A Manual of Naval Architecture: For the Use of Officers of the Royal Navy, Officers of the Mercantile Marine, Shipbuilders and Shipowners

J. Murray, 1877 - 644 sivua
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Sivu 44 - time allowances quite apart from "tonnage." Their tables are based upon the area obtained by multiplying the extreme length of the yacht on or under the water-line from the fore side of the stem to the aft side of the sternpost by the extreme breadth wherever found.
Sivu 48 - above 13 per cent, of the gross tonnage and under 20 per cent., the total deduction permitted, for machinery and coal-space, is 32 per cent, of the gross tonnage. In paddle-steamers, if the measured space has a tonnage above 20 per cent, and under 30 per cent, of the gross tonnage, the total deduction permitted is
Sivu 54 - her centre of gravity must lie in the same vertical line with the centre of gravity of the volume of displacement, or " centre of buoyancy." In the opening chapter the truth of the first condition was established, and it was shown that the circumstances of the surrounding water were unchanged, whether the cavity of the displacement was filled by the ship or by
Sivu 145 - and it will represent in magnitude and direction the resultant of the two forces acting on the particle. Now it is an established property of a fluid that its free surface will place itself at right angles to the resultant force impressed upon it. For instance, take the simple case of a rectangular box (shown in Fig.
Sivu 42 - as follows:— (a) The length is measured on the deck from the fore part of the stem to the after part of the sternpost (CD in Fig.
Sivu 37 - the rule may be briefly stated as follows:— (a) The length was taken on a straight line along the rabbet of the keel of the ship from the back of the main
Sivu 434 - the portion of the surface which succeeds the " first will be rubbing, not against stationary water, but " against water partially moving in its own direction; and " cannot, therefore, experience as much resistance from it.
Sivu 434 - goes first in the line of motion, in experiencing resistance " from the water, must in turn communicate motion to the " water in the direction in which it is itself travelling;
Sivu 460 - direct anyone how to find his way straight to the form of " least resistance. For the present we can but feel our way " cautiously towards it by careful trials, using only the " improved ideas which the stream-line theory supplies, "as safeguards against attributing this or that result to " irrelevant or rather non-existing causes.
Sivu 143 - the depth increases in arithmetical progression ; and the following approximate rule is very nearly correct. The orbits and velocities of the particles of water are diminished by one-half, for each additional depth below the mid-height of

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