Reports of Cases Argued and Adjudged in the Court of Appeals of Virginia, Nide 10

Thomas Nicholson, 1802

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Sivu 54 - And every judgment entered in the office against a de[ * 477 ] fendant and bail, or against a defendant * and sheriff, shall be set aside, if the defendant at the succeeding court shall be allowed to appear without bail, put in good bail, being ruled so to do, or surrender himself in custody, and shall plead to issue immediately.
Sivu 144 - As in case an infant makes a deed, and deliver the same as his deed &c. and afterwards, when he comes of full age, delivers it again as his deed ; this second delivery is void. But if a married woman deliver a bond unto me, or other writing, as her deed ; this delivery is merely void : and therefore, if after the death of her husband, she, being single, deliver the same again unto me, as her deed ; the second delivery is good and effectual.
Sivu 176 - This was an appeal from a decree of the High Court of...
Sivu 264 - Heirs, legal representatives, or assigns, the sum paid by him at such sale, with interest at the rate of ten per centum per annum from the date of the...
Sivu 374 - If there be no grandfather, then to the grandmother, uncles and aunts on the same side, and their descendants, or such of them as there be: VIII.
Sivu 583 - Virginia, and long before the enactment of the statute now in force there, it was declared that the tenants in possession are the proper, if not the natural, defendants to an ejectment. Although the landlord has a right to be made a defendant, through fear that he may be injured by a combination between the plaintiff and his tenant, he may waive this right, or, 'having asserted it, he may relinquish it by consent to the plaintiff.
Sivu 266 - Eight pounds ten shillings and one penny half penny with Interest thereon to be computed after the rate of Five per Centum per Annum from the...
Sivu 500 - It was the province of the Court, and not of the jury, to decide whether the questions asked by the Subcommittee were pertinent to -the subject under inquiry.
Sivu 250 - This indenture made this fourteenth day of March in the year of our Lord...
Sivu 83 - A for life, remainder to B in tail, remainder to A in fee, and...

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