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ven? This same Jesus, which is Jesus Christ with great triumph taken


you into heaven, unto thy kingdom in heaven; shall so come, in like manner as We beseech thee, leave us not ye have seen him go into heaven. comfortless ; but send to us thine

The Gospel. St. Mark xvi. 14. Holy Ghost to comfort us, and JESUS appeared unto the ele; exalt us unto the same place whi

ven as they sat at meat, and ther our Saviour Christ is gone upbraided them with their unbe- before, who liveth and reigneth lief and hardness of heart, be- with thee and the Holy Ghost, cause they believed not them one God, world without end. which had seen him after he was Amen. risen. And he said unto them, The Epistle. 1 St. Pet. iv. 7. Go ye

HI end is preach the Gospel to


therefore sober, ture. He that believeth and is and watch unto prayer. And abaptized shall be saved; but he bove all things have fervent chathat believeth not shall be damn- rity among yourselves : for chaed. And these signs shall follow rity shall cover the multitude them that believe : In my Name of sins. Use hospitality 'one to shall they cast out devils; they another without grudging. As shall speak with new tongues; every man hath received the gift, they shall take up serpents; and even so minister the same one to if they drink any deadly thing, another, as good stewards of the it shall not hurt them; they manifold grace of God. If any shall lay hands on the sick, and man speak, let him speak as the they shall recover. So then after oracles of God: if any man minithe Lord had spoken unto them, ster, let him do it as of the abihe was received up into heaven, lity which God giveth ; that God and sat on the right hand of in all things may be glorified God. And they went forth and through Jesus Christ, to whom preached every where, the Lord be praise and dominion for ever working with them, and con- and ever. Amen. firming

the Word with signs fol- The Gospel. St. John xv. 26. and part lowing:

of Chapter xvi. Sunday after Ascension-day. WHEN the Comforter is

come, whom I will send

unto you from the Father, even O ,

hast exalted thine only Son ceedeth from the Father, he

The Collect.

shall testify of me. And

ye also rushing mighty wind, and it fillshall bear witness, because ye ed all the house where they were have been with me from the be- sitting. And there appeared unginning. These things have I to them cloven tongues, like as spoken unto you, that ye should of fire, and it sat upon each of not be offended. They shall put them: and they were all filled you out of the synagogues: yea, with the Holy Ghost, and began the time cometh, that whosoever to speak with other tongues, as killeth you will think that he the Spirit gave them utterance. doeth God service. And these And there were dwelling at Jethings will they do unto you, rusalem Jews, devout men, out because they have not known of every nation under heaven. the Father, nor me.

But these | Now when this was noised athings have I told you, that, broad, the multitude came togewhen the time shall come, ye ther, and were confounded, bemay remember that I told you cause that every man heard them of them.

speak in his own language. And WHIT-SUNDAY.

they were all amazed, and mar

velled, saying one to another, The Collect.

Behold, are not all these which OD, who as at this time speak Galileans ? And how hear

didst teach the hearts of thy we every man in our own tongue faithful people, by the sending to wherein we were born? Parthithem the light of thy Holy Spi- ans, and Medes, and Elamites, rit; Grant us by the same Spirit and the dwellers in Mesopotamia, to have a right judgement in all and in Judæa, and Cappadocia, things, and evermore to rejoice in Pontus, and Asia, Phrygia

, in his holy comfort; through the and Pamphylia, in Egypt, and merits of Christ Jesus our Sa- in the parts of Libya about Cyviour, who liveth and reigneth rene, and strangers of Rome, with thee, in the unity of the Jews, and Proselytes, Cretes, and same Spirit, one God, world Arabians, we do hear them speak without end. Amen.

in our tongues the wonderful For the Epistle. Acts ii. 1. works of God. HEN the day of Pente- The Gospel. St. John xiv. 15.

cost was fully come, they ESUS said unto his disciples, were all with one accord in one If ye love me, keep my complace. And suddenly there came mandments. And I will pray a sound from heaven, as of a the Father, and he shall give you



another Comforter, that he may things, and bring all things to abide with you for ever; even the your remembrance, whatsoever I Spirit of truth, whom the world have said unto you. Peace I cannot receive, because it seeth | leave with you, my peace I give him not, neither knoweth him: unto you : not as the world givbut ye know him ; for he dwell- | eth, give I unto you. Let not eth with you, and shall be in your heart be troubled, neither you. I will not leave you com let it be afraid. Ye have heard fortless; I will come to you. | how I said unto you, I go away, Yet a little while, and the world and come again unto you. If ye seeth me no more; but ye see loved me, ye would rejoice, beme: because I live, ye shall live cause I said, I go unto the Faalso. At that day ye shall know, ther : for my Father is greater that I am in my Father, and ye than I. And now I have told in me, and I in you. He that you before it come to pass, that, hath my commandments, and when it is come to pass, ye might keepeth them, he it is that loveth believe. Hereafter I will not talk me; and he that loveth me shall much with you: for the prince be loved of my Father, and I of this world cometh, and hath will love him, and will manifest nothing in me. But that the myself to him. Judas saith unto world may know that I love the him, (not Iscariot,) Lord, how is Father; and as the Father gave it that thou wilt manifest thyself me commandment, even so I do. unto us, and not unto the world? Jesus answered and said unto

