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SECT. 13. The Third Journey of Jesus from Capernaum, and His Return

across the Sea. The Manifestation of the Power of Christ

over the Convulsions of Nature, the Power of Demons,

and Wailings for the Dead. The Miraculous Agency of

Christ, breaking through the Strongest Obstacles, and

achieving the most Difficult Triumphs of His Saving


14. The Interest which the Galilean Court takes in the Person

of Jesus, and His Retreat into the Desert. The Confes-

sion of the Disciples that Jesus is the Christ, and His

Announcement of His Sufferings. His Transfiguration

on the Mount, and His Descent into the Vale of Sorrow.

The ambitious Hopes of His Disciples, and His Humility,

in which He places Himself along with the Little Ones, .

15. The Departure of Jesus from Galilee to Jerusalem. Sa-

maria. The Four Disciples and the Four Hindrances on

the Way into the Kingdom of God. The Seventy Disci-

ples. The Good Samaritan,

16. Isolated Particulars from the Journey of Jesus from Galilee

to Jerusalem. The Unfolding of the Doctrine of Salva-

tion in Facts,

17. The Procession to Jerusalem. The Disciples, the Leaders of

the Procession, and the Beggar. Zaccheus. The Chili-

asts. The Ordering of the Ass's Colt. The Rejoicing of

the Disciples, and the Weeping of the Lord, on looking

down on the City of Jerusalem from the Mount of Olives.

The Cleansing of the Temple, and the Ministry of Jesus

in the Temple,

18. The Contest of Jesus with the Sanhedrim in the Temple,

19. The Announcement of the Destruction of Jerusalem, of the

Judgment, and the End of the World,

20. Preparation for the Last Sufferings of Jesus,

21. The Passion of Jesus,

22. The Resurrection of the Lord. The Glorification of the

Death on the Cross by the Word of Prophecy, and by the

Resurrection according to the Scriptures. The Glory of

the New Life of Christ, and the beautiful Combination of

Heavenly Spirituality and Earthly Corporeity in His

Manifestations. The Ascension of the Lord into Heaven

amidst Tokens of Blessing for the Earth, and its Elevat-

ing Influence,

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