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Which will be regularly supplied with NEW PUBLICATIONS

Terms of Subscription. Yearly Subscriber

165. Half Yearly ditto

950 Quarterly ditto

35. Subscribers by Year, 11. 15. Half-yearly ditto 12s.. Quartui. ly ditco 7s. are entitled to the use of the Magazines, Re vieys, &c.

Non-Subscribers depofit the Value of the Book, and pay For each Vol.not exceeding the Value of Four Shillings, eh Above Four, and not exceeding Seven Shillings, 3d. Above Seven, & not exceeding Twelve Shillings, 4 do N. B. Particular Notice is taken of the Books when lent

out, and when they are returned ; and if any Volume is lost, wrote in, or the leaf ofany Volume corn or dama. ged, while in the Poffeffion of a Reader, that Volume, or if it belongs to a Set, the Set Thall be paid for by the Person so injuring the same. The Proprietor earnestiy requests that new Books will not be detained more than Three Days.

N. B. Ladies' and Gentlemen's Libraries furnisbed and repaired. Magazines and Periodical Publication

regularly delivered.


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