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in the former leaves pre- | plea of such who cry up scribed to be practised, is self-examination, to cry the first and the greatest down the sacerdotal power duty, and requires the most and function, to withdraw of spiritual labour, care, themselves from under the and industry, of all that guidance and examination is required to the worthy of their respective Pastors, receiving of the Holy Com- whose instructions being munion. And this because not received or observed, it is not only necessary in | but so far forth as to every itself, but necessarily con- man seemeth good in his ducing to the sincere per- own eyes, is the great reaformance of all the other son why this grand duty is religious duties command- so generally neglected, or ed. Our repentance in all negligently performed. The its parts, our humiliation which is manifest, and godly sorrow for sin, 1. From the numerous our holy purposes and re- company of those who make solves of amendment, our no conscience of coming to faith, our hope, our charity, the Holy Communion, when must be examined, that invited. It is not possible they be sincere, and with that men, otherwise prudent out hypocrisy. And there- as to their worldly concerns, fore it is that this duty is should yet be so sottish, so commanded by the Apo- | wretchless, so stupidly carestle, as if it were alone suf- | less of their eternal health ficient, when sincerely per- and happiness, did they formed, to make us accept-ever seriously examine and able guests at the Lord's consider the state and conTable, saying, “ let a man dition of their souls. But examine himself, and so let whilst they know not themhim eat,” &c.

selves in their spiritual And indeed, this so great, wants, weakness, and wickso necessary a duty, is as edness, how can they have greatly extolled, and withal any desire, much less a depretended unto by most light, to come to the Founmen, especially such as talk tain of mercy, truth, and much of their religion, but holiness d? It is the reason, practise little. It is gene-L. 2. Why many persons, rally the pretence and the having received the Sacra

Wisd. ii. 21, 22 ; Matt. v. 6.

ment, but feeling no virtue, | Bread of life, and make it no efficacy, no power of without any taste of sweetgrace, no consolation flow- ' ness to the soul'. It is the ing from these celestial mys- reason, teries of salvation, have 3. Why many persons therefore afterwards slight- have, by the receiving of ed and neglected the same. that blessed Sacrament, For whilst their ignorances been more hardened in and errors, whether in opi- their sins, and in the errors nion or practice, for want of of their ways. For errors due examination, appeared in judgment, and offences not unto them ; that Sun in conversation, which are of Righteousness shined not the sores and diseases of the into their hearts, Who ap- soul, being not searched to pears not but through the the bottom, and salved by openings of broken hearts“ repentance to the acknowand consciences displayed e. ledgment of the truth," do And besides, such is the change the spiritual food corrupt nature of all sin- and nourishment of the fulness and vice, that if the soul, into the poison thereleaven thereof be not nar- of, whereby what was “orrowly searched out, and dained unto life, is found abandoned, it will sour the unto death."



COMMUNION, THE WEEK BEFORE. TAE truly sincere good lified Christian will, as soon Christian, whose faith is not as he bath notice given by in fancy, or opinion, or his Pastor, of the Sacrapresumption, or consisting ment of the Lord's Supper in word and tongue alone, i to be administered, seriousbut in deed and in truth, ly apply himself to the great who desires truly to serve work of fitting, preparing, God, and to honour and and ordering his soul for obey Him with his whole the joyful and devout enterheart, and through his tainment of his blessed Rewhole life ; every such qua- deemer thereinto.

• Wisd. v. 6. ' 1 Cor. v. 7, 8. s 2 Tim. ii. 25. Rom. vii. 10. In order to such a blessed eousness, but in Thy maniwork, it will be very use- fold and great mercies. I ful and advantageous, the am not worthy to gather up whole week foregoing to the crumbs that fall from add to your daily prayers Thy table ; for I am an unand meditations these (or clean creature, to whom the the like) following Collects, children's bread belongs not, with the Psalms ensuing. having too often returned

to my old sins, as the dog

to his vomit. But whither, Almighty God, our Hea

| blessed Lord, whither should venly Father, who of Thy

Y a defiled soul go to be tender mercy didst give

cleansed, but unto that Thine only Son Jesus Christ

Fountain which is opened to suffer death upon the

in the house of Israel, for cross, for our redemption, and hast commanded us to

In this inexhaustible Founcontinue a perpetual me- toin. of Divine oma

| tain of Divine grace, my mory of that His precious

sinful soul longs to be washdeath until His coming

ed, and through the effusion again ; hear me, O merciful

of the precious Blood of my Father, I most humbly be

Redeemer to be purified ; seech Thee, and grant that

and my whole self, for the I may with that right un

future, to be sincerely dederstanding, true faith, sin

voted to serve Thee, in hocere repentance, deep humi

liness and righteousness belity, and fervent charity, receive the Sacrament of

vy; fore Thee ail the days of

th my life. Amen. my dear Saviour's death, according to His institution

III. and command ; that I may

| Assist me, blessed Lord, be made partaker of all the lin the trial and impartial benefits of His passion, to

examination of my heart, the justification, sanctifica

, and of all the actions of my tion, and eternal salvation, I

life : in the full confession of my soul, through the same Jesus Christ, &c.