Monday in Whitsun-week. him, If a man love me, he will

The Collect. keep my words, and my Father NOD, who as at this time will love him, and we will come U didst teach the hearts of thy unto him, and make our abode faithful people, by the sending to with him. He that loveth me them the light of thy Holy Spinot keepeth not my sayings: and rit; Grant us by the same Spirit the word which ye hear is not to have a right judgement in all mine, but the Father's which things, and evermore to rejoice sent me. These things have I in his holy comfort; through the spoken unto you, being yet pre- merits of Christ Jesus our Sasent with you. But the Comfort- | viour, who liveth and reigneth er, which is the Holy Ghost, with thee, in the unity of the whom the Father will send in same Spirit, one God, world my Name, he shall teach you all | without end. Amen.

For the Epistle. Acts x. 34. him shall receive remission of TH THEN Peter opened his sins. While Peter yet spake

mouth, and said, Of a truth these words, the Holy Ghost fell I perceive that God is no re- on all them which heard the specter of persons; but in every word. And they of the circumnation he that feareth him, and cision, which believed, were asworketh righteousness, is accept- tonished, as many as came with ed with him. The Word which Peter, because that on the GenGod sent unto the children of tiles also was poured out the gift Israel, preaching peace by Jesus of the Holy Ghost. For they Christ; (he is Lord of all;) that heard them speak with tongues, Word, I say, ye know, which and magnify God. Then anwas published throughout all Ju- swered Peter, Can any man fordæa, and began from Galilee, bid water, that these should not after the baptism which John be baptized, which have received preached : how God anointed Je- the Holy Ghost as well as we? sus of Nazareth with the Holy And he commanded them to be Ghost, and with power; who baptized in the Name of the went about doing good, and heal- Lord. Then prayed they him to ing all that were oppressed of the tarry certain days. devil: for God was with him. And we are witnesses of all The Gospel. St. John iii. 16.

OD so loved the world, that ,

he gave his only-begotten lem ; whom they slew, and hang- Son, that whosoever believeth in ed on a tree: Him God raised him should not perish, but have up the third day, and shewed everlasting life. For God sent him openly; not to all the peo- not his Son into the world to ple, but unto witnesses chosen condemn the world, but that the before of God; even to us who world through him might be savdid eat and drink with him af- ed. He that believeth on him ter he rose from the dead. And is not condemned: but he that he commanded us to preach unto believeth not is condemned althe people, and to testify that it ready; because he hath not beis he which was ordained of God lieved in the Name of the onlyto be the Judge of quick and begotten Son of God. And this dead. To him give all the pro- is the condemnation, that light phets witness, that through his is come into the world, and men Name whosoever believeth in / loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil. / and they received the Holy For every one that doeth evil Ghost. hateth the light, neither cometh The Gospel. St. John x. 1., to the light, lest his deeds should | V ERILY, verily I say unto be reproved. But he that doeth y you, He that entereth not truth cometh to the light, that by the door into the sheep-fold, his deeds may be made ma- but climbeth up some other way, nifest, that they are wrought in the same is a thief and a robber. God.

But he that entereth in by the

door is the shepherd of the Tuesday in Whitsun-week.

sheep: to him the porter openThe Collect.

eth; and the sheep hear his MOD, who as at this time voice, and he calleth his own U didst teach the hearts of thy sheep by name, and leadeth them faithful people, by the sending out. And, when he putteth forth to them the light of thy Holy his own sheep, he goeth before Spirit; Grant us by the same them, and the sheep follow him ; Spirit to have a right judge- for they know his voice. And a ment in all things, and ever stranger will they not follow; more to rejoice in his holy com- but will flee from him ; for they fort; through the merits of Christ know not the voice of strangers. Jesus our Saviour, who liveth This parable spake Jesus unto and reigneth with thee, in the them: but they understood not unity of the same Spirit, one what things they were which he God, world without end. A spake unto them. Then said Jeтеп.

sus unto them again ; Verily, veFor the Epistle. Acts viii. 14. rily I say unto you, I am the W HEN the Apostles, which door of the sheep. All that ever

I were at Jerusalem, heard came before me are thieves and that Samaria had received the robbers; but the sheep did not word of God, they sent unto hear them. I am the door ; by them Peter and John; who, when me if any man enter in, he shall they were come down, prayed be saved, and shall go in and out, for them, that they might receive and find pasture. The thief comthe Holy Ghost : (for as yet he eth not but for to steal, and to was fallen upon none of them; kill, and to destroy: I am come only they were baptized in the that they might have life, and Name of the Lord Jesus.) Then that they might have it more laid they their hands on them, | abundantly.

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