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humility confess the great-1 19. “ For He hath looked ness of Thy Majesty far to down from His sanctuary :" transcend their greatest God the Son, from the bopower and glory.

som of His Father above, 16. “When the Lord looked down with the eye shall build up Sion,” repair of His mercy upon us the breaches of His Church, miserable sinners here beand settle it upon the foun- low: "out of Heaven did dation of Prophets and Apo- the Lord behold the earth :" stles, “and when His glory when the King of Heaven shall appear,” the glory of descended upon earth, when Ilis great grace shall mani- the Day-spring on high fest itself in the edification came down to visit us, when and support of His Church, 1 the Word was made flesh, upon the pillars of truth for the building up of and peace;

Sion : 17. “ When He turneth 20. “ That He might Him to the prayer of the hear the mourning of such poor destitute,” for His ears as are in captivity," groanare ever open to the prayers ing under the bonds and of the humble and poor in chains of their sins; "and spirit, and such as be desti- deliver” out of the gulph of tute of all exterior consola- sin and clutches of Satan tions, “and despiseth not“ the children appointed their desire ;" when flowing unto death ;” as the due from a true faith, and enfired wages of sin; with charity and devotion. 21. “ That they may de

18. “ This shall be writ- clare the Name of the Lord ten for those that come in Sion,” being delivered after :" that the succeeding from the sad condition of people of God, under the being the children of the Gospel, may have upon devil in the vast womb of record the wondrous works this wicked world, to be the of God under the Law : children of God in the “and the people that shall sacred womb of their mobe born,” regenerate and ther, the Church, they Lorn anew, of water and of might therein and therethe Holy Ghost, “shall fore extol the great Name of praise the Lord,” for the God; "and His worship at grace of redemption and Jerusalem ;" promote and great mercy attained. | advance the holy worship

of God in His Church, and out all generations,” being unanimously join therein from everlasting to everlasttogether, to the glory of ing, in respect of Whose duHis Name;

ration, the years of my life 22. “ When the people are are nothing; and therefore gathered together ;" when I humbly beg, they may the people of God, dispersed not be shortened through through the world, shall be the violence of Thy afflictnevertheless joined together ing hand. in the unity of the true 25. “Thou, Lord,” Who art faith, enlivened by Divine without beginning, “in the charity, “and the kingdoms beginning' of time “hast also to serve the Lord :" | laid the foundations of the when both the kings, and earth ;" which is the centre the people of their domi- of this visible world : “and nion, assemble together, and the Heavens are the works join with one heart and one of Thy hands," both the mouth in the public wor- | Heavens and the earth, and ship of God; then shall the all things visible and inName of the Lord be mag- visible, are of Thy creation. nified in Sion.

26. “ They shall perish,” 23. “ He brought down as having their beginning my strength in my jour-in time; “but Thou shalt ney:" in the mean time, endure,” as being from all whilst I walk in the way of eternity, and through all repentance, my strength is the changes of created bedecayed : “and He hathings remaining in Thyself shortened my days,” of unchangeable. health and outward pros- 27. “They all shall wax perity, that I may apply old as doth a garment,” my heart unto wisdom. which is worse for the wear

24. “But I said,” addressing ;“and as a vesture shalt ing myself unto God by | Thou change them,” from prayer, “O my God,” the their present state and conGod of my life, of my health, dition ; "and they shall be of my joy, my God and my changed,” in their qualities all, “take me not away in and operations. “Būt Thou the midst of mine age :" be- art the same;" in Thyself fore the natural course of immutable: “and Thy years my life expire: “as for Thy shall not fail,” or rather, years, they endure through- | being not liable at all to any term of years, but with grace, to the life of glory; out either beginning or end “and their seed” of good of time.

works, the issue of their true 28. “The children of Thy faith, “shall stand fast in servants," if they follow the Thy sight," being treasured steps of their godly fathers, up in Heaven, where no in the sacred service of moth or rust corrupteth, &c. God, “shall continue,” in Glory he to the Father, &c. the land of the living, being As it was in the begintranslated from the life of ning, &c.

