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beauty of men, should suffer

such a cruel and shameful And now behold (O my i punishment; and weep, that soul) with the eye of devout my sins should both deserve meditation, such a portion and cause such sufferings; of thy Saviour's sufferings, and weeping wonder, that as is the wonder and aston- the Son of God should sufishment both of Heaven fer what I deserved. and earth. See with what But since Thou disdainest profound humility and pa- not, O merciful Lord, to be tience the great Lord of wounded for my transgresall the world condescends to sions, and bruised for mine be whipped by a merciless iniquities ; 0 let Thy chascrew of soldiers : see with | tisement procure my peace what a sweet silence this in- with offended Heaven; and nocent Lamb yields to have grant, that " by Thy stripes His fleece torn off, His body my soul may be healed.” stripped naked, and strictly bound to a whipping

XIX. CROWNED WITH post: see Him all alone,

THORNS. naked and helpless, where Holy Jesus, Whose venethere was no eye to pity rable Head was crowned Him, no heart to have com- with thorns, the curse of passion on Him; whilst the earth, and those thorns those merciless caitiffs, with | beaten into Thy Temples their sharp and forked with a reed, and with much whips, rip up and tear His rage; pardon, Lord, all those delicate skin and tender sins which by the instruflesh, so that His blessed mental mediation of all the back and breasts, by the vio- senses of my head I have lence of their cruel lashes, committed; "break not the doubled and redoubled, are bruised reed," my broken all gore blood, which from heart, with the sad pressure the ghastly wounds stream- of Thy heavy wrath: let ed down His innocent sides. Thy thorns, the fruits of the

“Now when I think here- | curse which we contracted, upon, I pour out my heart and Thou sustainedst, deliby myself,” even to weep-ver me from the curse due for ing and wonder: wonder- my sins, and stop the jaws ing, that the eternal Son of of death,“ that the pit shut God, the glory of angels and not her mouth upon me.”

XX. RENOUNCING TILE POMPS Thee, my dearest Saviour,

AND VANITIES OF THIS Who didst " suffer for us, WORLD.

leaving us an example, that “ Thou art the King of we should follow Thy steps.” Glory, O Christ :" yet wast XXII. CRUCIFIED. content with a cross for Thy Throne, with a wreath

| Holy Jesus, Who wast of thorns for Thy Crown,

lifted up upon the Cross, to with a reed for Thy Regal

draw all men unto Thee ; Sceptre, with gall and vine

and didst hang on a cursed gar for Thy cates, and for

tree, to abolish the curse Thy robes of Majesty only a

contracted by eating the little linen to cover Thy

fruit of the forbidden tree, nakedness. O that I were

and wast numbered with 80 wise, as from Thy exam

the transgressors, crucified ple, to despise all the gilded

amongst thieves; O draw glories, empty consolations,

my hard and stony heart nick-named pleasures and

unto Thee : deliver me from profits of this present life :

the curse by my sins conchoosing, with “ Moses, ra

tracted ; and rank me not ther to suffer affliction with

among the cursed goats on the people of God, than to

Thy left hand, but amongst enjoy the pleasures of sin

Thy blessed sheep on Thy for a season, having an eye

right hand, in the great day to the recompence of re

of judgment. ward.”


Blessed Jesus, Who with O most holy crucified an invincible patience went-Jesus, all the parts and est forth bearing Thy Cross, members of Whose Body till it sunk Thy tender Vir- | were expanded on the Cross, ginal Body to the earth ; as on a tormenting rack; O let me not sink under Thy Thy blessed arms and legs Cross, nor shrink from it, were with such violence disbut cheerfully take up my tended, that the joints were cross, whatever it be, and disparted, the veins burst, carefully undergo all the the sinews cracked, the skin sacredacts and offices of true rent, the flesh torn, and all repentance, which is the the bones started aside : cross of sinners, and follow I and in this height of distention, Thy innocent hands fessed or not confessed beand feet were nailed, for the fore Thee: wash them all sinful works of our hands ; away in Thy precious Blood nailed where the nerves, shed for me ; nail them to those conveyances of sense, Thy Cross, which were the are the thickest, to the un cause of Thy crucifixion ; speakable torment of Thine hide them in Thy wounds, innocent Body.

