of the Northern Parts of Europe: Particularly Copenhagen, Stockholm, and Petersburgh. By N. Wraxall, Jun

T. Cadell, 1775 - 412 sivua

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Sivu 117 - His fall was destined to a barren strand, A petty fortress, and a dubious hand ; He left the name, at which the world grew pale, To point a moral, or adorn a tale.
Sivu 213 - Ruffians excel any nation of Europe. Two prodigious arcades of fire extended in front of the palace : the canal, which reaches to the gulf of Finland, was illuminated on both fides, and the view terminated by a rock, lighted in the infide, and which had a beautiful effect.
Sivu 25 - tis true, a vaft extent of dominion ; but of what importance, are the barren and almoft uninhabited mountains of Norway and Lapland, ftretching to the pole ; or the plains of Iceland, where the inhabitants are yet, and will probably ever remain, in the moft profound barbarifm ? Their German dominions in Holftein are by far the moft rich, and furnifh a large part of the royal revenue.
Sivu 25 - The public places are filled with officers, either in the land or fea fervice, and they appear to conftitute three-fourths of the audience at the comedy and the opera. The number of forces are, indeed, much too large for this little kingdom, which has not been engaged in war thefe fifty years. They can boaft...
Sivu 353 - ... for his agronomical ftudies, and remained there till the king of Pruffia feized on the town and furrounding territory. Unable to bear a yoke fo galling, he left Dirfchaw, and removed to this city ; and he now declares, that when it is no longer free, he will embark for England, where he has already been, and where every fugitive may find an afylum. Happy, glorious country, which can thus extend its parental protection to perfecuted merit of every kind, and where freedom, almoft unknown from the...
Sivu 254 - I were disposed to study nature, I confess this is as proper a school as can be imagined, since fancy can hardly figure an attitude which may not be found here ; but, as a voluptuary, I would never visit it more.
Sivu 176 - ... a large piece with pinchers when red hot, and this is beat to a lefTer fize with hammers. It is put again into the fire, and from thence entirely finifhed by being laid under an immenfe engine refembling a hammer, which is turned by water, and flattens the rude piece into a bar. Nothing can exceed the dexterity of the men who conduct this concluding part of the operation, as the eye is their fole guide, and it requires an, exquifitc cxquifite nicety and precifion.
Sivu 154 - This operation is performed every day at noon, and is one of the most tremendous and awful it is possible to conceive. We arrived at the mouth of the great mine, -which is near half an English mile in circumference, in time to be present at it. Soon after twelve the first explosion began.
Sivu 41 - ... and uncommon eminence, marks a bold and daring mind ; perhaps I might add, an expanded and patriotic heart. Unawed by the precarious tenure of courtly greatness, and more peculiarly of his own, he began a general reform.
Sivu 239 - Newfski monaftery, a few miles out of town, to convince the people that he had not fuffered any violence, but ended his life naturally : he was afterwards privately interred there. — As I have mentioned his name, I am led to make a few remarks on his life and character. Though under the...

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