Sivut kuvina

167; Schleiermacher's remarks on v. 219; and the Lord's Supper, iv.
his testimony, 176.

175; a sacrifice, 256 ; the custom
Parables, the, of our Lord, ii. 175; of releasing a prisoner at, 354.

first sort, 175; second sort, 176; Paul, his dispute with Barnabas about
the reason of the employment of, John Mark, i. 252 ; his vision of
179 ; erroneous modern view as to Jesus Christ, v. 118.
the design of, 179 ; correct view Pavement, the, iv. 342.
of the design of, 180; the design Peace, the, of Christ, bequeathed to
of, explained by their effects, 182 ; His disciples, iv. 302.
the twofold operation of, 183 ; the Pearl of great price, the parable of
purpose they served, 184 ; admit the, ii. 198, v. 319.
of modifications, 185; relation of, Penitent thief, the, iv. 396–402.
to the unfigurative mode of teach- Pentecost, the Holy Spirit poured out
ing, 186 ; compared with the mi- on the day of, v. 157 ; Peter's ser-
racles of Jesus, 186; cycles of,—the mon on the day of, 158; the design
first cycle including parables ex- of, 158, note.
hibiting the kingdom of God in its Perea, i. 321 ; the sojourn of Jesus
development, 189-199; sum of the in, vi. 41; a double sojourn of Jesus
first cycle of, 200; the second in, 44.
cycle, including parables respect- Periods of Christ's life, i. 298.
ing the mercy which founds and Persecution, iii. 67, iv. 215, v. 294.
fills the kingdom of God, 201-225; Person, the, of Christ, the intimate
the sum of the second cycle of, connection of His miracles with,
225-227; the third cycle, including ii. 102.
the parables of the judginent by Persona, the meaning of the term,
which the kingdom of God is com- i. 51.
pleted in its purity, 227-260; the Personality, the, of man, i. 43 ; the
sum of the third cycle of, forming contrast of, and individuality, in
a world-historical picture, 260, Christ, 44, 45; of Christ manifests
etc.; many, spoken by Jesus, iii. that of the Father, 45 ; of Christ
5; of the last things, iv. 130, etc. proclaims that of men, 46; two
[See each parable.]

inisconceptions of, 50.
Paraclete, the difference between the, Peter, Simon, first brought to Jesus

of Montanus and of John, i. 198, by his brother Andrew, and sur-
199 ; the Holy Spirit, iv. 198 ; His named Cephas, ii. 284 ; his wife's

threefold work in the disciples, 202. mother cured of a fever, 372; ob-
Parallelism, miracles of theocratic, tains through Jesus a miraculous
ii. 143.

draught of fishes, 376; at the head
Paralysis, iii. 2, note.

of the list of the apostles, iii. 47;
Paralytic, the healing of the, his faith, asks of Jesus permission to walk on

ii. 125, iii. 21, etc., v. 282, vi. 107. the water, 139 ; his confession of
* Parcel of ground,' Jacob's, ii. 351. Christ, and the promise made to
Parsism, ii. 41.

him thereon, 230-233, v. 335; re-
Paschal Lamb, Christ the, i. 153, bukes Jesus for speaking of His
v. 45, vi. 425.

death, and is severely reproved, iii.
Passover, the, the day of the celebra- 242, 243, v. 337; his request on the

tion of, according to John,—the mount of transfiguration, iii. 353 ;
question_discussed, i. 199–204 ; his question respecting forgiveness,
kept by Jesus at the same time as 393; objects to Jesus washing his
it was kept by the nation, iv. 153, feet, iv. 160; Satan desires to have,
etc.; kept by Jesus with His dis- 182; forewarned, 185, vi. 221;
ciples, 158, v. 396, vi. 60; a smites Malchus with the sword, iv.
double feast, and sadly joyous, iv. 297 ; brought by John into the
163 ; the twofold relation of the palace of the high priest, 313, 314;
lamb of, 164; the desire of Jesus denies Jesus, 315-317, v. 401, vi.
to eat it with His disciples, 166, 64; his contrition, iv. 318; where