of all my sins, with the

tears of true penitence and II.

godly sorrow for them ; in I will not presume to ap- my prayers for mercy and proach Thine Altar, O Lord, pardon of them, and for trusting in mine own right- grace to be sanctified against

them. O hear in Heaven, flesh, O Lord, is truly receivand be merciful unto me; ed, and Thy Blood is truly forgive me my sins, and drunk! where things most heal my soul, through the high and low, Divine and merits and mediation of human, are mysteriously inmy dearest Saviour Jesus termingled ! where the AnChrist. Amen.

gels of Heaven are invisibly A SHORT PREPARATORY

present, beholding and asMEDITATION TO THE SA

sisting in the celebration ! CRAMENT, OUT OF ST.

and where Thou, O Lord, art

inconceivably present, both AMBROSE.

as the Priest and the SacriO with what great contri- fice! O who can worthily tion of heart, with what a leither administer or receive flood of tears, with what re- such grand, tremend, celesverence, fear, and trembling, tial mysteries, except Thou, with what purity of mind, the omnipotent God, make and chastity of body, is that him worthy of Thy grace ! divine, celestial mystery to | Even so come, Lord Jesus. be celebrated, where Thy |


“ THE Lord” who hath , 2. “He shall feed me in created, redeemed, and a green pasture ;" my soul sanctified me, " is my Shep- doth He feed with the verherd;" to feed, guide, and dant refreshing indoctrinadefend me from the raven- tions of His holy Word : ing of my ghostly foes : “ and lead me forth beside “ therefore I can lack no- the waters of comfort.” Such thing” that is needful or are the influences of the Holy convenient either for soul Ghost the Comforter ; and or body. And were I an such are the Sacraments of innocent, meek, humble, His Church, which as waters obedient, and fruitful sheep do quench the fire of concuof the Lord's pasture, I piscence, wash off the pollumight then say with an holy tion of sin, cleanse the heart confidence, “The Lord is from all vain and impure my Shepherd, therefore can thoughts and desires, satisfy I lack nothing."

the spiritual thirst of the

soul, and feed the same to 1 staff, to support me : Thy life eternal : and these be rod, to punish me when I do comforts both great and evil ; Thy staff, to sustain glorious.

me in my sufferings for my 3. “He shall convert my sins. Both are great comsoul,” from the pomps and forts to the devout soul, as vanities of this wicked being signs of adoption and world, and from the sinful grace, purchased by the myslusts of the flesh, "and tical rod and staff of my bring me forth into the Saviour's sufferings on His paths of righteousness,” to cross of wood. This was keep God's holy Will and the rod of the Lord's indigCommandments, and to walk nation for our sins, and the in the same all the days of rod wherewithal our Lord my life: and this He will beat the devil out of his do “for His Name's sake;" | strongholds : this was the that His Name, which is staff also or stay of fallen Great, Wonderful, and Ho man ; the merits whereof I ly, may be glorified in me, humbly beg to be applied and by me.

to my soul, in the Sacra4. 6 Yea, though I walk ment of His Passion. For, through the valley of the 5. “Thou shalt prepare a shadow of death,” be con- table before me;" the table versant amidst continual of the Lord is spread before temptations and tribula- all true believers, where is tions, which are the mise- prepared the Bread of Hearies of mortality, and the ven, the food of Angels, the shadows of death in this | Body and Blood of Christ, valley of tears, “I will fear for the strengthening and no evil ;” neither the evil | refreshing of my soul, of sin, nor death the wages “ against them that trouble of sin: “ for Thou art with me :” and these are chiefly me,” dwelling in my heart homebred enemies, even all by faith in this mortal life, those sinful lusts of the that after the shadow of flesh which war against the death is vanished, I may soul. But that I may be dwell with Thee by vision in prepared for the conflict life immortali; “ Thy rod with them, “Thou hast and Thy staff comfort me.” anointed my head with oil.” Thy rod, to correct me; Thy The unction of the Holy

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