PSALM CXXX “Out of the depths” both; to take notice of all our of my sins and sufferings, faults and failings, and and out of the depth of my punish us accordingly, “O heart, wounded with godly Lord, who may abide it ?” sorrow for my sins, “have There is none so exactly I called,” as Jonas out of righteous and holy, as to the whale's belly, so do I abide the strict scrutiny of lift up my voice in prayer, Thy vindicative justice ; to be delivered from the since every sin, from which power of the devil, “unto none is free, is, in respect Thee, O Lord :" with Whom of the Person offended, inalone is power to help and finite. save me: “ Lord, hear my 4. “ For there is mercy voice,” in my prayers which with Thee,” to forgive the I make before Thee. sins of the penitent, and to

2. “0 let Thine ears," raise up them that are which are not corporeal, fallen; "therefore shalt but wholly spiritual, and Thou be feared,” or, wortherefore more quick and shipped with reverence and intense to “consider well godly fear, Thy mercy enthe voice of my complaint,” gaging and sweetly workbe intent to release me of ing upon our hearts, to fear my sins, under the weight Thy Name. whereof my soul complains. i 5. “ I look for the Lord,”

3. “ If Thou, Lord,” to even for His saving mercy, Whom no secrets are hid,“ my soul doth wait for 6 wilt be extreme to mark Him :" to heal her sores, what is done amiss,” so as and satisfy her longing de

sires with the oil and wine | them that put their trust in of mercy and consolation : Him, and be doing good : “ in His word is my trust;" “ for with the Lord there is for therein He hath pro mercy:" there is, there was, mised to pardon the peni- | | and ever will be mercy with tent, to heal the broken- | Him, to justify sinners that hearted. And I doubt not | truly repent and believe in but He will be as good as Him ; for His mercy enHis word; and therefore, dureth for ever ; "and with

6. “ My soul fleeth unto | Him there is plenteous rethe Lord” upon the spiri- | demption." His precious tual wings of ardent desires, Blood, whereby we are restrong hopes, fervent pray | deemed, is plentifully suffiers, &c. “ before the morn cient to satisfy for our sins, ing-watch ;" very early in and not for ours only, but the morning of the day; for the sins of the whole or, in the morning of my world. life, the time of my youth : 1 8. “And He shall redeem “ I say, before the morning- Israel”—no doubt but He watch,” or, more earnestly will, more especially above than such who are appoint- all others, redeem His own ed watchmen for the night inheritance from all his do wait for the morning, to sins.” Be they never so be discharged from their many, mortal, and venial, if watch, and have liberty truly repented, through to repose themselves. ! faith in the Blood of Christ,

7.O Israel,” ye that are they shall be pardoned. of the number of God's peo- | And therefore we have great ple, members of His Church, i reason to give if you be wise, trust not in | Glory to the Father, &c. yourselves, nor in others, As it was in the beginbut “trust in the Lord;" | ning, &c. Who never faileth to help

PSALM CXLIII. “ Hear my prayer, 0 | ing of what is evil: “hearkLord,for the obtaining of en unto me,” in both rewhat is good,“ and consider spects, “for Thy truth,” my desire,” for the avoid- of Thy promises made to hear the prayers of the passes and sins, having no humble, "and for Thy sense or feeling of their desrighteousness' sake,” in per- | perate condition, forming all such promises 4. “ Therefore is my spito those who trust not in rit vexed within me, my their own, but in Thy right-conscience within me being eousness, condemning them defiled; and my soul, which selves, that they may be ab would aspire to Heavensolved by Thee.

ward, depressed with the 2. “ And enter not into weight of her sins, and the judgment” without any in- corruption of her flesh, is a termixture of mercy, “with great corrosive and vexaThy servant, O Lord :" I tion of my spirit; “and my dare not say Thy son, but heart within me is desolate," confess, with the prodigal, destitute of all consolation. that “ I have sinned against 5. “Yet do I remember Heaven," &c. but reject me the time past,” wherein Thy not from among the number people have been exercised of Thy servants : “ for in and tried, both by adversity Thy sight,” Who art a God and prosperity, both by of purer eyes than to be temptations and deliverhold iniquity, “shall no ances; and for my consoman living” in this frail | lation, and strengthening mortal flesh,“ be justified," my hopes of deliverance, by his own merits, but by“ Í muse upon all Thy the mercy of God, through works :" wherein I observe, the merits of Christ.

as Thy great power and 3. “ For the enemy" the wisdom, so Thy mercy aldevil“ hath persecuted my laying the rigour of Thy soul ;” and doth incessantly justice: “yea, I exercise undermine its innocence, by myself in the works of Thy his temptations and snares; hands," wherein I find Thy “ he hath smitten my life mercy to be over Thy works, down to the ground:” so and that I, though an unprothat my soul grovels in the fitable work of Thy hands, dust of earthly desires : may obtain mercy also. “ he hath laid me in the | 6. “I stretch forth my darkness," involved in the hands unto Thee :" both night of secular lusts, “as praying with my lips, and the men that have been working with my hands, to long dead,” in their tres- obtain my petitions: and

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