his denial of Jesus occurred, 323 ; their wish, 362 ; washes his hands,
why only three denials are related 365, v. 485; puts a title on the
of, 325; runs with John to the cross of Jesus, iv. 377 ; and refuses
sepulchre, v. 47, vi. 433 ; the ap- to alter it, 388.
pearance of Jesus to, after the re- Pinnacle of the temple, the, ii. 62.
surrection, v. 76; his threefold Plan, the, of Jesus, ii. 70; not poli-
restoration to authority, 96, vi. tical, 71; difficulties which Strauss
446 ; his death predicted by Jesus, musters against, 92–94.
v.99; his question respecting John, Poetry, heathen, the christological
100; he and John types of the aspirations of, i. 72, 115.

Church, 103-105, vi. 447-449. Poor, in spirit, the, ii. 394 ; the out-
Petrine type of the Church, the, v. wardly, not as such blessed, 434.
105, v. 447.

Possession, demoniacal, ii. 127, etc.
Pharisee, a, invites Jesus to dine, iii. Potter's field, the, iv. 329.

83; another does the same, 375. Pounds, the parable of the, ii. 232.
Pharisee, and the publican, the par- Poverty, glorified in Jesus, i. 380.
able of the, ii. 210.

Power, the, given to the apostles, v.
Phariseeism, the spirit of, ii. 299. 111.
Pharisees, and Sadducees, the, i. 302, Prætorium, the, iv. 338.

306, 307; come to John's baptism, Prayer, the nature of, expounded, ii.
ii. 16; casting out demons, iii. 199; 413-424; unanimity in, iii. 391;
a deputation of, come from Jeru- true, v. 274 ; importunity in, vi.
salem to take Jesus to task for His 154; perseverance in, 188; and
disciples' neglect of the traditions fasting, iii. 269.
of the elders, 207, 221 ; the leaven Prayer, the, of Jesus, opposed to
of, 225, 226 ; deride Jesus, 398; Satan's desire to have men, iv.
tem Jesus, iv. 72 ; put forward 182, etc.
a scribe to tempt Jesus, 82 ; ques- Presbyter, John the, i. 168.
tioned by Jesus, 85; revile Jesus Predestination, iv. 147.
on the cross, 395.

Presence, the, of Jesus with His
Philip, the Apostle, ii284, iii. 48; Church, v. 113; in the world, 162.

amongst the earliest of the disciples Presentation, the, of Jesus in the
of Jesus, and enlists Nathanael, 50; temple, i. 390, etc., vi. 88.
asks to be shown the Father, iv. Priestcraft, the essence of, i. 55.

Prince of this world, the, cast out,
Philo, i. 144, note.

iv. 60-62 ; judged, 225, 226.
Piercing the side of Jesus, v. 3 ; often Prodigal son, the parable of the, ii.
repeated, 9, 10.

207, vi. 176.
Pilate, his slaughter of the Galileans, Profession, the worthlessness of mere,

iii. 202 ; causes disturbances by his v. 275, vi. 118.
acts of violence, 337 ; Jesus ar- Promise of the Father, the, v. 146,
raigned before, 339; Jesus ex- 154.
amined by, 341, v. 403, vi. 64, 228, Prophecy, and the myth, i. 92.
414-420 ; pronounces Jesus inno- Prophecies, the fulfilment of, in the
cent, iv. 346; sends Jesus to Herod, birth of Jesus, v. 241, 242.
347 ; Jesus sent back to, arrayed Prophet, the, ii. 271.
in a white robe, 349 ; his wife's Prophetical acts, and prophetical
message to, 350; a second time authority, i. 1, note.
pronounces Jesus innocent, 352; Proselyte baptism, ii. 332.
strives to release Jesus, 353 ; Protestantism, and catholicity, i. 57.
scourges Jesus, 355 ; strives again Proverbs, speaking, iv. 234.
to release Jesus, 358, 359 ; his Publicans and sinners, Jesus receives,
final questioning of Jesus, 361; iii. 387, etc., v. 284.
again earnestly strives to release Punishment, the rule according to
Jesus, 362; intimidated by the which God inflicts, ii. 256 ; and
clamour of the Jews, he yields to guilt, v. 38.