Who wast wounded for my XXIV. THE SUFFERINGS OF

transgressions : and write

those wounds of Thine in HIS SOUL.

my heart, not with ink, but The sorrows and suffer- with the Blood which was ings of Thy Soul were far shed for me ; that in and greater, being like “melt- by those characters of blood ing wax," molten in the I may read and learn to die fiery furnace of God's wrath unto sin, and live only unto for the sins of the world; Thee, Who died for me; till the fulness of Thy suffer cleaving stedfastly unto ings being accomplished, | Thee, Whose whole Self was Thou commendedst Thy Spi- so fast nailed to the Cross rit into the hands of God. for me.

All this sorrow and suf- By Thy Cross and Pasfering, grief and torment of sion, both in Soul and Body, Thine, I believe verily was cleanse me from all filthifor me and for my sins; ness both of flesh and spirit; there being nothing in Thee, crucify this corruptible flesh the spotless Son of a spot- of mine, with all the inorless virgin. to grieve, or sor- dinate affections and unruly row, or suffer for.

lusts thereof: that being O sweetest Saviour, save conformed to Thy death, I and deliver me from all my may be partaker of Thy sins, whether of knowledge resurrection; that “ sufferor ignorance, of wilfulness ing with Thee” here, I may or negligence, of omission“ reign with Thee hereor commission; of thought, after," where Thou livest. desire, word, or deed, con


CURE OF THE SOUL. THE FIRST MEDITATION. insatiate desire of riches,

sensual pleasures, and swellOf the diseases of the soul. ing with the pride of life.

My soul (through origi- | All my senses are as so nal corruption from our many windows to let sin into first parents contracted) is my soul, and death by sin. naturally diseased and dis- My whole immortal ratempered in all her powers tional being is altogether and faculties.

degenerate from its noble My understanding blind- | descent and nature, being ed, even when it is conceited transformed from a celesto be most seeing.

tial into an earthly temper, My will averse and diso- from a spiritual into a carbedient to the holy Will of nal nature, by wallowing God, and to the dictates of a | in the mire of sensuality right understanding. and earthiness, forgetting,

My imagination roving or but slightly remembering, and more voluble than what does necessarily conleaves tossed with the wind, duce to her eternal health through the various tossings and happiness. of terrene affections.

Psal. vi. 2. “Have mercy All my affections are dis | upon me, O Lord, for I am ordered and restless, like weak: O Lord, heal me, for bones out of joint, being my bones are vexed.inverted, turned off, or weak- Ver. 3. “My soul also is ly inclined to their true and sore troubled : but, Lord, proper object.

how long wilt Thou punish My sensual appetite is me?the seat of that self-love, Ver. 4.“O turn Thee unto which is the seminary of all me and deliver my soul : inordinate lusts, and of all and save me for Thy mercies' sinful pleasures, whence the sake.” filthy vapours of several | Ver. 5. “ For in death no vices are exhaled, as from man remembereth Thee : a stinking and loathsome and who will give Thee dunghill.

thanks in the pit ?" My heart panting with an Blessed Jesus, Who art


both the Physician and Suppress my exorbitant Physick of sin-sick souls ; appetite, to be subjected to Who, after a wonderful | the dictates and commands manner hast made a salve | of right reason, and holy for all our spiritual wounds, religion. of Thine own Wounds and And my soul being thus Stripes and Blood ; through cured, and thus also armed faith in this Blood, inter with the graces of God's mixed with my penitent | Holy Spirit, shall stand firm tears, I will bathe my dis against the shock of all eased soul, and ever pray temptations, against all the “ by Thy Stripes to be heal | assaults of the devil, the

world, and the flesh, that Come, Holy Ghost, and they wound me no more, or by Thy celestial influences | in the least infringe the inapply to all my spiritual nocency, purity, and peace, distempers those healing of my conscience. remedies my Blessed Redeemer hath so dearly pur

THE SECOND MEDITATION. chased. Illuminate my darkened

Of the love and cure of understanding to give a the soul, before that of right estimate of all things, the body. according to their respective All that Christian virtue, dignity and value : às also wherein the health of the to discern, without deceit, | human soul consists, is de what is to be desired, and fined by St. Augustine to what to be avoided.

be,“ in the right order of Subdue the rebellion of charity ;" to love above all my will, to embrace and fol- what is most worthy to be low the uncorrupted judg- beloved; and to love all ment of my understanding, other things according to and not its own licentious their respective degree of inclinations.

excellency each above other: · Regulate my disordered | And thus, affections, that they no more, 1. In the highest order, by their tumult and sway, and most intense degree of first darken my judgment, | charity, stands the Supreme and then cast down my Goodness ; even the most spirit from its state of in High and most Holy God, tegrity.

He is to be loved above all,

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