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Pure in heart, the, ii. 397.

iv. 427; the spiritual and bodily,
Purification of the temple by Jesus, vi. 303.

ii. 398, vi. 278; a second, ii. 302, Resurrection, the, of Jesus, foretold

by Him, iii. 239, 241; Strauss'
Purim, the feast of, i. 294, note. assault on the historical character
Purity, of mouth and heart, iii. 209, of these predictions of, 248 ; the

necessity of, v. 34; the first tidings
• Purple robe,' Jesus arrayed in a, iv. of, 43, 46 ; Jesus shows Himself

gradually after, 53 ; why Jesus did

not show Himself to His enemies
Quarantania, mount, ii. 64.

after His, 54; differences between
Quaternions, of apostles, iii. 58. the Evangelists in their accounts
Queen of the South, the, v. 309. of the first tidings of, 56; John's
Quickening power of Christ, the, account of, 58, vi. 432, etc.; Mark's
various forms of, iii. 123.

account of, v. 58; Matthew's ac-

count of, 59; Luke's account of,
Rabbi, Jesus forbids His disciples to 60; the first announcement of,
be called, iv. 89.

how presented, 61, 62; one of the
Racha, ii. 405.

most important contradictions in
Rahab, in the genealogy of Christ, the account of, according to Strauss,
v. 226.

64; intimation of, brought to the
Raiment of Jesus, the, divided among enemies of Jesus, 67-70; first ap-
the soldiers, iv. 390, 391.

pearance of Jesus after, in the
Raphael, the popular name of Gabriel, circle of His disciples, 77-82, vi.
i. 331.

245; the second appearance of
Rationalism, i. 144.

Jesus after, v. 85; third appear-
Reason, what it is, i. 26.

ance of Jesus after, 92; tabular
Rebuke, the power of, in Jesus, ii. view of the appearances of Jesus

after, 115, 116, note ; the truth of,
Reconciliation, through Christ, v. 116, etc.; modern criticism disputes

28, 29, 191; extending to angels, the reality of, from the 15th chap-

ter of 1st Corinthians, 117; pledges
Redemption, the, of the world, flow- of the truth of, 119; prejudices of

ing from the love of God, ii. 318; the disciples against the truth of,
through the death of Christ, v. 26; had to be removed, 120; testimony
the three elements in, 37 ; works of the disciples to, 120 ; rests on a

threefold certainty, 121; influence
Reed, a, put in the hands of Jesus, in of the, 123; Strauss and Weisse's

mockery, as a sceptre, iv. 357, representations of, 124; the cor.

poreity of Jesus after, 126, 134;
Reformer, Christ viewed as a, ii. 84. the sensitiveness of the resurrec-
Rejoicing in spirit, iii. 418.

tion body of Jesus, 133, 134.
Religion, i. 363.

Retaliation, ii. 410.
Religiousness of narratives, criticism Reviling, the, of Jesus on the cross
a test of the, i. 164.

by the people, iv. 394; by the
Remembrance, the sacred, i. 96, etc. scribes and Pharisees, 395; by the
Rending the clothes, iv. 310, note. malefactors crucified with Him,
Resurrection, the, a notion of, run- 395.

ning through the mental life and Reward, the, in the kingdom of God,
utterances of human nature, i. v. 359; opposed to mercenariness,
116; the final aim of Christ's work, 360.
ii. 153; the work of, effected by Rich, the, how hard for, to enter the
Christ, 154; the doctrine of, as- kingdom of heaven, ii. 254, v.
serted by Jesus against the Sad- 357, vi. 43.
ducees, iv. 78, 80, 81, v. 376, vi. Rich fool, the, the parable of, ii. 241,
52; of the bodies of many saints, vi. 161.

on, 42.


Rich man, the, and Lazarus, the par- | Sadducees, the, i. 302, 306, 307, iv.
able of, ii. 218, vi. 181.

100; tempt Jesus on the sub-
Right, the doctrine of, in Christ's ject of the resurrection, their re-
teaching, ii. 92.

pulse, iv. 77, v. 376, vi. 32, 209.
Right hand, the, and the left, in Salim, John the Baptist at, ii. 324-

Christ's kingdom, iv. 7, v. 364. 332.
Righteousness, hungering after, ii. Saliva, the virtue attributed to, by

396 ; the world convinced of, iv. the ancients, ii. 116.

Salome, the wife of Zebedee, i. 427;
Righteousness of the scribes and Pha- her request for her sons, iv. 7.
risees, ii. 403, 404.

Salome, the daughter of Herodias,
Risen Saviour, the, influence of, v. dances before Herod,—the results,

122-124; the corporeity of, 126- iii. 135.

Salt of the earth, the disciples called
Robe, Jesus arrayed in a white, by the, by Jesus, ii. 400, v. 262;

Herod, iv. 349; Jesus arrayed in losing its savour, ii. 401, note.
a purple, by Pilate, 357.

Salted with fire and with salt, iii.
Rock, the, on which the Church is

364-366, vi. 40.
built, iii. 232 ; the words of Christ Salutations, iii. 66.
a, v. 276.

Samaritan, Jesus called a, iii. 21.
Rock, building upon a, ii. 439. Samaritan, the parable of the good,
Roman power, the relation of, to ii. 201, etc.
Christ, i. 95.

Samaritan woman, the, Jesus' con-
Ruler, the young, his question, and versation with, ii. 337-350, vi.

the reply of Jesus to, iii. 451-453, 288-292; strange coincidence of
v. 356, vi. 191.

her history with that of her nation,
Ruler of the synagogue, a, indirectly ii. 353 ; many Samaritans believe

rebukes Jesus for Sabbath-break- through, 350

ing,—the reply of Jesus to, iii. 205. Samaritans, the, i. 311, 322; Messi-
Ruler's daughter, the, raised to life anic hopes of the, ii. 347 ; many
by Jesus, iii. 35, 37.

of, believe in Jesus, 350; religious
Ruth, in the genealogy of Christ, v. archives and opinions of, 351--

353; a village of, refuse to receive

Jesus, 400, 401; the disciples in-
Sabbath, the, the object of, iii. 166, structed, in their first mission, not
and Sunday, iv. 26.

to go to, v. 290.
Sabbath, the solemn, of Christ in the Sanctification through the truth, iv.
grave, v. 24, 25.

Sabbath-breaking, Jesus accused of, Sanhedrim, the, send a deputation

iii. 122 ; the disciples of Jesus ac- to John the Baptist, ii. 268; the
cused of, 164, v. 304; a certain power of, in regard to erring
kind blameless, iii. 167; Jesus teachers, 275; send officers to ap-
accused of, again, 170; another prehend Jesus, iii. 285; the officers
charge of, against Jesus, 205; the return to, without executing their
enemies of Jesus plot to involve mission, 294; the appointed shep-

Him in the charge of, again, 376; herds of the people, 341; resolve
the enemies of Jesus are guilty of, to effect the destruction of Jesus,
in their uneasiness to secure His 483, etc.; further plans of, against
tomb, v. 18, vi. 300.

Jesus, iv. 151; carried on more
Sabbath-day's journey, a, iv. 39, note. rapidly against Jesus than they
Sabbatical rest of the land, the, ii. expected, 152 ; did they hold their

sittings on the feast-days? 255;
Sacrifice, submission to God, the soul might not sit for judgment on
of, v. 28.

capital cases in the night, but vio-
Sacrifices, horrible, extorted by the lated this rule in the case of Jesus,
consciousness of sin, i. 116.

312; Jesus before, 320.

167 ;

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Satan not to be confounded with 392, etc., v. 258; sets forth Christ's

Ahriman of the Persians, ii. 41; relation to the law, ii. 404; exhi-
no contradiction involved in the bits and condemns various perver-
Scripture doctrine of, 42; the sions of the law, 403 ; perversions
ideal chief of evil—his kingdom of the law by traditions, 404; by
in antagonism with the kingdom misinterpretation, 408; by false
of God, 45; the fall of, 46; at- application, 410; by positive falsi-
tempts to turn Jesus from His fication, 412; condemns a dead,
course, 59; Jesus sees him falling mechanical righteousness, 413 ;
from heaven as lightning, iii. 416; vindicates the true nature of
desires to have Peter, to sift him prayer, and supplies a model, 413–

as wheat, iv. 182; bound, iii. 204. 424; condemns hypocritical acts,
Savage state, the, not man's first, i. 425; warns against anxiety and
66, note.

avarice, 425-429; condemns fana-
Saved, are there few to be? üi. 369. ticism, 429; gives instruction how
Schism, the, in man's nature, i. 67.

to avoid the false way, 431; repe-
Science, and faith, in reference to tition of, in a modified form, to the
the Gospels, i. 240, etc.

people on the mountain plateau,
Scourging, a twofold, in use among 434, etc.; expounded a second

the Romans, iv. 353, note, 368; of time, v. 254-276.
Jesus, 355 ; usually inflicted by Sermon on the plain, ii. 434-439.
lictors, 356, note; frightful weight Serpent, the, ii. 44.

and effects of a Roman, 356. Serpent, the brazen, lifted up, its
Scribe, the, who volunteered to fol- import, ii. 316, 317, vi. 284.
low Jesus, iii. 6, 7.

Serpents, wise as, iii. 68.
Scribes and Pharisees, the, denounced Servant, and master, the relation of,

by Jesus, iv. 87-92, v. 379, etc. applied spiritually, iii. 395.
Scriptures, searching the, in vain, Seven last words of Jesus, the, vi.
vi. 305, 306.

422, 423.
Sea, the, of Galilee, i. 312; the Salt, Seventy, the, sent forth, iii. 403,
or Dead, 319.

410; the return of, 415, vi. 146-
Sealing the tomb of Jesus, v. 18. 149.
Seat, the, of the blessed, v. 142, 143. Shammai and Hillel, the views of the
Sects, Jewish, i. 302.

schools of, on divorce, iii. 441,
Seed, the, growing secretly, the par- etc.
able of, ii. 196.

Shechinah, the, iii. 255, v. 179.
Seeing and not seeing, iv. 230, 234. Shekel, the, ii. 147.
Seeing God, ii. 397.

Shepherd, the, characteristics of the
Self-denial, iii. 244.

true, iii. 342; the good, 345.
Self-murder, how viewed by the Jews, Shepherds, the, of Bethlehem, the
iii. 308.

birth of Christ announced to, by
Self-sacrifice, the, of Christ for His angels, and the homage paid by,
flock, iii. 348, iv. 150.

to the infant Messiah, i, 385, etc.,
Selfishness, iii. 397.

vi. 86.
Sensitiveness, the, of the resurrection Shepherds, the, of the people, iii. 341.
body of Jesus, v. 133.

Shoes, travelling, iii. 63, note.
Sepulchre, the holy, the locality of, Sickness and sin, the connection of,
iy. 379.

iii. 23.
Sermon on the Mount, the, distin- Side, the, of Jesus pierced, v. 3, vi.

guished from that on the plain, 424.
and the relation of the one to the Sidon, Jesus in the district of, iii.
other, ii. 380–390; may be so called 217.
even symbolically, 389; an organic Sign, the Jews demand a, ii. 158,
unity, 390; contrast formed by, etc., iii. 222, v. 309, 332.
with the law from Sinai, 391, v. Signs as portents of judgment, iv.
255, 256 ; the beatitudes of, ii.

126, 127.

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